Big Brother 2010: Davina McCaw quotes revealed!

Today Big Brother’s Davina McCaw squawked out 12 quotes, one from each housemate. Every housemate correctly identified their own quote, except when Keeley’s quote was read out and Ife rushed and put her coin in instead, causing Bob Righter to shoot out a blast of blue feathers.

See below for details of each housemate’s quote, who it was said about, their reward and also the rhyme card that came with the reward.

Quote: He’s like a mixture of Michael Jackson and some librarian woman from Ohio
About: Mario
Reward card: Well done Ben, here’s news for you,
Read it out loud to the rest of your crew
Reward: Newspaper headlines

Quote: A word that comes to mind about her is rough
About: Corin
Reward card: Well done Caoimhe, you got my joke,
Here is a prize that’ll go up in smoke
Reward: Vogue Menthol Cigarettes

Quote: slap a smile on your face for gods sake, I cant fucking stand it.
About: Caoimhe
Reward card: Well done Corin, you are simply the best,
Pamper yourself rotten and get it all off your chest.
Reward: Nail polish/make up

Quote: The spider’s sucking you into the web. She can bite.
About: Caoimhe
Reward card: Well done Dave, way to go!
A little gift for you, a nice photo.
Reward: Photo of wife

Quote: Why on earth would a 24 year old start crying in the diary room over a girl he didn’t fancy
About: John James
Reward card: Well done Ife, you sure weren’t wrong,
Here’s your prize – it’s your favourite song.
Reward: Song Voucher – Black Eyed Peas ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’

Quote: Your boobs are looking good Josie
About: Josie
Reward card: Well done John James, now that didn’t hurt,
You’ll look fit in your new football shirt.
Reward: Football shirt

Quote: I do fancy John James when he’s in a football kit, I’ve gotta be honest.
About: John James
Reward card: Well done Josie, that wasn’t a shock
Here’s bar after bar of your favourite choc.
Reward: Chocolate

Quote: She’s come in here to try and take over the mothership. But it ain’t going to happen.
About: Keeley
Reward card: Well done Steve, you achieved your goal,
Here’s something tasty for your breakfast bowl.
Reward: Coco Pops

Quote: I’m not a tiger in the bedroom, I’m more like a sloth. If I was any animal.
About: Himself
Reward card: Well done Andrew, you were very alert,
Now you’ll get your just deserts
Reward: Trifle

Quote: He doesn’t give a shit about us does he? He doesn’t want to get to know us at all
About: John James
Reward card: Well done Rachel, here’s your treat,
Bob thinks you’ll find this really sweet.
Reward: Sweets

Quote: I love talking about myself.
About: Herself

Quote: There’s no more love in this. It’s slowly growing to hate.
About: Ben
Reward card: Well done Mario, here’s a gift for your toil,
A bottle of sensual massage oil.
Reward card: Massage Oil


Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!