Big Brother 2010: Day 10 highlights – Ben asks Sunshine if she has ADHD!

On tonight’s show…

Day 10


Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. Steve is singing, “I love you baby”. “Big day today”, he says. Shabby responds asking why. Steve says, “It’s thingy day”, referring to the eviction. Shabby gets a little upset, “Great Steve”. Steve says they’re going to have a good day today.

In the garden Shabby is talking with Rachael, “The sensitivity of some people”, she says. Shabby adds that she feels sick and Rachael says her stomach was, “flipping last night”.


In the bedroom, Josie asks Steve about his legs and asks how much his computerised leg is worth. Steve responds “25 / 30 grand”. Josie tells him, “I’m going to pinch it”.

Shabby is in the Diary Room talking about the impending eviction. She tells Big Brother how a week in the house is like weeks in the outside world and how she believes that whoever goes out first isn’t going to get a good reaction. Shabby says she didn’t expect to be up first week and adds, “Maybe I should get my head out of my own arse”. She continues, “I’m not ready to go yet”.


Some of the housemates are in the Living Room. Josie is talking to John James about his sex life. She tells him she thinks he’s got respect for women because he’s close to his mum and that he’ll make someone the perfect guy. Josie tells him that, “Men are built differently than us”, because men will sleep with anybody and mentions Nathan. Nathan says he could sleep with anyone.


The housemates are gathered in the Living Room for today’s special World Cup task. “Top tip”, says Nathan. “A good place to pull women is at the football”.

Big Brother has asked the biggest football fan to come to the Diary Room. The housemates choose John James who goes to the Diary Room to put on a referee outfit and collect props for the day’s task.

John James exits the Diary Room and the housemates cheer. He’s been told to select seven housemates to take part in the task which they’ve been told will involve the ‘real South African experience’. Taking part in the task will be Shabby, Dave, Caoimhe, Josie, Nathan, Ife and Mario.

Ben and Mario are talking to Sunshine on the couch. Ben asks if she’s on any medication or if she has ADHD disorder. Sunshine says she doesn’t have ADHD and Ben asks if she’s ever had it. Sunshine says that Ben should think before he speaks.

Sunshine exits the room and Ben says, “Sunshine’s being a little bitch today”. Mario suggests that perhaps she’s just nervous about the eviction later.


Housemates have been given costumes for their football related task. They have been told they each must keep the sound of a vuvuzela horn going for 90 minutes.


Most of the housemates are in the garden. They have been blowing their vuvuzelas for 38 minutes.

Ben, Govan and Sunshine are in the bedroom. Ben asks Sunshine if she’s cold. She says no. Ben asks if she thinks he’s getting ill. “I think it’s standing under the air conditioning unit”, she tells him.

Sunshine and Govan are discussing people leaving cups around and not cleaning. Govan lying in bed says, “People are too f****** selfish”. Corin brings him over toast and a drink to him in bed.

Corin tells both of them to get on their feet, it could be Sunshine’s last day and she doesn’t want to spend it in bed. She then shouts at them, “Outside!”


Housemates have been blowing their vuvuzelas for 89 minutes. As referee John James has been offering some encouragement to keep going. Big Brother announces that the, “housemates have passed the task”. The housemates cheer and Shabby says she was blowing so hard, “a little bit of wee came out”.

Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. Ben tells Sunshine, “I’d like to apologise to you”, talking of his ADHD remarks earlier. Sunshine says, “You point out every flaw that I have”. Ben tries to speak but Sunshine tells him to stop interrupting. Ben tells her, “I apologise”, but Sunshine says, “You think everything’s because of me”. Ben says he came to apologise but Sunshine adds that he’s got to promise he’s not going to say it again.

Big Brother says suitcases are available for pickup and Sunshine says she’s got to go. Ben asks her to shake his hand which she does. After Sunshine leaves Ben says, “It’s been one of those days”.


Ben and Mario are at the sofas talking about Sunshine. Ben tells him, “She’s going to be funny with me from now” but Mario says Sunshine has got to toughen up and that Ben apologised. John James enters the room and Ben tells him he’s in trouble with Sunshine. John James says it’s a, “Lovers tiff”.

John James tells Ben to not let this rift with Sunshine get him down. Sunshine comes over saying she overheard her name and John James tells her she shouldn’t be getting down either, “Everyone has disagreements…the house is getting the best of you”.

Sunshine says she’s taken insult after insult from Ben to which Ben replies he’s apologised and that’s his humour. He adds that Sunshine doesn’t laugh. Sunshine says she laughs at things and that Ben shouldn’t say those things again. John James says he apologised and Sunshine asks him to not say it again, Ben says so and they shake hands.


Ben and Mario are in the closet. Ben is straightening his hair and saying that he is worried about what the public may think of him and whether they will think he bullies Sunshine and torments Shabby. Mario says that they’ll think he’s funny and to not think about it because he’ll drive himself crazy. Ben asks what could be perceived as negative about him, Mario says nothing. Ben says Mario has nothing negative about him, “Everyone loves you”, Ben tells him. Mario says Ben’s just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.


All the housemates are gathered in the living room for this week’s eviction. Davina talks and tells housemates not to swear. She says the first person safe is Shabby. Shabby celebrates.

Chants of, “Get Sunshine out”, can be heard from the crowd outside but Dave says they’re chanting “get someone out”.

Davina says Rachael is evicted. Rachael says, “Told ya”, and she hugs the housemate before leaving the house.

Corin reminds Sunshine she’s still here and Dave is trying to convince her that the crowds were saying, “Get someone out”. Ben gives her a hug and Ben and Dave try to convince her that she misheard the crowd.


Some of the housemates are in the Living Room. Sunshine asks, “Promise me they didn’t say it”. Mario says, “If anything they were chanting ‘get the mole out’ “. Govan adds he heard, “Someone”.

In the bathroom Shabby says she can’t believe she wasn’t getting booed.

After being evicted Rachael chose one housemate to receive a message from Bob Righter…she chose Corin.

As housemates are sitting on the sofa Bob Righter lights up and deposits a card. Govan reads the message “…tomorrow for Corin is looking bright”. Excited, Corin says, “Maybe I have to paint myself red or some-at”, and guesses, “I bet it’s my suitcase”. Sunshine adds, “Maybe they’ll give you lessons to make you brighter”.


Sunshine and Govan are at the Sofa’s. Govan looks upset so Sunshine hugs him. Govan tells her that they can continue to get to know each other now.

Sunshine is still speculating about what the crowds were saying. Govan tells her that he only heard one person shout it over the wall. “Votes speak for everything”, he tells her. “You should be happy”. Sunshine asks how he would feel; Govan says if he was saved he’d be happy.


All the housemates are in the kitchen. Big Brother has provided some alcohol to the housemates and they are using the opportunity to toast the group. Shabby says she’s happy to be here and she hopes Rachael’s alright. Sunshine adds she’s happy to be here too. Corin remarks, “I feel like I’m at a wedding”. Mario adds the toast should also be to Corin’s bright day. Corin finishes with, “Lets get bladdered”.


Corin is in the Diary Room. She says the days been good and that she’s a bit tipsy on one glass of wine. She wonders what tomorrow will bring and if she’ll have to dress up as an orange, stare at the sun, stare at stars or if someone will be coming in to see her.


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