American Idol 2010: Simon Cowell not wowed by Casey James ‘Daughters’ (VIDEO)

On last night’s American Idol, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi chose a John Mayer song for Casey James, describing him as a commercial kind of artist. Kara told Casey that his audience is women and girls…and encouraged him to “give it to them”. Make of that what you will.

I spent the first minute or so drooling over Casey’s white Stratocaster. Yum. The song was yawnfully slow and seemed to go on for eeevvvver! Casey’s voice was good, but seriously, this is the best that Randy and Kara could come up with? Terribly sleepy and not very interesting at all.

Judges Comments

* Randy Jackson: Casey, the first song you did tonight, the one that you chose. I wasn’t so much in favour of that. But you know what man, this fits you like a glove, and I hope that you continue this direction dude. Nice one.

* Ellen DeGeneres: I agree. I liked that. I thought that was beautiful, and there’s gonna be a lot of daughters and mothers and who know, maybe sons voting for you. There’s a lot of people that will be voting for you. I liked that a lot.

* Kara DioGuardi: Casey, this showed the artistic side of you, and I you’ve struggled with showing that side, where you’re sensitive, where you’re vulnerable, and that’s really where you shine. So I think this was the choice that we should have made for you. You changed it up where it needed to be, but you didn’t stray too far from the original.

* Simon Cowell: I think it was a much much better song choice than the first one. The only issue I have is Randy bleating about arrangements earlier on. It was a bit of a lazy arrangement, because they’ve chosen a song where the climax is a quite limp guitar solo. And I think I hold these two slightly responsible for not working with you harder to give you a much bigger vocal moment. To be fair, you sounded very very good on it, it’s just that that song didn’t have that wow factor.

Lisa McGarry

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