Katy Perry is being paid an INSANE amount of money for the ‘American Idol’ reboot

by Emily H

Katy Perry is being paid an insane amount of money to take on a judging role on the American Idol reboot.

According to reports, Katy is getting millions to sign on the dotted line. And we mean millions.

Entertainment Weekly is claiming that Perry is set to earn a whopping $10 – $15 million (that’s around £7.69 – £11.53 million) to appear on the show when it returns in March 2018. Woah.

Katy’s hefty price tag means we likely won’t see a star quite as big (or expensive) as her signing up to be co-judges, as the site is reporting that it’s more likely the two other vacant judging chairs will be taken up by two stars who aren’t quite as high-profile.

“The cost factor is important to Idol‘s long-term survival as the show originally wore out its welcome on Fox due to a combination of sagging ratings and an expensive price tag,” EW said of why ABC likely won’t be willing to shell out another combined $20 million+ for another two judges.

Katy hasn’t confirmed if she’s really getting paid the seriously crazy fee for heading to American Idol, though we’re guessing Perry probably wasn’t all that swayed by the price tag if the claims are true.

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Though $10 – $15 million is serious money to pretty much anyone else, Katy already has a whole lot of cash in the bank, which means she probably wasn’t exactly hurting for another paycheque.

katy perry

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Katy is actually worth a whopping $280 million (around £215.18 million) even before she landed her latest gig.

Perry confirmed that she’d be appearing on American Idol on Twitter this week, revealing that she’s “thrilled” to join the reboot.

“SO thrilled @ABCNetwork is bringing back @AmericanIdol, and I’m bringing it back to the MUSIC,” Katy tweeted. “[See] you at auditions!”

Check out the official music video for Katy Perry’s new single “Bon Apetit” below;

What do you think of Katy Perry’s serious paycheque for her upcoming stint on the American Idol reboot?