Big Brother 2010: Day 12 highlights – Shabby and Ben fight!!!

Highlights from tonight’s Big Brother show.

10:33 am

Josie and Shabby are in the bathroom

Josie says to Shabby that telling Coimhe how she felt must have taken a lot of courage. Shabby explains that Caoimhe’s reaction was positive but ‘I feel like shit. I am a grown up. I felt 12 years old. I am actually 24!’ Caoimhe walks into the bathroom causing Josie and Shabby to stop their conversation and Josie starts to giggle. Shabby tells her to shut up. Josie says ‘weathers lovely ennit?’ and starts giggling again.

Govan has gone to the DR

Govan tells BB that he wants to go home. He says;

‘I wanna go home so sort it please. I’m not happy. I’m just exhausted all the time. Certain people piss me off and I’ve felt crappy and uncomfortable for 2 days. I’m losing it now. I’ve got into a hole. Some things you just can’t tell strangers about’

BB asks Govan if he feels he can talk with any HM about how he feels?

Govan says he will talk with Corin. He says he doesn’t want to leave but he can’t help how he feels.

11:03 am

Ife and Govan are in the Living Room

Ife asks Govan what she can do to help and to make him feel better? She tells him he can just talk at her if he wants to get it all out. Govan says he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. Ife asks him if he’s tried to go off on his own and think about positive things and ‘stop being comfortable in your own misery’. Govan says he’ll try

Caoimhe and Shabby are at the carousel

Shabby says she needs to come to Dublin once she leaves the Big Brother house so she can meet Caoimhe’s boyfriend and shake his hand and apologise for perving on his girl. Caoimhe says he’ll be cool with it and that he’s very laid back. Shabby asks what he looks like and Caoimhe replies ‘he’s quite the babe’. Shabby asks ‘are you quite a hunky funky couple?’ Caoimhe replies ‘yes’. Caoimhe adds that she has never been in this position and no one has ever told her anything like that before. Shabby says she’s embarrassed about her revelations. The pair share ‘an awkward hug’.

11:23 am

Caoimhe and Shabby are in the bathroom

Caoimhe says she doesn’t have any panicky feelings anymore now that Shabby has stayed. Shabby says she’s not too worried about how the public sees them because even if the public don’t ‘get them’ then at least they ‘get’ each other. Shabby doesn’t think they’ve done anything ‘heinous’ that would make the public dislike them particularly.

John James, Ben and Sunshine are in the living room

Ben says ‘I wonder how the world sees us?’ they talk about the groups within the house and the nicknames they have like the witches. Sunshine wonders if they’ll be called the non smokers? Ben says it will be a lot worse than that. Ben thinks it might be the wingers? John James thinks it’ll be worse than that as well. They discuss who is in which group. They decide that Govan and Josie are floaters. Ben thinks Steve is with their group and John James says that isn’t true because Steve isn’t with any group. Ben says that the ‘Adams family’ group (meaning Caoimhe, Shabby and Ife) are only going to get worse.

In the bathroom Shabby is oblivious, singing the Adams Family theme tune.

11:50 am

Some of the HMs are in the Living room.

They all discuss possible meal options. Ben says he like pork glazed with honey. Sunshine says she can’t eat honey. John James asks what animal honey comes from? Sunshine says bees. John James says that bees aren’t animals because they’re insects. Ben says that all plants are alive really so sunshine shouldn’t eat crisps.

Corin and Govan are in the nest

Govan explains that he’s not the type of person who can act and be anybody but himself so when he feels down he can’t help but show it. He says he doesn’t care about the public, but he does care about what people close to him think of him.

Govan says ‘I know some people will think ‘he’s queer’ without me saying that I am’ adding ‘I’m not saying that I am. That lifestyle doesn’t bother me at all’. He says if Corin had lived his life for the past few years then she’d understand.

Corin advises ‘you gotta stand up and be strong! You’re worrying about everybody’ She says if they won’t take him for he is then he should forget about them and tells him that he just has to make the most of this experience. Govan then breaks down into tears. Corin hugs him and tells him to let it all out. As he sobs he explains that to come on Big Brother is a life dream for him.


Most of the Housemates are in the bedroom

Josie jokingly asks John James ‘What do you think smells worse? Your feet or your breath? John James jokes back that she needs to stop going on at him or he’ll say worse things to her. Josie continues ‘if you want to go I’ll go’. The banter escalates as John James carries on and the comments become more pointed. John James makes comments about Josie’s teeth. Josie then says he should cut his mullet. He then retorts ‘I can cut my hair but you can’t do anything with that face.’

Josie then stands up and says ‘Unlike Rachael I won’t beg for your friendness’ . John James says ‘don’t f*cking push it! I like you but don’t f*cking push it!’

6:20 pm

Some of the HMs are at the Carousel talking about John James

Josie jokes that she’s going to blank John James because of the way he’s spoken to her. Shabby says they shouldn’t be surprised that they’re all starting to argue with each other because they were never going to get along with everyone.

John James, Ben and Sunshine are in the bedroom talking about Josie

John James says he doesn’t care if what he said was justified or not because she just kept going and going. Ben agrees with him but tells John James he needs to calm down.

John James then walks into the living room and meets Josie and says ‘i’m not happy Josie. Why did you keep going? You know I’m tired and I have sunstroke!’ Josie says ‘so now Rachael’s gone it’s my turn now’. John James responds ‘you’re just a f*cking little girl. Josie retorts ‘just stop going on about it. Jog on’

John James rings the DR bell and Josie says ‘oh you’re going to moan about me?’ John James tells her to f*ck off.

In the Diary Room John James says

‘I don’t think I wanna be here anymore. F*ck. Josie’s my mate but she just kept going. I’ve got a headache and she just kept riding me. I know she’s mucking around …but it f*cks me off…. I don’t know if I can handle it anymore.’

In the garden Govan says that what John James was saying wasn’t very nice. Josie points out that Govan was taking the mic out of John James too but he only started being horrible to her. She predicts he’ll be in the DR asking whether he can leave. Govan says they’d better not take the mickey out of his breath any more. Josie giggles and says he’d better start brushing his teeth then.


Corin tells Nathan that she admires him for always being so upbeat. Nathan says the house is a really good place to have quiet reflection.

Josie and John James are in the Bedroom

In the bedroom John James packs his bags. Josie asks him what he’s doing and then tells him to stop and put his bags back. She says she’s had enough arguments in her life and she doesn’t want anymore but he can’t be nice to her and then have a strop and ‘be a little bitch’ and expect her to put up with it.

She says they always take the piss out of each other in a jokey way. John James says he’s angry because she made him snap. Josie says she has learnt her lesson. John James starts crying. She comforts him and says she’s learnt her lesson. John James says he never takes the piss out of her. Josie says he always takes the piss out of her roots and teeth. Then they both start laughing. She explains that she wasn’t trying to push him to make him snap and they have just had ‘a little tiff…what a joke’.


Govan is in the Diary Room.

He explains that he doesn’t want to go home. The thought of going home and seeing his loved ones still appeals to him because but he isn’t going to pass up on the Big Brother experience because he is lucky to be in the house, it’s been his life’s dream and he’s wanted it for so long.

Mario and Ben are in the nest

Ben says that the house will all be gunning for him to go. He thinks Shabby, Caoimhe and Ife don’t like him and neither does Govan. He says that Govan is ‘tricky’ because he’s ‘stupid and bitchy’. Mario tells Ben not be paranoid but that his own opinions of people have changed this week.


Big Brother has provided the HMs with snacks and music

Housemates gather at the table. Everyone is eating the snacks. Ben takes a sausage roll. John James asks whether everyone’s there so they can start eating? He repeats this several times with intent, whilst all are digging in. Lady Gaga’s ‘bad Romance’ comes on and Sunshine jumps up and starts dancing and singing along.

Shabby and Caoimhe are alone at the table, both slurp up jelly from their plates using only their mouths, Shabby then spits it back onto her plate

Ben, Dave and John James are in the bedroom

John James criticises Ben for taking food at the party before everyone was ready to eat. Ben says why shouldn’t he? The house isn’t a communist state. John James says they do have to act as a unit. Ben says ‘listen I go to far more formal parties than any of the people out there. With crisps and jellies protocol doesn’t matter. I’ll tell you something that I wasn’t even going to say.’ He then explains that earlier when John James said he wanted to leave he saw Shabby smirking and rubbing her hands together. He says he’s been loyal to John James and so shouldn’t have to ask before he has a sausage roll.

11:56 am

Dave is talking about Shabby.

Dave, Mario, Ben and John James are bitching. Josie walks in and hears John James saying ‘I’m glad I know that, thank you’. She thinks he’s bitching about her when in fact he’s bitching about Shabby. She storms off to the bathroom with Govan and says ‘I’m gonna turn into a right bitch now’ and explains what she’s just heard.

Shabby and Caoimhe are in the nest

Shabby says she wishes one of the girls would get ‘the twins out’. She says she’d even like Sunshine to flash.

John James walks into the bathroom. Josie confronts him and says ‘what were you talking about earlier?’ John James says that he hates all this bitching and paranoia. He explains what Ben told him earlier about Shabby. Govan says that people saying that are just trying to cause trouble ‘with petty bullshit’.


Govan is sitting in the garden with Shabby. She asks him what’s wrong? He explains what John James told him about Ben talking about Shabby. He says people talking about her ‘is sly and underhand’.

Shabby then walks off into the house and into the bathroom to question Josie. Josie says Govan shouldn’t have told her. Shabby asks John James if he believes what they told him because its lies. Josie says ‘Shabs just don’t rise to it’. Shabby says of Ben ‘I fucking despise him’

In the living room Ben sits with Mario. He can hear that people are talking about him and says ‘shall I just go and pack my bags now? I reported something I shouldn’t have to John’. Mario says he’ll go and defend him against anything being said about him.

Shabby comes out to confront Ben and asks ‘why are you causing shit for me? You want people against me. Leave me out of it. You’re 30 years old. Stop acting like a bell end.’ She then walks out. Ben says of John James ‘he’s betrayed me now’.

1:01 am

John James, Dave, Steve, Ben and Mario are in the bathroom

Ben tries to approach Shabby. Shabby says ‘I have nothing to say to you Ben. What amuses me is that if you really were his friend then you wouldn’t make him think people didn’t like him’. Ife asks what he hoped to achieve by telling John James what he thought he saw? Mario sticks up for Ben and says ‘Ben’s not malicious’. Shabby concludes the row by saying ‘I don’t give a shit about you Ben. I don’t like you Ben.’ Ben apologises to her and says that he knows she doesn’t like him. Shabby nods.


Shabby, Caoimhe and Ife are in the garden talking about Ben

Mario, Dave and Ben are in the bedroom

In the garden the girls talk about how they’ve lost respect for Mario for sticking up for Ben just because he’s attracted to him. They think he should have let Ben speak for himself. Shabby says Mario ‘is just thinking with his cock’ and that she doesn’t give a shit now about Mario, Ben or Dave.

In the bedroom Mario, Ben and Dave all hug. Ben says he knows he’s up this week so he may as well pack. Mario says that yes he probably will get votes but it’s the public who decide his fate and not the Housemates.


Lisa McGarry

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