American Idol 2013: Nicki Minaj tells Mariah Carey to ‘simmer down!’ over Kree Harrison

American Idol Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj was once again less than respectful and deferential to Mariah Carey on last night’s American Idol show.

It appears that the Starships hitmaker is not a believer in the whole ‘respect your elders’ thing, as last night she had yet another disagreement with the ‘Vision Of Love’ singer and of course, she made her feelings very, very clear.

The pair got into a bit of an argument after the performance of one of the final five female contestants left on the series and while the ladies have managed to be more or less civil to one another for the live rounds so far, last night there was clearly something simmering between them after Kree Harrison sang.

The pretty hopeful divided the divas and after Carey was less than gushing about the performance, Nicki said:

American Idol panel

“I disagree … that was the best performance of the night.”

Mariah insisted:

“I wasn’t saying she was awkward… you don’t really disagree with me.

Minaj insisted:

“No, I do and I’ll explain.”

As Carey tried to interrupt her once more, Nicki blasted:

“Simmer down sir!”

She did so in her best British accent, mocking the mum of two once more.

Contestant Amber Holcomb told E! Online that she watched on open mouthed as the ladies exchanged their comments. She said:

mariah babies

“The whole time it was happening onstage, my mouth was dropping. They [both] wanna get the last word so it never ends! That was something to watch.”

Some viewers have suggested that the so called feud between the female judges is being staged to boost falling ratings on the show.

Despite the celebrity lineup on the judges panel this year (Minaj and Carey are joined by Keith Urban and Randy Jackson) it’s been claimed that “American Idol” has suffered its biggest ratings drop in over a decade.

Show boss Nigel Lythgoe recently denied the reports though and in fact, he thinks the tension between Carey and Minaj at the beginning of the season may have hurt the show’s popularity.

“That got off to a bad start and that didn’t help anything,” Lythgoe told the website Zap2it recently.

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