Queen’s Roger Taylor says Adam Lambert is ‘closer to Freddie Mercury’ than Paul Rodgers


Roger Taylor is rarely afraid to speak his mind and in a recent interview he’s brought his straight talking tendencies out as he discussed the last two frontmen to perform with his legendary band.

The drummer and bandmate Brian May have continued Queen’s legacy with a series of concerts around the world after the death of their close friend and lead singer Freddie Mercury, in 1991.

In late 2004, after a successful live television performance, May and Taylor proposed a collaboration with Rodgers, in which he would sing lead vocals on a European tour. Paul performed with the band on many occasions from 2005 onwards but in 2009 the star announced he was ending his five-year-long collaboration with Queen, although did not rule out the possibility of working with them again.

Later that year another singer stepped into the frontman role and American Idol star Adam Lambert began his long period of collaboration with the group, after performing with them on the final of the US reality TV show.

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In November 2011, Lambert joined Queen as lead singer at the MTV Europe Music Awards held in Belfast. It was the first of many performances, the most recent being the well received slot at iHeart Radio festival last month in Las Vegas, which saw Queen and Adam Lambert winning high praise for their energetic and emotional half hour set.

In a new interview with Mojo magazine Roger Taylor admitted that while he loved working with Paul, he finds Adam a better fit for the band and for their huge ‘theatrical’ sings.

He explained:

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“Paul has a perfect blues and soul voice, but our songs are big — and dare I say it, theatrical — and Adam fits that more easily. … Adam is closer to Freddie. Paul was macho, but Adam is a diva. His range is staggering.”

Watch Adam’s recent performance with Queen and tell us if you agree, in the comments section below….

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