Big Brother 2010: Day 13 highlights – Shabby woos Ben

Day 13


Nathan and Corin are in the garden laying in the sun. They say they’ll both try and get as much of a sun tan as possible. Nathan says ‘I’m going to bake my bottom’ Corin says she does catch the sun ‘but it’s hard to tell because I am so dark’.

Ben and Mario are in the bathroom

Mario advises Ben to look upon today as a new day and try to put last night’s row with Shabby behind him. Ben says he’s feeling really awkward in the house. Ben says that JJ has disappointed him because he hasn’t even asked him if he’s feeling ok today. Mario says it’s because he feels guilty and Ben replies that’ he deserves to feel bad’. Mario says ‘he’ll come over when he’s not feeling so guilty’.

In the garden Shabby notes that it’s day 13 in the house and remarks ’13, unlucky for some’.

In the bathroom JJ comes in and apologise to Ben for all the rouble he caused last night by telling Govan what Ben had told him. He says ‘I really didn’t mean to get you into shit. I’ll sit by you.’ Ben replies ‘yes stick by me, it won’t be nice for me in here today’


Josie, Shabby and Caoimhe are in the bedroom

Josie tells the girls that she wants to be mates again with JJ but that she doesn’t feel she can trust him now after the row she had with him yesterday. Caoimhe and Shabby say that they think he’s a good guy but that he’s very insecure and has self esteem issues. Josie is surprised and says ‘oh I feel bad now because I’ve been calling him a bitch. I’ll be nice.’

Sunshine and JJ chat in the garden. She asks him if he’d advertise underwear and he says he would. He remarks ‘I mean you take any opportunity you know’.

Josie comes into the garden and tells JJ that she thinks she’s worked him out now. He questions what she means and she calls him over so she can talk privately.

She says that she knows why he is the way he is and that she’s figured out that he has low self esteem. JJ replies ‘what like low confidence? And admits ‘Yeah I do.’ Josie asks him if he’s insecure. JJ admits ‘yeah I am because of my past. That’s why I feel sorry for people sometimes. All the cool girls at school used to give me shit. You know like in that film ‘Mean Girls’? I was always short. People used to call me little midget bullfighter. It makes me crazy! I don’t like people taking the piss because of looks. I told you that last night though.’

Josie admits she didn’t fully understand then says ‘I just thought you were an angry little man…oh no sorry not little.’


Today housemates will nominate for the second time. Ben is the first HM to be called by BB.

Ben Nominates:

Govan -because he doesn’t trust him and he likes causing arguments.
Shabby- because she has a bad temper and is volatile. He likens her to a vampire who sucks the blood out of her friends.

Caoimhe Nominates:

Sunshine- ‘She gets on my nerves, she’s like a spoilt child, she’s full of herself.’
Ben- ‘He’s a little bit spoilt and always says the wrong thing. For a grown man to go around and stir shit is stupid.’

Corin Nominates:

Ben- ‘I like Ben. He comes from a good school where you sleep over and that but he’ll still like put his hand in the cereal box when he hasn’t even washed it.
Mario- because she doesn’t find it funny when he streaks. ‘I don’t want to see it! He comes over with underpants on. …I think thank god ya not bangin that near my head!’

Dave Nominates:

Govan because ‘he cannot be trusted and his motives are not pure.’ He tells people things just to cause trouble.
Shabby- because at times he feels she overreacts and is too volatile. He also feels that when she’s around the dynamic of the group instantly changes.

Govan Nominates:

Dave- because he’s always involved in the situations that create arguments
Ben- ‘in the past 24hrs he’s behaved in a way that warrants nomination. His behaviour was out of order.’

Ife Nominates:

Ben- Because ‘he’s playing games and he’s trying to influence peoples opinions’.
Dave- because he said he disagreed with same sex marriage and it was in bad taste because Mario is his friend and was present at the time.

John James Nominates:

Caoimhe- he thinks that she is one of the Housemates who causes bitching. He also feels that he doesn’t understand her motives and he assumes that they’re bad.
Shabby- he says that its fine to dislike someone, but to tell Ben that she won’t even give him the time of day from now on is going to far in his opinion.

Josie Nominates:

Dave- because of his comments about gay marriage being immoral. Josie comments that she doesn’t think he’s homophobic, just insensitive.
Ben- because she doesn’t agree with what he did last night and thinks that ‘his actions were underhand and sneaky’.

Mario Nominates:

Govan- because he thinks he deliberately set off the row last night between Ben and Shabby because he knew that Shabby would react in the way that she did.
Shabby- Because he asked her if she and Ben could start again and she said no. With such strong opinions she’s bound to influence the opinions of her close friends like Caoimhe and Ife.

Nathan Nominates:

Sunshine- ‘she just really gets on my wick.’ He doesn’t like that she demands her own food option and always complains at what he gives her.
Ben- because he’s always whispering to people and conspiring but then in the next minutes pretends ‘to be a posh happy chappie.’

Shabby Nominates:

Ben- ‘a manipulative snake in the grass.’ Adding ‘Ben people don’t not like you because you’re posh, they don’t like you because you’re horrible.’
Dave- because she feels he’s preaching in the house and doesn’t like that he thinks gay marriage should be illegal.

Steve Nominates:

Govan- because he jumps from one group to another and stirs up trouble’.
Ben- because he’s rubbing all the housemates up the wrong way, ‘never fights his own battles but has to have cronies to back him up’.

Sunshine Nominates:

Caoimhe- because they don’t know each other yet.
Nathan- because she feels that she can’t make any food without having to ask for his permission.

Ben received 8 nominations. Dave, Govan and Shabby received 4 nominations. John James received no nominations.

3.37 pm

Most of the Housemates are in the garden playing rounders.

Shabby is in the bathroom

The tree of temptation asks Shabby ‘if she wants a special treat?’ She says yes. He calls her Scabby and tells her that she must hang around next to Ben until 5pm and never leave his side. She must also pay him 20 compliments. Shabby agrees to the challenge and walks out to Ben in the bedroom and says they should talk because he doesn’t ‘seem right today’. Ben starts a very long monologue where he explains that in the outside world he doesn’t make mistakes like this and he has lots of friends. He thinks that the problems between them come from ‘an ego thing’ because within his own group of friends he’s seen as ‘the quirky one’ whereas in the house Shabby has that role. During this time Shabby says nothing.

15 minutes later

Ben is still talking at Shabby about how he’s let himself down and how he thinks the public have a right not to like him after what he did. Shabby starts asking other housemates what the time is.


All of the housemates are in the kitchen. Shabby has successfully been within touching distance of Ben for 1 hr and 20 minutes but she has failed to give Ben any compliments.

Shabby and Ben are talking about how they’re running out of cigarettes. Shabby says that they need to get tobacco on the shopping list.

Ben says he agrees with her. Steve overhears and says that he doesn’t. Shabby refers to Sunshine needing special vegan food saying ‘If we cater for dietary requirements we should cater for social requirements’. Steve replies that ‘we have to do that for her (referring to Sunshine with a nod).
Shabby then says she’s going to go outside for a cigarette with Caoimhe. Ben stops Caoimhe as she walks out to tell her hat he’s glad they’re all talking again and admits that the thing that caused tension with him and Shabby was that they both thought of Caoimhe as a close friend. He reveals he is jealous of Caoimhe’s friendship with Shabby as ‘On the first day you were my friend’.

Shabby and Caoimhe walk out into the garden and Caoimhe mimes vomiting.

5:40 pm

Sunshine Ben and Caoimhe are in the kitchen.

Caoimhe says she’s glad he and Shabby are getting along. Ben says that they have a lot in common because they’re both very sensitive and have big hearts. Caoimhe replies ‘yeah she does….and you do as well of course.’

Shabby is in the Bathroom

The tree speaks to Shabby and says that he’s surprised she could get a word in edgeways with Ben. He reveals she successfully managed to stay next to Ben but failed to pay him any compliments. Shabby says she forgot about that part. The tree says he’ll give her another chance to go out and pay Ben compliments and that she must also hug him for a whole minute.

Shabby walks into the house and goes up to Ben and hugs him tightly. She pays him various compliments such as ‘you’re a legend’, ‘you’re a really nice guy’, ‘you’re great at the talking thing’.

She walks out and Ben comments that he feels much better now that he and Shabby have made up.

Shabby walks into the bathroom. The tree congratulates her on completing the task and says she can take one of her housemates to share a private dinner date with her. She chooses Caoimhe. The tree tells her she must not tell any of the housemates about what she’s had to do or she’ll face the wrath of the tree of temptation.

9:13 pm

The rest of the housemates are in the living room, they have decided to entertain themselves by recreating a popular American talk show.
Ben plays the talk show host and other housemates are dressed up as trashy guests.

Shabby and Caoimhe are called into the Diary Room. They run in giggling. Caoimhe is intrigued as to what they’ve done wrong to get called in.

Big Brother tells the pair to walk through to the task room. They walk in and a table is set for dinner. They both giggle and start eating. Shabby says that she ‘feels really embarrassed’. Caoimhe admits she does too. Shabby asks Caoimhe why she said she was bisexual on her audition video and asks if she was just lying to get in [Big Brother]? Caoimhe says she wasn’t and that she has had feelings at one time for a girl.

Shabby says ‘there’s so many things she wants to say’ to Caoimhe right now but she can’t because of the microphones. Caoimhe says she does too and that she sees Shabby as a ‘great friend’.

Later the pair return to the house and tell housemates about their dinner date.

10:25 pm

Shabby and Caoimhe are in the garden

Shabby asks if Caoimhe is worried about what her boyfriend thinks. Caoimhe replies ‘no, I know he won’t, he’ll be laughing’

Shabby says that she’s finding the situation complicated because she thought things would be easier once she’s told her how she felt but things are just getting harder. Caoimhe asks her if she wants her to back off and give her some space. Shabby walks off into the house and lies in bed with the duvet over her head. Caoimhe stays in the garden and says ‘f*ck oh f*ck’ to herself.

Caoimhe comes to the Diary Room to speak to Big Brother. She says that she thinks Shabby is beautiful but she’s taken and she’s not on offer to anyone.

In the bedroom Shabby tells Corin and Josie that she is not used to this as she always gets the girls she likes. She adds that she’d prefer it if Caoimhe just said she wasn’t interested rather than not saying anything and then suddenly bringing up her boyfriend. Shabby feels that she doesn’t know where she stands. Corin says ‘oh what an awful situation ‘coz if she was single you’d be like buzzin’ your tits off!’

11:37 pm

Shabby and Caoimhe are in the living room. Caoimhe starts giggling and Shabby asks her to stop laughing because it’s not a funny situation. Caoimhe says she’s just tired and she’s laughing at herself.

In the Bathroom Josie explains to JJ that Shabby has fallen for Caoimhe. JJ is totally oblivious that anything was ever going on.

Shabby comes to the Diary Room and begins to cry. She covers her face and tells Big Brother ‘I just feel lie shit! Caoimhe keeps laughing at me. I’m not finding that amusing….. Lesbians have feelings too’. Adding ‘It still hurts when people take the piss.’ Shabby admits that the main problem is that Caoimhe keeps skirting around the issue so Shabby has no idea what she’s thinking. She also says that she’s finding it hard not telling her about the secret task and that she doesn’t like having to lie to her best friend in the house.

12:02 am

Caoimhe and Shabby are alone in the in the kitchen

Shabby tells Caoimhe that she ‘just feels like a twat’. Caoimhe says that she does too and that she’s really not trying to make things difficult for Shabby. Shabby then comes clean and tells Caoimhe about the tree of temptations task. She speculates that by breaking the tree’s rules she’ll definitely be up for nomination now but she doesn’t care. She explains all the details of having to pretend to like Ben and Caoimhe cracks up laughing. Shabby makes her promise not to tell anyone else in the house.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!