Big Brother 2010: Day 11 highlights – Shabby is knocked back by Caoimhe!

In tonight’s show…

Day 11


All the housemates are asleep in the bedroom. Big Brother starts playing Dolly Parton’s ‘9 till 5’ into the room. Corin gets up energetically saying it’s her favourite song. Corin and Sunshine sing and dance along. “Woooo, thank you Big Brother”, says Corin.

The housemates discuss whether that was part of the bright message Corin received yesterday as it is her favourite song.


Corin is called to the Diary Room where there is a full English breakfast waiting. “Big Brother must say you look lovely today”, says Big Brother. Big Brother then asks how she likes her eggs in the morning; Corin starts singing, “With a kiss”. Big Brother reads out a sonnet to Corin. “I can’t quite work out what it means but it sounds lovely”, says Corin.

Big Brother rounds off by asking Corin, “If Big Brother told you, you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against Big Brother?” Corin replies, “Would I hold my body against yours? No, you cheeky thing”.


Shabby and Corin are in the Living Room. Shabby tells Corin that she thinks that either the public have voted, or Rachael voted, for her to have a good day. Corin tells Shabby that she got read, “Shakespeare or something”, Shabby says “I love you, Shakespeare or something?”


Some of the housemate are in the living room. Dave is reading aloud a passage from the Bible. Ben asks about a line from the bible he heard in a musical. Dave says that’s not in the bible and is from a song.

Shabby, Nathan, Ife and Josie are in the kitchen. Josie says, on her time in the house, “I’ve learnt that I’m a serial flirt. A bit of a lesbian”, adding that she can’t stop flirting, even with the women. Josie says she’s having a laugh but probably people watching won’t see that. Josie states, “I’m good at flirting”.

Ben is enquiring about Dave’s past and when he fully turned to God. Dave tells him that four years ago he gave up everything to spread the word of prayer. He gave up his pest control business. Nathan asks if he’s here to spread the word of God, saying, “Essentially you might as well wear a t-shirt saying your here to spread the word of God”.


All the housemates are gathered at the Sofa’s for the start of the You Vs the Housemates task. Corin has been selected to take part. Big Brother tells Corin that she will have an hour to practice blowing out a candle at the furthest distance possible.

Govan is sitting on the couch looking upset. Ife asks if he’s alright and tells him that the house really does test people. Govan tells Ife that if he’s feeling like this now then what it will be like if he’s in the house in a few weeks time. Ife tries to give him some supportive words.


Big Brother has gathered all of the housemates in the Living Room for today’s ‘you vs. the housemates’ challenge. Corin is getting ready for her first attempt. Mario supports her, “Don’t be nervous Corin”. Corin takes her first attempt at one meter 20 but fails to blow out the candle. She tries her second attempt and again fails so moves the distance to one meter 15 for her third and final attempt. She blows it out and the housemates applaud.

Big Brother announces that viewer Andy blew the candle out from one meter away so declares Corin the winner of the task. Nathan says, “In your face viewers”.


Ben and Josie are in the bedroom. Josie says she doesn’t understand Ben’s job. He replies that he does TV and newspaper work, going to events trying to get bits for the newspaper. Josie asks if he has to pay for dinner, Ben replies no and she says, “That’s the best job I’ve ever heard of”.

Corin is in the Diary Room where Big Brother has provided her with a pampering session. She is having a massage and a manicure. “This is gorgeous….love it”, she says, before adding, “Be sure not to take my eyebrows off”. Big Brother asks how often she normally pampers herself, Corin says she does her nails but never massages, saying that when on holiday she sees people asking if they want a massage but, “It’s like 20 quid and I can spend that on a shot of ouzo” .

In the bedroom Josie asks Ben if all his friends are upper class. He says no. Josie wonders if they put their car keys in a fruit bowl, Ben says no, he knows people who do, but he doesn’t have a car.


Shabby and Corin are in the bathroom. Shabby tells Corin she thinks Big Brother’s treating her like this because either the public voted or Rachael did. Corin says she feels bad no one else doesn’t get to have the things and hopes no one will hate her for it. Shabby says everyone likes her.

Steve is in the Diary Room. He says the moods good in the house and that Corin deserves her pamper day.

Ben, Sunshine and Govan are in the bedroom. Ben wonders why John James has a double barrelled name. Josie believed James was his last name. He says that his dad, granddad and so-on had been called John, his mother didn’t want to call him John but was told she had to and she added James. He then talks about his father’s death two years ago and how he was there for his Mother, “I didn’t really get a chance to worry about it”, he says. “You never get over it”.


Josie and Shabby are at the Carousel. Shabby says, “I’m avoiding Caoimhe” adding that it’s a difficult situation. Josie asks if her feelings are getting stronger, Shabby replies with a yes.

Shabby is in the Diary Room. “I need advice, I’m having a terrible, terrible straight girl crush…I’m trying to avoid her”, she adds, “She’s amazing…I’m a horn dog”. Big Brother asks if she’s thought of talking to Caoimhe, Shabby responds saying she won’t know how she’d react, although Caoimhe did say she’d, “Snog her” had she been single. Shabby closes,”I feel like I’m 12″.


Shabby and Caoimhe are in the Bathroom. Caoimhe says she doesn’t want to be a bitch but Sunshine is annoying as she talks to the mirrors. Shabby and wants to know why Sunshine is so annoying and whether it’s her or Sunshine. Caoimhe reaffirms that it is Sunshine.


As a reward for passing today’s ‘you vs. the housemates’ challenge, Big Brother has provided housemates with music, cakes and alcohol. Mario is dancing to the music in just a pair of pants and red socks.

In the Diary Room Josie tells Big Brother she’s not feeling too well, probably because she mixed the cakes with snakebite. “I usually only have one or the other”.

In the Kitchen Dave is talking with Steve about his song choice of Pink Floyd. He doesn’t think Big Brother should play it because others might not like it. Steve says he picked a song that is about a soldier who died covering a grenade. He tells a story of a time it was played on a boat and how he’d, “Never seen that many men cry”. Dave says, “You’re a hero…I’m proud of you”, and adds that he didn’t realise it was fathers day tomorrow.


Most of the housemates are in the bedroom, as Corin’s final treat from Big Brother she has been provided with a brand new set of stylish pyjamas and with the rest of her clothes.

Ben is wearing a rather posh looking dressing gown. Corin says she and Ben look like a couple and asks him, “Shall we go to the veranda?” She kisses him on the cheek. Sunshine asks how many killer bees were killed to make Ben’s dressing gown.

Caoimhe is in the Diary Room discussing her relationship with Shabby and Ife. “It’s unbelievable how close we’ve all become”, she says adding that they’re like sisters. She feels she’s made two friends for life. She says Ife’s so sweet and Shabby’s so mad that they bounce off each other as well as adding, “She’s different… I love that, I love that about her”.

Shabby and Ife are in the kitchen. Shabby tells Ife she really likes Caoimhe. Ife tells her she should tell her how she feels. Shabby tells Ife that even if she reciprocated she wouldn’t do anything about it in the house, she just wants to hear that it’s okay. She say’s, “At the moment I feel I’m being sneaky”. Ife wonders how she didn’t see this before and tells Shabby she has to tell her or else it’ll now be awkward. Shabby calls Ife a blackmailer.


Shabby, Ife and Caoimhe are at the Sofa’s. “Stop. Let’s go outside. Shabby has something she wants to talk about”, says Ife. “You serious?” says Shabby “That is not cool”. Ife tells her she should just get it over with to which Shabby replies no and exits. Ife follows her. They head to the Nest.

In the Nest Ife tells her to go and speak with Caoimhe and that she’s sorry for starting the situation. Shabby says she’s not p***** off but she would have done it in her own time. Ife says she’s had a week. Caoimhe enters and wants to know what’s going on. Shabby says, “No, not this way”, and goes to the Diary Room.

In the Diary Room Shabby is talking to Big Brother about what just happened. “I am absolutely mortified”, adding, “I feel like my heart has been dropped out my bum hole…Ife’s made things so awful”.

In the Nest Caoimhe is asking Ife to tell her what is going on. Ife doesn’t and instead jokes that it’s because Caoimhe’s got BO.

Back in the Diary Room Shabby is wondering about her friendship with Caoimhe being affected if she tells her how she feels and adds to Big Brother, “Look what you’ve done to me”.

In the garden Caoimhe is telling Ife how much she loves her boyfriend. Ife asks how long they’ve been together, Caoimhe tells her properly for four months which isn’t long but she loves him.


Caoimhe and Shabby are at the Carousel. Caoimhe asks her, “What the f*** is going on?” Shabby says she likes her, Caoimhe says she likes her too, Shabby reiterates that she, “Really likes her”. Caoimhe is surprised, “Oh my God, Shabby, I never would have expected that”. Shabby explains her reasons for telling her and says she’s been avoiding her because of how she felt. Caoimhe tells Shabby that she has respect for her and it won’t change anything. Caoimhe admits that, “I think there’s a bit of bi sexual in me”.


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