Big Brother 2010: Day 15 Highlights – Shabby gets housemates punished again!

9.38 am

All of the housemates are in the bedroom. For this week’s shopping task, housemates must take part in backwards day.

Housemates are woken up by Lady Gaga’s Poker Face being played into the house. Corin, Sunshine and Mario jump out of bed and start dancing.
They go through to the kitchen and notice that the clock face on the wall is running backwards.

Ife notices the remains of take-away curry on the kitchen table and alerts her housemates, “It looks like someone’s had a takeaway” she shouts.

Govan is in bed and comments on the music, “I’m so pissed off. They never play my songs.”

Big Brother addresses the housemates with a backward sentence.
Shabby and Caoihme are lying in bed. Sunshine, Ife and Corin are in the garden, Sunshine guesses, “I think its backwards day!” Ife tells them “Right now, we’re meant to think its 10 o’ clock at night.” Corin says that she enjoyed hearing Lady Gaga but didn’t dance because “Who wants to see me dancing around with no eyebrows on?”

10.10 am

Shabby and Mario are in the kitchen. Mario says he feels good after the musical wake-up call. The conversation moves on to Friday’s evictions and Mario confides, “I feel really good, totally cool, I’m looking forward to Friday, I’m of the mindset that if I go, I go.”

Big Brother addresses the house and announces to housemates that they have curry for breakfast. Mario, Caoihme, Shabby and Sunshine look in the store room and find the curry as well as some alcohol – they are all pleased. Shabby adds: “I like backwards day.”

12.15 pm

Big Brother has gathered the housemates at the sofas for today’s shopping task.

Housemates hear the clock ticking loudly in the background as Big Brother reveals that housemates have successfully completed their task. Housemates appear pleased but confused. Big Brother tells them that the task room door is now open.

The housemates walk across the garden and into the blue-lit task room. There are three tables with different games set up on each one; a jigsaw puzzle, toy building bricks and a briefcase. John James shouts “I love Lego!”

Housemates succeed each part of the task then exit the task room.

1.17 pm

Most of the housemates are in the garden discussing the simplicity of their recent task. Shabby and Corin speculate about what Big Brother will do tonight. “When we go to bed we’ll then have to get up and get showered,” Corin tells them.

Ben joins in the conversation with an opposing view and tries to explain it.
Shabby and Govan tell him he’s wrong, Shabby adds “I think Corin’s right.”

Mario and Steve are in the living room discussing what Big Brother will provide for dinner. They assume it will be breakfast food as it is backwards day.

In the garden Sunshine playfully throws a glass of water over John James who is sitting in the deckchair. He chases her and with the help of Govan, wrestles her to the ground. Sunshine screams that her mic will get wet. John James gets her back by throwing a glass of water over her.

Sunshine complains that her mic is now wet. John James replies “They don’t care what you say anyway,” joking “Cut the mic, she’s singing, cut the cameras, she’s dancing…”

1.48 pm

Shabby, Ife and Caoihme are in the kitchen, talking about curry. Ife say “I don’t like to eat curry that I haven’t left over night, in the morning. “Shabby adds, “I was more into the alcohol.”

In the garden Sunshine asks John James if he’ll ever be “nice” to her, Dave calls her a “love-sick puppy dog.” Sunshine likens herself to her pet Chihuahua. John James comments “She’s more like a poodle, I don’t like poodles” he adds sarcastically.

Josie has come to the diary room and asks Big Brother if he/she would like to hear “some gossip.” She starts, “There’s no go on the old Mario and Ben situation, I’ve been doing my best, trying to be Cilla Black, I don’t think Ben’s really feeling it and Mario’s looking better by the day.” She continues “I feel sorry for Shabs being locked in the house with someone you feel so strongly about.”

Josie mentions that she is being set up with John James or Nathan adding, “I’m under no illusions; I’m not one of your BB Babes.” Big Brother asks Josie what type of girl she is and she giggles, “I’m a good girl.”

She ends by talking about the possibility of Govan been evicted this week. She said she would be “gutted” if he went.

3.17 pm

Ife, Josie and Mario are in the garden discussing their fantasy parents. Mario says “I would have wanted Picasso and Madonna. Ife says: “Richard Branson.”

Ben is in the kitchen with John James and Steve. John James and Steve tease Ben for being “greedy” and accuse him of taking all the food and eating everyone else’s.

Sunshine, John James and Govan are in the bedroom. Govan is asleep in bed. John James asks Sunshine about her past boyfriends. She tells him that she has had two but “they dumped her because they didn’t love me anymore.” John James replies “Sounds like you’ve had a bit of a rough time and tells her that he has only had one girlfriend, and they were “on and off for two years.”

4.17 pm

Shabby, Caoihme and John James are in the bathroom talking about Sunshine.

The girls tease him saying that Sunshine fancies him. He says that he is not attracted to her. “So would you kiss Josie” asks Shabby. “Not sure” John James replies.

Dave has come to the Diary Room. He tells Big Brother that he gets on “least” with Govan but has a lot of love for him. He says that he has no malice in his heart towards “Gays or witches or warlocks.”

John James, Shabby and Caoihme are still in the bathroom. They are bitching about Dave and his religious views. John James says that he doesn’t understand Dave’s motives for telling people he loves them all the time and thinks that it is “tactical.” Ife joins them adding that she feels “uneasy” about a conversation she had with Ben. She thinks he may have lied about his nomination. Shabby says that she was talking in code with Dave about who he had nominated and referred to “Sky.” John James tries to get the information out of her. She breaks the rules by saying that she thinks it might have been Sunshine.

4.52 pm

Some of the Housemates are in the garden. Ben is talking with Mario and Josie about “democracy” in the house.

Shabby, Caoimhe and Ife are also in the garden at the Carousel. Ife is trying to explain why she has distanced herself from them, saying that when Shabby thought Caoimhe had left the house during her rule break punishment, Ife says that Shabby’s reaction would have been different if Ife was to leave. Shabby agrees saying that Caoimhe is her “best friend” in the house.

Ife tries to explain that this is the only reason she had “distanced” herself from them, and just needed a little “space.” Shabby fails to see why Ife is upset. Ife tries to be diplomatic, but Shabby is obviously in a mood and storms off saying “This is like being in a school playground.”

Ben and Mario are talking about capitalism and paternalism. Ben mentions intelligence. Josie’s input in the conversation is saying “like Hitler.”

In the bathroom Caoihme and Shabby bitch about Ife. Shabby says she won’t apologise for how she feels and says that the situation is now awkward.

6.37 pm

Big Brother has gathered the housemates for the first part of today’s backwards task.
Housemates must re-do everything they did earlier today. Once they have built the key they must take it to the diary room.

They complete the task and Govan carries the key through the house and into the diary room. He then enters a room; and unlocks a safe on the wall finding a piece of paper inside which he takes through to his fellow housemates.

They celebrate winning the ?500 shopping task, but this is short-lived as Big Brother tells them that they have failed due to Shabby and Govan’s coded conversation the previous day. Housemates are also informed that the conversation about Ben in the bathroom was also a rule break, therefore there will be no ?500 shop and they will receive basic rations.

Josie says: “I feel like a right wally now.” Steve is furious and storms in to the garden muttering “F**king hell. All that for f**king nothing!”

9.51 pm

Some of the housemates are sitting miserably at the sofas. Corin sings ‘Always look on the bright side of life’.

Ben is sitting with Sunshine and John James. Ben admits to having nominated Sunshine last week. John James and Sunshine and are both very upset. Ben tries to explain himself and they continually cut him off, saying that he has betrayed Sunshine’s trust. “Out of fourteen housemates I trusted you the most!” she ends.
Dave is looking on, worried. He tells Ben that he loves him and they will be “great friends” but he is “surprised” by his actions.

10.10 pm

John James is in the diary room. Big Brother asks how he is feeling. “S**house” he replies and tells Big Brother how he is annoyed with Ben for nominating Sunshine.

Ben and Sunshine are in the living room. Ben continues to explain his actions and says that Sunshine she wasn’t “happy in the house,” hence his nomination.
Sunshine replies “You’ve let me down.”

11.03 pm

Big Brother has called Ben to the diary room.

The other housemates discover basic rations in the kitchen.

In the diary room Ben is reprimanded about his earlier conversation with Sunshine regarding nominations. He also told off about his conversation with Dave saying him that he didn’t vote for him. As punishment, housemates will now have no hot water.
He must now go and break the news to them.

Ben confides, “Because of what came to light, they’ve taken away our hot water.”
He tells Ife and Mario joins the conversation. Ife tries to be nice telling him “Who cares, they’ve taken away everything already?”

12.12 am

It’s been one hour and 27 minutes since Big Brother punished housemates for discussing nominations by removing all their food and providing basic rations.

Govan, Shabby and Coaihme are in the bathroom discussing the new Rule Break.
One of the Housemates mentions that Ife knows who the culprit is. Shabby says “Let’s go and ask Ife who it was.”

They find Ife in the living room and ask her who was behind the rule break
Ife says she will tell them but they are not to tell anyone else. She says it was Ben but places blame on everyone else, not just him.

In the nest Ben pours his heart out to Mario and David about John James’ reaction to the rule breaking and how his day has now been “ruined. ” Ben wonders why John James spends time with people who “drip poison in his ears.” Dave suggests that John James find it hard to trust people and Ben likens John James to a “dog with a bone, it just goes to show how things can change in a couple of hours.” He thinks that John James shows levels of disloyalty.

1.36 am Housemates Woken Up

Shabby is in the garden having a cigarette. The rest of the housemates are asleep in the bedroom

A cockerel alarm goes off. Caoimhe shouts “What the f**k is that!” as some housemates scream and laugh.
The lights go on. In her bed Josie makes a crow-ing sound.
The rest of the housemates start shouting “good morning.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!