American Idol 2010: Simon Cowell says Crystal Bowersox is back to her best with ‘Me And Bobby McGee’ (VIDEO)

Going straight back to her comfort zone on last night’s American Idol final, Crystal Bowersox brought on a favourite from Billboard #1 hits week – Me And Bobby McGee. It”s a fantastic song choice and Crystal was back on top form. It was a tiny bit screechy in places but we’ll put that down to the excitement of the evening. She certainly kicked ass harder than Lee did with his first song.

I feel slightly more invested in Crystal because of kooky shit like that mic stand that she insists on bringing with her everywhere. And compared with Lee, I think she brings something different to the American Idol buffet. Lee comes across as a safe choice – if America choose him – whereas Crystal looks like she’s got some kick in her. Spirit. Fire. Whatever cliche you want to call it. Could she be this year’s Adam Lambert? If so then she needn’t worry where she finishes….she will do well regardless!

Judges Comments:

* Randy Jackson: Round one. Duel to the finish. It started out a little slow for me, but you picked it up near the middle. And by the end, it was back to that Crystal that we’ve known and grown to love. I’ll tell you what, I hope you make a record like that. I thought it was dope, dude.

* Ellen DeGeneres: I’ve said it before…I think you just are so compelling on stage. You and that guitar filling up this entire room and drawing us in like this. Stunning.

* Kara DioGuardi: I loved it when you first did it, and I loved it tonight. You told us so much about you as an artist, and you have fire in your belly tonight. Go for it.

* Simon Cowell: This brought me back to the time when we absolutely fell in love with you. And I think the last three or four weeks it hasn’t been great. This is you, back on your best. And you know what? We’ve got a competition tonight. That was terrific.

Lisa McGarry

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