Big Brother 2010: Day 1 highlights!


The first housemate to enter the Big brother house is Josie, a 25 year old financial sales rep from Yate in Bristol.The next Housemate to enter is Steven, a 40 year old former soldier from Leicester. He lost his legs in a bomb blast in Belfast in 1989.

Next in the house is 30 year old Ben, a writer and broadcaster from London. Fourth in is Rachel, a 23 year old hair stylist from Nottingham who also works as a Beyonce lookalike.

Nathan, a 26 year old joiner from Bingley is the fifth person to enter the house shortly followed by 39 year old Dave, a minister from Pontypool.

The seventh Housemate to enter is Caoimhe, a 22 year old student from Dublin. The next housemate is Govan, a voluntary worker from Leicester.

24 year old Shabby from Hackney is the ninth Big Brother housemate and is followed by Ife, a 25 year old professional dancer from Milton Keynes.

Next In is John- James, a 24 year old Vehicle body builder from Melbourne in Australia. The 12th housemate to enter is Sunshine, a 24 year old medical student from Peterborough..

27 year old Corin from Stockport is the 13th housemate. Currently unemployed, she says people are always mistaking her fro Katie Price.

Finally, 28 year old Mario from Essex enters the house as the last housemate. Mario is dressed as a mole after being set a secret task by Big Brother.


All the housemates are in the living room. Ben and John James are sitting on the sofa talking. John James says that he didn’t audition for Big Brother Australia as the show got axed in 2008. He also discussed the auditioning process and that he had to, “line up in snow, which I’ve never seen before”. About winning John James says, “I know I can’t win, ‘cos how would the whole of the UK feel if it was won by a foreigner?”.

Mario talks to Nathan, and Rachel. He tells Rachel that she is beautiful.


Rachel, Govan and Josie are in the bathroom. Rachel talks to Govan about showering naked stating that “I don’t feel clean in a bikini”. She is unsure as to whether or not she’ll shower naked or not.

Ife, John James, Ben, Mario, Dave and Steven are in the nest. Steven and Dave are discussing Steven’s artificial legs. Dave tells him, “if you ever need help with anything, do give me a shout”.


Steve and Corin are reading the welcome pack in the kitchen and looking at a plan of the house. They realise that although there aren’t enough beds in the bedroom it looks like there is another room which can be accessed through the garden.

Back in the bedroom Rachel is counting the beds. She says, “John James is a bit upset” , adding that, “he’s said he’s gonna sleep on the floor. I don’t mind giving up a bed so John can have a bed”.


Mario, Ben, and Josie are in the bedroom. They’re talking about sharing beds and merchandise that Mario’s partner got for him from past Big Brother series, “I’ve got the Diary Room chair from Big Brother 7. I thought that was the closest I was ever going to get to Big Brother.”


Ben and Mario are in the garden. Ben talks about his mother being nervous about going into the Big Brother house. He also talks about doing tasks stating that, “If there was a task that was really humiliating I just wouldn’t do it”.

Nathan, Shabby, Corin, Caoimhe, Josie and Govan are in the bedroom. Big Brother announces to the house that, “The mole hole is now open”. All the housemates run to the garden to take a look. Josie tells Mario that it’s cold in there but Mario assures her that, “I’d endure worse to be in here”.


All the housemates are in the living room where they’re taking it in turns to introduce themselves. Ife says, “I really believe in something called the secret”. Explaining that it’s all about positive thinking and she could picture herself coming into the house.

Steven calls himself, “Big Daddy” and explains that he’s an ex army, family man. He tells housemates he hopes his legs won’t get in the way.

Dave refers to himself as “the monk” or “the wizard” (a name given to him by John James). He talks about the fact that he did drugs fro the ages of 18 to 21 years old. He also states that “I really, really get intoxicated from Gods Presence”.

Sunshine tells them that when she was 17 years old her mum died from cancer and that as a result she wanted to pursue a medical career. She also states that she changed het name to sunshine, but it has not been changed legally.

Corin talks about a past relationship she was in until she was 25 years old when her partner died and that she is now in a relationship with a girl.

Shabby talks about being able to pee “standing up”. John James exclaims, “I can pee sitting down”. Shabby goes on to say that when she was younger she, “thought she wanted to be a boy”, as she thought women were beautiful.

Nathan describes himself as, “A gob on a stick”, and Mario says, “I feel like I’m still in a dream at the moment “, adding that he’d describe himself as Doctor Who going through regeneration.

Govan says that he’s not doing much at the moment stating, “I’m just trying to find what I want to do in life”. Coaimhe talks about her degree in French and Spanish and that she has just completed the first part in French and will be majoring in Spanish next year.

Josie states, “I haven’t really got a talent or anything I’m good at”, and Rachel talks about her job as a hairdresser and the stereotypes associated with it. She says “I’m actually not that dim”.

Ben talks about the various jobs he’s done in the arts, these include being a gossip columnist, writing music, and broadcasting.

John James tells his fellow housemates he, “hates” being called “JJ” but then adds that they can call him that if they like.


Mario is in the bathroom brushing his teeth. The tree of temptation talks to Mario about framing another housemate using a beach ball. If he succeeds he may get the chance to avoid eviction on Saturday. Mario agrees to do the task. He takes the ball to his Mole hole and places it in his pillow case.


Ben and Mario are in the living room talking about people’s reactions as they entered the house. Ben says that he thinks he has upset people. Ben leaves the conversation and Mario continues talking to Caoimhe. They talk about Caoimhe’s relationship outside the house and Mario tells her that he likes Ben. They speculate as to whether Ben is gay or straight. Mario asks Ben who states that he is straight. Mario says to Caoimhe, “your gaydar was wrong”.


Caoimhe, Mario and Ben are in the living room. Most of the other housemates are in the bedroom. Dave and Nathan are looking at photos of Dave’s family. Nathan tells Dave that he, “wants a tidy wife and a couple of sprogs”.


Mario is in the mole hole writing on the ball as part of his impossible task.

John James is in the Diary room. He talks about his relationship with, “the wizard, Benjie and Mario”. He refers to Dave as “Davo” and says that he thinks Nathan doesn’t like him, stating its, “probably ‘cos he’s only got one eyebrow”, and that it, “makes him look angry all the time”.


Mario is standing in the doorway trying to discretely thrown the beach ball without anyone notices. He successfully gets the ball to the other side of the garden.


Shabby, Caoimhe and Ife are in the kitchen when they notice the beach ball which says, “David most hated”. They all agree not to tell David what it says. Big Brother asks them to bring the ball to the Dairy Room. The other housemates get up to see what is going on but Shabby doesn’t let them see what the ball says before she hands it back to Big Brother.

Tonight’s highlights show, Thursday 10th June, 10pm on Channel 4


Lisa McGarry

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