American Idol 2013: Keith Urban loves his “dysfunctional” American Idol family!

by Anna Howell

We aren’t sure what this says about his own family and idea of normal, but Keith Urban has revealed that spending time with his American Idol family, which he describes as dysfunctional, is the best part of his job.

With the new series of American Idol due to hit US screens next week the headlines have not been engulfed by all the new talent coming through as you would expect, but by the highly publicised spat between the two alpha-female judges, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

Minaj and Carey got into a bitter and heated dispute during an audition in October where Carey commented that Minaj was acting like a three year old, to which Minaj reportedly responded to by threatening to shoot her!

The feud has continued ever since, with many suggesting that it is all a publicity stunt to gain the show more attention, but at a recent live Q&A event at UCLA all four of the Fox hit’s judges were present to answer questions about the upcoming series, due to air on Jan 16th.

Both Minaj and Carey remained composed and in control of their tempers, well slightly more so than at a recent press conference when they resorted to form snapping at each other and throwing vicious looks whenever the other spoke, whilst Keith Urban tried to play down the dispute.

When asked what his favourite thing about the Idol experience has been so far, Urban answered: “The dysfunctional family you see before you, I love being part of. I love the unpredictability.”

Show host, Ryan Seacrest began to bring up the feud, to which Minaj shouted: “Ryan, stop!”

However Seacrest went on, commenting: “Keith, he was glad his chair swivelled a couple of times this year!”

Minaj interjected with a compliment for Urban, telling the audience: “He’s hilarious. I’m serious, you guys. He has this dry sarcastic humour. Very quick!”

To which Carey bitterly retorted: “It relieves you of a moment sometimes.”

Urban quickly responded by saying: “Moving on!”

Seacrest went on to ask the entire panel if they would be prepared to perform together during the live finals, to which Urban and fellow male judge, Randy Jackson seemed keen for.

Carey joked that: “It’s good for negotiations!”

Whilst Minaj remained silent!

When the questions were given to the audience to ask, Minaj showed her playful side when asked what a contestant could do to impress her, to which she cheekily responded: “Flash me!”

Watch how this feud began as Mariah and Nicki have a full scale fight during an American Idol audition in the clip below:

American Idol’s new season premieres Jan. 16 on Fox.