It’s the final series of Big Brother and today housemates are being tasked with filling up the air waves for Channel 4. For this week’s shopping task, George Lamb will be asking the housemates to try out some new pilot shows to take Big Brother’s place.

Housemates will be taking part in three new game show formats over the next two days. Two tasks took place today – Old Head, Hot Topic and Munchermind.

The results are as follows:

Old Head, Hot Topic

Sunshine and Ben opted to take part in Old Head, Hot Topic. The contestants watched clips of pensioners talking and had to guess the topics they were about. For each correct answer housemates were awarded £10 towards their shopping budget.

Results as follows:
Ben said: England football squad
Sunshine said: The shadow cabinet
Correct Answer: The England football team

Ben said: Big Brother
Sunshine said: Big Brother
Correct Answer: Big Brother
Although both contestants guessed the topic correctly, Nathan cheated by shouting out the answer, and therefore their answers were void

Ben said: Parsley
Sunshine said: Lettuce
Correct Answer: Cabbage

Ben said: Cheryl Cole
Sunshine said: Cheryl Cole
Correct Answer: Cheryl Cole

Ben said: Hip Hop
Sunshine said: JLS
Correct Answer: Gangsta Rap

Ben said: Davina McCall
Sunshine said: Holly Willoughby
Correct Answer: Davina McCall

Ben said: Keratin
Sunshine said: Blue Rinse
Correct Answer: Blue Rinse

In summary, at the end of the quiz, Ben won £30 and Sunshine won £20 meaning a grand total of £50 was won towards this week’s shopping budget.

As top scorer, Ben also won a special individual prize which will be revealed at the end of the task.


For the second part of the shopping task, six housemates took part. They were:
Nathan, Dave, Steve, Shabby, Josie and Corin

The six contestants were called to the task room where they had to stand behind a table. Set before each contestant was a plate displaying an identical array of foods – some nice, some nasty.

All contestants were asked a question. The answer was one of the foods in front of them – to answer the question they had to eat that item. Any contestant who failed to eat the correct item, or who eats nothing at all, was knocked out of the quiz.

The results were as follows:

Q1. All correct (Marshmallows)
Q2. Steve said the answer aloud, and was therefore eliminated for cheating. (Caviar)
Q3. All correct (Cupcake)
Q4. Nathan said the answer aloud, and was therefore eliminated for cheating. Shabby spat the garlic back out, and was therefore eliminated for not eating all the answer. (Garlic)
From this point on, Dave, Corin and Josie were playing.
Q5. All correct (Beef jerkey)
Q6. All correct (Rice pudding)
Q7. All correct (octopus)
Q8. All correct (both pickled gherkins and pickled eggs were accepted as correct)
Q9. All correct (Olives)
Q10. All correct (Figs)

As Dave, Corin and Josie all ate ten answers; they won the housemates £150 towards this week’s shopping budget.

However, since Dave, Corin and Josie all ate all ten answers, there was a tie break where they attempted to eat everything that remained on their plates.

Dave ate everything on his plate (in 4min 2sec), and finished just before Josie (Corin attempted it but was far slower), he won this tie break so will win a special prize from Big Brother tomorrow.

Part three of the task will take place tomorrow.


Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!