American Idol: Who will be new judges – Kanye West turned down job, Dr Luke in talks, negotiations stalled and producers say “favourite contestant” Adam Lambert WILL BE BACK, but will he be a judge?

by Anna Howell

adam lambert

With the entire planet still speculating over just who will be filling the iconic judges’ chairs for this year’s American Idol, we have a pick ‘n’ pix of info for you to munch your way through.

Following the rather uncomfortable pairing of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj last series which saw death threats and everything, it came as no surprise when neither diva had their contracts renewed for American Idol 2013.

However, when it was announced that original judge, Randy Jackson, was also not returning it left three empty seats next to Keith Urban.

Since then the rumour mill has been in overdrive trying to double guess who would fill the empty seats and, whilst we can’t guarantee you any definitive answers just yet, we do have a few snippets of gossip which may help fill in the gaps till we do.

First of all lets focus on someone who definitely (well today at least) WON’T be joining Keith – Kanye West!

According to Us Weekly, the new father was reportedly offered the job but turned it down as he feared it would damage his gleaming reputation in much the same way dating a reality star and naming your child after a map coordinate would… Oh wait!

kanye west

According to the publication a source revealed:

“He didn’t want to go that mainstream,

“He didn’t want to lose any street cred. So he turned it down.”

Meanwhile Dr Luke has reportedly begun negotiations to take one of the remaining seats after talks with The Voice UK judge, were stalled when the singer’s people couldn’t agree on money.

Dr Luke, real name Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, is a multi-award nominated producer whose works include Pink’s “Who Knew”, Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”.


Also back in the running is Jenifer Lopez who left the judging panel back in 2011 to concentrate on her young twins following her divorce from their father, Marc Anthony.

However, Lopez’ new husband Casper Smart has recently revealed that Lopez’ decision to leave was never a permanent one; she was only taking a gap year off and may be returning this year!

So that is possibly two of the three empty seats filled, so could possibly be the third new judge?

Well, one possibility could be former contestant Adam Lambert, as producers have confirmed that he will be returning to the show next year, whilst skirting carefully around what part he will play.

Executive producer, Jesse Ignjatovic revealed to The Hollywood Reporter:

“I just love how he would re-imagine or recreate the songs and take the music to a different place. It goes without saying that he’s a very talented performer and vocalist and such a likable guy. His work with the “Idol” team to stage different looking performances, that connected with me. I remember I couldn’t stop talking about him that season.”

adam lambert

Whilst his co-worker, Evan Prager, added:

“We all know having watched the show that he is really beloved. As far as him being considered as a judge, you’ve heard just as many names thrown out there as we have, but I think that he is obviously a big part of the show and getting him on there is always great.”

But until official statements are released, we will just have to keep hoping!

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    Oh yes, American Idol, if it is true, have a jerk like Kanye who never leaves any doubt that his every action is about HIM as a judge of young singing talent. What a joke. You already have JLo, who will give us plenty of “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME,” so don’t understand why you need another attention whore. You don’t need Dr. Kevorkian, AI, to assist your suicide, you are doing fine on your own

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