American Idol 2013: Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj argue over singer Summer Cunningham

summer cunningham american idol

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have had yet another run in on American Idol, making us believe that the audition tour must have been a very uncomfortable experience for fellow judges Keith Urban and Randy Jackson.

We’d already seen video footage of the pair kicking off big style before the series even returned to our TV screens this month and on last night’s show it all reignited, as the divas argued over a contestant named Summer Cunningham.

Minaj lost her temper and stormed off set, after she admitted being furious with the rest of the panel for criticising the hopeful contestant and she blasted her co-workers saying:

“Why are we all picking her [Summer] apart because of a country comment? You guys make comments about everybody in popular music all day.”

She then clarified her comments by admitting that she wasn’t upset with Urban, however she was furious with Carey and Jackson and continued:


“Not you Keith. Randy and Mariah.”

However Mariah was not going to take the insult lying down. She was equally angered by the ‘Starships’ hitmaker’s insults and she retorted:

“Oh really, is that what I do? I am trying to help her as opposed to just talking about her outfit.”

Randy insisted that his critique came from a positive place too and told the wannabe that he only wanted tp ‘help.’ He explained:

mariah carey randy jackson

“I’m just trying to help you, a little bit, 30 years. Insight.”

But this only incensed Nicki more and she took this as an attack on her own advice and recommendations. She thought she was being told her judging wasn’t up to scratch and retorted:

“Oh, you are so right. I am sorry I can’t help her. Maybe I should just get off the f****ing panel.”

Minaj then stormed off set, throwing her chair behind her and making quite a scene upon her exit. Mariah loved the drama and chuckled as her co-worker left the room, saying:

“That was my move, I was going to do that.”

Luckily things worked out for Summer and she did get a pass to Hollywood, possibly because the judges were sorry for putting her through such an ordeal. She was glad of Nicki’s support though and tweeted last night saying:

“Thank you @NICKIMINAJ for speaking the truth. She calls it like she sees it!”

Watch Summer perform and tell us if you think she’s good enough for American Idol in the comments section below..

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