Big Brother 2010: Corin Forshaw looks just like Katie Price in her little pink bikini!

Today Corin Forshaw looked more like her idol Katie Price than ever before, as she dressed up (or down!) for Big Brother’s latest task.

Today the housemates will face a super hereos challenge.

In this week’s shopping task, super villain the Uber Cougar has kidnapped all the boys! The girls have to find their inner super heroes and battle against the Uber Cougar, in a bid to rescue the boys she has kidnapped in this comic strip task.

The house was awoken to the song Holding Out For A Hero, by Bonnie Tyler

The boys are called to the Uber Cougar’s Lair – once inside, they are trapped. A ransom note is delivered via VT by the mysterious cloaked female villain who explains how she preys on young men. She will tell them that to win the boys back, the girls must transform themselves into super heroes.

The girls will all change into Super Heroes, specifically tailored to suit their characters.

Once changed, they’ll each be set individual tasks. For each one they successfully complete, they’ll get to free a boy of their choice and win £100 for towards this week’s shopping budget.

Their tasks are below:

Corin becomes BUXOM BOMBSHELL.

She has 1 hour to unlock a pair of boxer shorts locked in the frozen torso of a hunky ice sculpture, using only feminine beauty products.

Caoimhe aka KEY-VA and Keeley aka KEY-LEY are the KEY GIRLS

They have 30 minutes to unlock clues – and boy’s pants – from the top of a tower. Key-va will use her climbing skills, while Key-ley will drive the Keymobile in search of clues all around the house.


She has the power of flight. Every time she hears the phrase: ‘Oh My Gosh! What’s That In The Sky?’ she’ll have one minute to get to the large task room and lie on a green table in front of a green screen.

She’ll have to lie in a flying position for the duration of each song that plays. The songs will be:

Come Fly With Me, Frank Sinatra

One Day I’ll Fly Away, Randy Crawford

Learn to Fly, Foo Fighters

Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler

I Believe I Can Fly, R Kelly

Tomorrow, CONDIMENT KILLER (Josie) and IFE INCREDIBLE (Ife) will take part in their challenges. The girls will then work together to destroy the Uber Cougar’s Lair and free any remaining boys.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!