Big Brother 11: Day 14 highlights – Shabby gets Caoimhe punished!

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4

Day 14

Yesterday Shabby was on a secret mission set by the Tree of Temptation. But, she then betrayed the Tree… Tonight, housemates are battling for survival

09.48 am

Some of the Housemates are in the bedroom

Josie, David, Govan and Shabby all waking up in the bedroom.

Ife and Nathan are at the Carousel talking about Sunshine

Ife says that she “gets” Sunshine now but Nathan tells her that Sunshine couldn’t act like she does at work “In front of medics.”

Caoimhe and Mario are chatting in the kitchen.

In the bedroom, Josie tells her housemates that she has been having really bad nightmares, and reveals that it she has them a lot adding: “They’re trying to warn me, this usually means that there’s something bad going on.”

Cut back to and Mario chatting in the kitchen.

In the kitchen Caoimhe and Mario discuss Shabby’s new found fondness for Ben. Caoimhe tells Mario that Shabby gave Ben a big hug because she doesn’t want to have “enemies” in the house. They discuss how the situation between Caoimhe and Shabby could become difficult, and how she felt weird having a dinner date with her last night. Mario suggests that Caoimhe should just get it over with her “it will be fine, just give her a big snog.” Caoimhe reminds Mario that she has a boyfriend and is “worried” what he will think about the Shabby situation.

11.13 am

Nathan is in the Diary Room talking about the house.

He says that it’s making him think very “deep” about his life away from the house, adding that his family means “everything” to him. Nathan says that his plan is to “Get myself a business started, a hot chick and settle down.”

Some of the housemates are in the garden

Mario, David and John James discuss DNA samples and aliens. Dave says that he thinks aliens could be “Angels from the sky, just needing DNA to be able to enter heaven.”

Shabby and Caoimhe are in the bathroom and are called over by the Tree of Temptation who shouts “Oi Scabby!”

The Tree of Temptation reprimands Shabby for spilling the beans on her task, and tells them that Caoimhe will be punished at some point during the day. Shabby moans: “You are absolutely horrid” and Tree of Temptations calls her “splinter face,” adding: “Get out of my sight – you make me sick.”

11.51 am

Ife is giving Mario business advice in the kitchen

Mario tells Ife he is quite business minded. Ife is giving Mario advice using Roofers as an example of people who might be really good at their jobs but might not be business minded.

Shabby and Caoimhe are in the nest discussing their conversation with the Tree of Temptation. “I don’t want that tree to ever speak again,” says Shabby. She apologises to Caoimhe about her on-coming punishment. Caoimhe tells Shabby that it is OK.

Some of the housemates in the garden talking about monkeys

Ben says that he doesn’t like monkeys and prefers wolves. Dave and John James disagree. They both like monkeys. Josie says that you can train monkeys to wipe their bums. Sunshine comments that monkeys are like “babies” who rifle through make up bags, and “smother the make up all over the walls, a monkey wouldn’t do that.”


Josie, Mario, Govan and Shabby are in the bedroom.

Mario pulls at her top and Josie pulls away saying that she need to put her “babbers” away.

The rest of the housemates are in the living room.

Sunshine is dancing near the couch and singing a Broadway version of “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga. She also sings a few lines of “All that Jazz” from the musical Chicago. The housemates talk about her singing voice saying it is much more suited to Broadway than Lady Gaga. Caoimhe gets called to the diary room. She is nervous. In the diary room, Big Brother tells her to enter a small task room through the door to her right.

Caoimhe goes in to the small task room in which the walls are covered with pictures of Ben and Shabby. Her punishment is to listen to the conversation on-loop between Shabby and Ben which took place the previous night.

In the living room, Dave tells some of the other Housemates individually how much he loves them all and how much he “loves the Lord.”

Caoimhe is getting annoyed by Ben’s voice in the small task room. She is lying on the floor in a rage.


Twenty-one minutes later

Caoimhe is looking bored listening to the conversation she is listening to. You can hear Ben in the background talking about wanking in his room. Caoimhe pulls a face and says “that’s weird”.

The Housemates are all sitting in the living room. Big Brother reveals that Shabby, Dave, Govan and Ben are all up for nomination. The nominated Housemates are told that they must now do a task and whoever wins will be saved from eviction this week, but must choose another Housemate to take their place in the public vote.

Once the nominations reveal is over, Shabby gets very annoyed with Big Brother shouting: “Can you just tell me what you’re doing to my friend, I’m going to kick the f**k off, I’m not f**king about!” Shabby kicks over the coffee table in frustration.

2.10 pm

Caoimhe has been facing the wrath of the Tree of Temptation for the past 1 hour and 11 minutes.

Caoimhe is lying on the floor of the small task room, covered in a blue towel.

Nathan, John James, Steve and Dave are in the living room talking about the task ahead and how they must do their best in it.

Caoimhe is still in the small task room listening to the conversation on loop.

Govan and Shabby are in the kitchen talking in code about who they will nominate if they win the task. They both agree that “Pasta” will be the one they both choose. Govan says that “Pasta has been giving me a bad tummy”.

2.22 pm

Housemates have been gathered in the garden for today’s task. Nominated Housemates – Ben, Shabby, Govan and Dave will be scooting for their survival. The Housemate who completes one scoot through the columns without knocking any over will be exempt from eviction and able to choose a housemate to replace them. Scooting has never meant so much…

Shabby does a perfect scooter.

The task is now over and Big Brother gives the results.

Shabby was the only one with a perfect scoot and is therefore the winner of the task. She mush chooses another Housemate to take her place in the evictions and says “sorry” before replacing her face on the nominations board with Mario’s. Mario looks shocked.

Sunshine and John James try to comfort Mario telling him that they are certain he won’t be going.

3.09 pm

John James, Sunshine and Mario are in the bedroom

Mario is talking about how hard it was for him to win “housemate status, I’ve been nice to everyone, f**k it, I’m not going to be nice anymore.”

Caoimhe has been facing the wrath of the tree of temptation for two hours and ten minutes.

Big Brother calls Caoimhe to the diary room. She seems upset about her punishment but then laughs saying she has “learnt my lesson” and thinks that Shabby will have learnt her lesson too.

Caoimhe returns to the house to find out who has been nominated and also the swap between Shabby and Mario. She tells the other housemates about her punishment saying that “it is the worst thing that has ever happened in her life”.

4.04 pm

Most of the Housemates are in the garden

Shabby tells everyone that they are being “very gracious” about the nominations and she is very proud of them. She is met with a stony silence.

At the same time this conversation is going on, Ben is in the garden talking to Mario about his nomination and trying to make him feel better. Mario is looking sad. Ben continues talking turning the conversation round to talking about himself. He then turns his attentions back to Mario’s plight and continues to try and make him feel better.

4.42 pm

Some of the Housemates are in the Living Room

Caoimhe is hugging Mario trying to make him feel better. She calls him a “sweetie”. Mario is crying a bit. He says that when he leaves the house he has no-one. Shabby is in the background feeling bad for making him cry.

Shabby, Govan, Ife and Sunshine are in the kitchen.

Shabby admits that her and Govan had already decided that the pair them would choose Mario if they were given the chance by winning the task.

5.04 pm

Nathan is in the kitchen. Most of the Housemates are in the Living Room.

Shabby and Caoimhe discuss with Ife about having some Bathroom Time. They say she has been distant recently and ask why. Ife says she is bored of their conversations. Shabby and Caoimhe are both insulted and walk away from Ife. Ife calls out to them saying she “didn’t mean it like that, I was just being honest.”

Shabby and Caoimhe walk through the garden together discussing what Ife has said.

Ife goes to the diary room and talks to BB about how she loves Shabby but doesn’t understand people being so attention seeking. She says she isn’t used to dealing with people who fly off the handle like Shabby.

6.33 pm

Some of the Housemates are in the garden

Shabby is riding Josie in the garden. Caoimhe asks to feel one of Corin’s boobs, saying she “has never felt one like that before”. Corin says she “wishes she could feel them” and that they are still numb.

Govan is in the Diary Room

He is talking about being up for eviction. He is also talking about there being a traitor in the house.

Nathan and Mario are in the kitchen

Mario tells Nathan that he cheers him up. Nathan tries to make Mario feel better by telling him that “we don’t like f**king sulkers” and not to take his time in the house for granted. Mario says that he will strip naked and run around the house if he doesn’t get evicted. Nathan says that he will too.

8.22 pm

Shabby, Ben and Caoimhe are in the bathroom

Ben tells Shabby and Caoimhe about a time he went on a press assignment to a showbiz party and was desperate to speak to Joan Collins adding: “I’ve been a fan since I was four.” He says that Joan snubbed him after he tapped her on the shoulder. He tells them that it turned out for the best though as he got to chat to Gloria Hunniford and now they are good friends.

Some of the Housemates are at the Carousel talking about their talents.

Some of the housemates suggest that Sunshine should impersonate Lady Gaga as her talent. They continue to discuss her singing voice. John James tells her that she is “rubbish” at singing. Sunshine looks at John James in disbelief.

10.29 pm

Some of the Housemates are in the living room.

Corin is braiding Sunshine’s hair.

Dave is in the diary room and tells Big Brother that he is currently “intoxicated in Love for the Lord.” Adding, his love for the Lord is coming “out of my belly.” He tells Big Brother that he is disappointed about his nomination.

Mario, Ben and Govan are in the bedroom. Mario asks Govan if Govan is being off with him, “Or am I just being paranoid.” Govan says that they are “fine” but there is an obvious edge to his voice. They discuss the nominations and Govan walks out of the closet leaving Mario looking awkward. Govan returns to Mario, acting in a friendlier way.

11.58 pm

Caoimhe, Shabby and Ife are at the Carousel speculating about Mario’s family after he led them to believe they were famous.

Ife thinks Mario is part of the Prada family.

Ben is in the diary room

Ben is talking to Big Brother about being up for nomination and how he is unsurprised about it. He tells Big Brother that it is sad that Mario is up as he is well-liked in the house. He is looking forward to the next few days in the house.


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