American Idol 2010: Siobhan Magnus learned to scream in the shower!

Outgoing American Idol contestant Siobhan Magnus has revealed that she learned how do do her signature scream, while singing in the shower.

The end of song wail became Siobhan’s trademark on the show and on when she started adding it to her songs she told Zap2it:

I’m pretty sure I figured out how to do that in the shower in high school one night. I’m an avid shower singer, much to the dismay of my family and my neighbors, but I was singing a Kelly Clarkson song and I went to hit one note and when I reached it, I was able to resonate it in a differnet part of my head where I could belt it that high. Ever since I figured that out, I started to use it more and more, in school choirs and in my band and it became very useful in the style of singing I like to do.

One particular time it came in handy, was when me and my friend did “Great Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd and I had a blast just wailing on those huge notes in a battle of the bands which we won. One of my favorite singers of all time is Janis Joplin and I learn very much through imitation. When I hear a singer that I love I try to emulate that.

Siobhan was asked how she fekt about being the ‘different’ and ‘zany’ one on the show this year. She insisted that she has no regrets with how she approached the competition and said:

That’s definitely something that’s been important to me from the beginning. I have always been an independent person … I’m not going to change for other people. I do what I do because it rests well on my heart. The positive feedback I’ve received from fans and viewers is tremendous. I couldn’t ask for anything better than receiving letters from younger girls who said to me, “I get made fun of at school because I’m different, but watching you has helped me accept the fact that it’s okay and it’s a good thing to be who I am and not back down because other people intimidate me.”

I’ve received letters where I’ve been brought to tears because I’ve achieved something that’s been a goal of mine for so long. To be able to influence young girls in a positive way and to show them that who you are on the inside is a beautiful thing and you shouldn’t let anybody take that away from you … I’ve always said that even if I could influence just one person’s life, that’s what I’m here for, so I’m just so honored.

Lisa McGarry

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