It’s the final series of Big Brother and for the past two days housemates have been tasked with filling up the air waves for Channel 4. For this week’s shopping task, George Lamb has been asking the housemates to try out some new pilot shows to take Big Brother’s place.

Yesterday, housemates took part in two new game show formats – Old Head, Hot Topic and Munchermind. Shortly housemates will be taking part in their third game show pilot – it’s rubbish, it stinks. It’s the totally rubbish quiz!

Totally Rubbish Quiz
The housemates taking part are split into three teams, as follows:

John James & Ife

Govan & Rachael

Mario & Caoimhe

There are three rounds in The Totally Rubbish Quiz. The two winning teams in round one will go on to take part in round two. The winner of round two will play for the shopping money in round 3.

Round1: General Scrummage

In General Scrummage, one half of each team will stand inside their bin whilst their team mate stands beside them. Big Brother will ask the teams a question, the answer to which is hidden somewhere amongst the rubbish in the bin . The team mate in the bin must find the answer and pass it to their team mate on the ground. The team mate on the ground must then hold the answer aloft and shout out the answer.
The first two teams to claim two correct answers will go through to the next round.

Round 2: Think While You Stink

For the second round, the teams will switch places so the other member of each team is now standing inside the bin. Ten bins are lined up on the opposite side of the garden, each containing a different type of food waste. On the sound of the klaxon, the team mates outside the bin will run to collect a bin. They will then run back to their team mate and pour the contents of that bin over their team mate. The contestant in the bin must then guess what is being poured over them. Only when they have correctly guessed, can their team mate on the ground run and get the next mystery bin. The first contestant in the bins to correctly guess what is being poured over them from the fifth and final bin will send their team into the finale.

Round 3: Binyata

For the finale, the winning team will face the Binyata (a piñata full of rubbish.) The two contestants will choose which of the team will answer ten questions. At the end of the ten questions, the other member of the team will get to swing at the binyata. The amount of swings they get depends on the number of questions answered correctly. Within the binyata, in amongst the rubbish is a token representing money towards this week’s shopping budget. They must burst the binyata so the token drops to the floor to claim it.
As the winning team, they will also win a very special team prize.


Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!