Big Brother 2010: Andrew Stone joins the house!

Housemates need to get their jazz hands ready and tune into their inner Gleek as Andrew Stone from Pineapple Dance Studio fame will enter the Big Brother house tomorrow to teach the housemates to sing and dance in preparation for a ‘Glee’ themed task.

Wannabe pop star and flamboyant choreographer Andrew won’t just be teaching the housemates high kicks and pirouettes, he will become a proper housemate, eating and sleeping in the house for the duration of the two day task.

Andrew will enter the house first thing on Wednesday morning and start the day hosting a warm up dance class for the surprised Housemates. Housemates will then become cheerleaders, jocks and Gleeks emulating the famous Glee characters from the hit E4 series.

After warming up Housemates will have to knuckle down and audition for Andrew who will test their singing abilities. He will then assign them roles – just like Glee club teacher Mr Schuester.

No Glee task would be complete without a full rendition of the shows most iconic anthem, the Journey classic ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ from the housemates. Andrew will lead rehearsals, and when he deems that the housemates are ready he will allow them to record their parts in the recording studio built especially for the task in the small task room.

On Thursday, after hours of strict rehearsals and plenty of sweat learning the routine, the housemates will perform the specially recorded routine. Fans of the show will be able view a video of the performance on Friday morning at 11 am on the official Big Brother website uk/bigbrother). If the video of their performance is viewed more than 100,000 times the housemates will pass this part of the task.

Two housemates will also be selected to practice a duet which they will need to perform during Friday’s live show in order to pass this part of the task. Who will impress Andrew the most to take on such a coveted role?

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Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!