American Idol 2013: Keith Urban discusses the live finals, and who he thinks will win! (INTERVIEW)

by Anna Howell

This Friday sees the start of the American idol Las Vegas stages coming to UK screens and  Unreality TV caught up Keith Urban one of this year’s new Idol judges, and husband to Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman, , to find out his thoughts ahead of the competition as it reaches this crucial stage.

Episode 12 of series 11 of the hugely popular American talent show, American idol, is due to air on our screens this Friday 22nd of February and will present to us the first group of ten males put through their paces, whilst they do their utmost to impress the judges – Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban, with the girls turn the following week.

There have been a few people who have auditioned with their own songs this year, like Angela Miller, of who Keith said:

“I think seeing her confidence singing a song she really loved helped her, and for me I like to see another side of who they really are.”

Having already told us that he thought that a girl would take this year’s title, Keith was a bit cagier about who that might be.  When asked who he considered the front-runners in each category, he mused:

“At this stage of the competition I think it is still too early to tell, on American Idol it is extraordinary what can happen from week to week.  Part of the thrill is the unexpected, watching people emerge, as they did last night, from nowhere and going ‘gosh, where did they come from?’, last night had many unexpected performances, but it can go the other way too – the previous expectation from us, thinking someone is fantastic then they sing and you go ‘hmm, they didn’t quite get there tonight’.   So I think it is hard to call any front-runner.  But I will say, certainly the audience reaction last night for Angela Miller and a couple of the other girls it was pretty obvious, especially with the original song of Angela’s, that was pretty cool to beat.”

Obviously not everyone that Keith gave an original yes to can be taken through to this stage in the competition, and Keith admitted that he was sad and disappointed to leave behind in the Hollywood round:

“There were a couple of people I was disappointed to see leave the Hollywood stage, whose names, I am sorry to say, are alluding me right now, but there was a couple of people I thought that just needed a little more time, and I mean that in the right way because that week is the week that people find particularly tough, it’s a really tough concept.”

Obviously Keith comes from a huge background in country music, so it is natural for him to want an artist with the same passion for his kind of music to do well in the competition, like Carrie Underwood did, and Keith was quick to say there are a few contestants this year who could fit that role:

“There is a few in there for sure, certainly Kree Harrison is in an extraordinarily gifted singer in an unusual way as she is so effortless in the way she sings, there is nothing over the top or theatrical in her as a performer.  She just has this incredibly unique voice in the same way that Adele has, a real authentic voice and I just couldn’t believe it when I heard her sing.  She is definitely a contender.”

Finally, Keith discussed how he was feeling ahead of the live shows of the competition:

“I think they are going to be great!  Performing is meant to be in front of people so, already after performing to 1700 people last night in that arena with a live band and a live studio – they are learning that this is what it is supposed to be like.  I love the live part of it – it is what I have been looking forward to since we got started. “

American Idol, the Las Vegas stage, can be seen Tomorrow at 9:00pm on 5 Star.

Watch Keith discussing the new series of American idol in the clip below: