American Idol 2013: Keith Urban says his wife Nicole Kidman and daughters prepared him for sitting between warring Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey!

by Anna Howell

New American Idol judge, Keith Urban, has revealed that acting as a scratch post between fellow feuding judges, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, is not that big a deal as he has lots of experience from his home life.

Superstars Minaj and Carey were brought in as replacement judges for Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler and US singing and acting Latino sensation Jenifer Lopez when they quit the show at the end of the last series.

Since the show began its audition process both Minaj and Carey have featured heavily in the headlines after they fell out spectacularly during an October audition.

The pair, who are two of the biggest names in US pop history, began hurling insults at each other to the point where Minaj allegedly threatened to shoot Mariah.

Mariah then revealed that she had hired more security fearing that Minaj meant to carry out her threats, saying that she had two small children to consider (obviously they aren’t as important as the American Idol wages she is receiving otherwise she would have just quit).

Keith, who is married to Australian movie star, Nicole Kidman, has had to sit in the refs seat between the two alpha-females, often acting as a peace keeper, but insists he doesn’t mind the tension as he has plenty of practice with his “literal estrogen nest” at home with Nicole Kidman and their two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith.

Speaking to Access Hollywood at the Grammy’s, Keith’s wife, Nicole Kidman explained:

“He adores [Mariah and Nicki], actually. He actually always comes and says he loves doing [the show], so and he’s used to it… he likes strong personalities. Am I right?”

“I like strong personalities, yes,” her Australian singer husband replied on cue.

Continuing to prove how she rules the roost, Nicole went on to reveal how well Keith is coping with the warring mega-stars, commenting:

“A 4-year-old and a 2-year-old and a wife, a lot of girls in our household,”

Whilst Keith, who has previously stated that his dysfunctional American Idol family are the best part of his new job, added: “A literal estrogen nest is where I live!”

And it seems that his peace-keeping efforts may have paid off, as when asked if things between Minaj and Carey had calmed down, he added:

“Absolutely, yeah. I think the live show’s going to be a blast.”

Watch the original fight between Carey and Minaj in the clip below: