American Idol 2014: Harry Connick Jr. & Tiquila Wilson walk off & Briana Oakley shines!

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American Idol returned to US screens last night and it was tense instalment, that’s for sure.

The initial auditions are over, the best of the bunch have been chosen and now the hopefuls are asked to sing in groups for the judges.

We never really understood this section of the competition, especially for solo singers, but hey, maybe bosses just like the drama!

By the end of the episode half of the singers had been eliminated but the singing started with 3 Mo’ Days, consisting of three singers who all sang their way to group round in the last audition. Two hopefuls were sent through to the next round but one unlucky soul was eliminated because he seemed more interested in his feet, than in the audience.

We knew we would like Backstreet Cowboys as soon as we saw last week’s previews and we certainly weren’t disappointed by the performance from the country singers yesterday. Their rendition of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Made It That Way” was rather special and unsurprisingly, they all won a place in the next stage.


Jennifer Lopez LOVED Briana Oakley’s version of Lorde’s Royals and even sang along as she crooned. As a result the stunning singer and her pal Nobilette made it through.

Spencer Lloyd didn’t enjoy his performance with two female contestants, as both women were unsure of everything about their chosen song. They forgot their words but when Alyssa Siebken, was sent home, she blamed Spencer for the mistakes.

Tiquila Wilson left the show on her own though and decided that she no longer wanted to go down the reality TV route. She told the panel “My heart is gospel, and I feel like on American Idol, this competition isn’t for me.”

Harry Connick Jr. brought a playful vibe back to the tense proceedings, when he pretended to walk off set and flipped the bird to his co-workers when they disagreed over one act. Keith Urban and J-Lo didn’t seem all that upset!

Caleb Johnson was the clear winner when his team performed the emotional track “Too Close”. He and teammate C.J. Harris made it through, but fellow singer Matthew Hamel was sent home and it’s fair to say, he didn’t take the news well… all!


Mumfarid Zaidi almost didn’t get to perform after Sikenya Thompson developed vocal issues and considered pulling out of the song. However in the end the team made it to the stage, which led to Sikenya, Mumfarid and Jena Asciutto all being awarded places in next week’s show.

Savion Wright, Ryan Clark, and Madeline Patterson all won the judges;’ backing, though their teammate John Fox was not so lucky and was the odd man out when he was eliminated.

Emmanuel Zidor became the only member of his group to win the panel’s support and the decision wasn’t popular, while Malaya Watson and all of her group members made it through.

77 singers go on to the next stage, at which point the American Idol judges MUST narrow the group down to just 30. It’s going to be a tough call! Leave your comments below…

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