Since Friday’s mass cull which saw four housemates evicted the British public have been voting for which of the remaining five housemates they want to be their winner of Big Brother 11, the last ever Big Brother series.

On Channel 4 this evening Davina announced to the house that the winner most definitely was not ANDREW. ANDREW came in 5th place after spending 46 days in the Big Brother house and receiving 3.9% of the public vote. ANDREW will be remembered for: getting tipsy and throwing up, his love for Josie, his cuddles with Mario, his 24 style Jack Bauer task set by the Tree of Temptation, being the ‘Yes man’ in another task set by the Tree of Temptation, telling Caoimhe he can divide…her legs and admitting to getting frisky with a water melon.

Next to fall at the final furlong was JJ who came in 4th place receiving 4.5% of the public vote. JJ spent 32 days in the Big Brother house and will be remembered for tying to cheer housemates up by telling them to think about the woman who got her face ripped off by a monkey, sucking her thumb, spending all her time in bed with John James, her hair roots, worrying about her ‘fat arse’ being shown on television and Dave asking her if she’s a size 18.

In third place MARIO was evicted with just 5.1% of the public vote. MARIO spent 77 days in the Big Brother house and will be remembered for being the BB mole, his huge left testicle, arguing with and fancying Ben, making Davina disappear in the Dickensian task, his mood swings, winning the graffiti task so his painting of Andrew hung up in the Kitchen for the rest of the series and causing uproar for flipping a button to choose who to swap himself with in the Save & Replace.

DAVE and JOSIE remain in the Big Brother house… but who will win. The public have decided and all will be revealed shortly on Channel 4.


Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!