Boy George thinks being gay & American has hurt Adam Lambert’s career!

Boy George has spoken out about his admiration for Adam Lambert and insisted that his career is being restricted in America.

The American Idol star has achieved global success ever since finishing on the US reality TV show. He’s released two chart topping albums, won awards for his music all around the world and Lambert received massive praise last month for his latest performance with legendary British band Queen.

However Boy George thinks things could be going even better for the flamboyant singer and took to Twitter last night to speak out about Adam’s career.

The Culture Club star started his discussion by commenting on the media’s abuse of gay and lesbian artists.

He said:

adam lambert

“Isn’t it sad how the media just accepts abuse of gay people? #f*cked.”

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One of his Twitter followers replied, saying:

“I agree. Some radio station doesn’t play Adam Lambert music because his gay. It’s sucks.”

George is currently working in America and revealed that he had discussed the issue with Lambert just this week. He claimed that Adam’s sexuality, along with the fact that he’s not British, has hampered his career to date and added:

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“I was talking about Adam yesterday in an interview and I said this very thing. If he was British, he’d be huge here!”

adam lambert

Lambert has been a bit of a trail blazer stateside and was the first openly gay artist to achieve a No.1 album in the US when his record ‘Trespassing’ hit the top spot in 2012.

He has become a regular spokesperson for issues that affect the LGBT community and for this reason he was the recipient of the Honorary GLAAD Media Award earlier this year. In one recent interview explained his stance saying:

“I feel like with celebrity and visibility and fame, there’s a responsibility to try to give back and try to use the visibility for the greater good. It’s not all about me. It’s about trying to raise awareness and getting people to take action.”

Just a few hours ago he retweeted this message:

What do you think of Boy George’s comments? Is there any truth to his claims? We want to hear your thoughts Glamberts so leave your comments below….

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