Big Brother 2010: Day 16 hightlights – John James complains about lack of food!!

Day 16

Basic rations
No hot water…
And Ben, David, Govan, Mario prepare for tonight’s eviction

Yesterday, housemates were given a punishment of basic rations and no hot water for breaking house rules. Tonight Ben, Dave, Govan and Mario face the public vote.

9.46 am

Corin and Sunshine are in the garden discussing the lack of food and possible meal combinations of “rice and chickpeas, chickpeas and rice.” Corin suggests they should look on the bright side of the situation, “At least its something, it could be worse.”

In the bathroom Mario jokes, “Sunshine will be happy this week, we’re all vegans.” Mario and Dave think that things in the house will start to kick off once the tobacco starts to run out.

10.10 am
Ife, Mario and Caoimhe are in the kitchen, talking about Ben. Ife asks why Mario stayed up late last night, “I thought you said you were going to lie next to me?” she says. Mario tells her he felt he should stay up with Ben. Ife asks him to explain and Mario tells her that Ben always manages to say things that “Rub people up the wrong way.” Caoimhe tells Mario to let Ben “Fight his own battles.”

John James is in the diary room; he unhappy about the lack of food and hot water adding, “Big Brother, t,is is just bulls**t! I don’t even see the point in getting up!” He continues, “I’ve never had a cold shower in my life,” and refuses to have one now. John James says that he doesn’t mind the basic rations but the lack of hot water makes him not want to even bother talking to anyone or to bother washing ” everything was fine until the hot water went off.” He tells Big Brother that housemates “Don’t even want to talk anymore,” referring to the recent rule breaks.

12.25 pm

Shabby asks Dave how he is feeling and Dave says that he feels “fine” about the prospect of being evicted. He adds “I wasn’t myself for the first ten days” but is now being himself. Dave tells her that he doesn’t want to “Change the way I am and play the game” to avoid eviction.

Ben and Mario are in the garden playing a word association game.

In the bathroom John James has a cold shower and repeatedly yells “F**k, fuck!” because of the temperature. Josie says she could “easily” have one because she’s washed with just a hosepipe before. John James challenges her to join him in the shower to feel how cold the water is. Govan, John James and Josie all have a mini water fight in the shower.

1.56 pm

Shabby and Caoimhe are in the diary room begging Big Brother for coffee. “We’ll do anything, please, please.” They are on their knees, begging.

Some of the housemates are in the garden talking about John James and Sunshine’s fantasy wedding. Sunshine says she would wear a Tinkerbelle costume. John James replies “I’d come as the Invisible Man and not turn up!” He then goads Sunshine her by asking why she lets her dog eat meat? Sunshine says she can only decide for herself and not for others. He repeatedly asks her “Do you think humans should or should not eat meat?” but Sunshine does not answer him. John James then accuses Sunshine of taking his shoe and tries to wrestle it back from her. Steve says that they have “sexual tension” and tells John James “Just take her (Sunshine) in the wardrobe and get it over with!”

5.11 pm
Today, housemates must take part in Big Brother’s science experiment ‘It’s A Stick Up’. Ben will be stuck to a wall with tape and John James will be stuck to a wall using glue. They are wearing protective overalls. Mario has taken the role of the Big Brother scientist and will attempt to predict the result of today’s experiment in order to win a prize.

John James lies on the ground while housemates carefully squirt glue all over his back. Ben is stuck to a wall with gaffer tape. In the task room on Big Brother’s request “Dr Mario” predicts that one housemate will successfully stick. He is watching the task on a small television.

In the garden Sunshine shouts “Let’s stick his lips together so that he can’t speak!” John James retorts ‘Sunshine everyone’s made that joke like 10 times.” “Yeah but its still true,” she laughs.

5.52 pm

Ben tells housemates that he wants to come down. Some housemates laugh and tell him that he won’t be stuck for much longer. Ben insists that he has to get down and Govan cuts him down from the wall. Ife complains, “That’s another task we’ve spent hours doing and then it turns out to be all for nothing.”

In the task room “Dr Mario” watches Ben being cut down. “Oh every time I try to redeem you Ben you ruin it!” he says.

In the garden John James manages to stick to the wall and all housemates cheer. Noticing that being stuck to the wall has give John James a ‘wedgie’ while he hangs on the wall, Josie giggles and points at him. “You said you didn’t have a big package, why have you been telling everyone it’s so little?” she shouts.

In the task room Big Brother tells “Dr Mario” that he has guessed the outcome of the task correctly and will receive a treat of sticky ribs and sticky toffee pudding. Mario asks “Will the others be getting a reward.” Big Brother tells him that they won’t.

7.18 pm

Shabby and Caoimhe speculate on who they think will be evicted. Shabby says, “The net has widened in the last couple of days,” but thinks that Mario is safe. Caoimhe agrees with her.

In the bedroom Ben and Mario talk while in bed together. Ben asks “Am I the most disastrous housemate ever?” Mario reassures him, “No, you’re the funniest.”

In the diary room Ife tells Big Brother that she is “annoyed” that Ben asked to be cut down during the task. She says, “I can’t help but not be sympathetic, you just get on with it, grin and bear it, I wouldn’t want to give up.” Ife says that she’ would probably “pass out” rather than get cut down and fail the task.

In the bedroom Ben and Mario continue their conversation. Ben sums up his time in the house saying that he’s made “enemies, friends, mistakes but at least he’s tried and given it his all.”

8.47 pm

In the kitchen Ben asks if Ife will put clear nail varnish on him and maybe some guy liner. He adds “If I’m going to be crucified, I want to be in good nick.”

In the garden Govan talks to John James and Shabby about the possibility of him being evicted. He doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong in the house or anything he would regret. Govan speculates that Ben or Mario may be evicted and John James says that it might be Dave because of his “long talks about religion.” Govan says that he can imagine someone like “my granddad” or strict Christians being offended by Dave saying he was “drunk on God’s love.” John James ends by telling Govan that he is up against the two “best people” he could have been put up against.

10.07 pm

Most of the housemates are in the living room. Mario tells his fellow housemates “I used to be able to self fellate.” They’re all surprised. John James admits that he could also do it when he was younger. Housemates question them him on whether he did it for pleasure. John James back-tracks saying “I didn’t say I did it, I said that I could.” Josie laughs and says “Don’t lie, you just told the whole nation that you suck yourself off!” All of the housemates laugh.

Govan and Caoimhe are talking about Mario. Govan thinks that Ben “drags” Mario down” by getting him involved in arguments. Caoimhe suggest that Ben might just be using Mario because he knows he fancies him. Govan says that all the housemates have “dark sides” and would admit to it if the y were honest. He adds that it doesn’t mean you have to say things behind people’s back and walk around “whispering” all the time.

Corin is in the diary room. She tells Big Brother that there have been no arguments or “controversies.” She admits that she’s not used to saying words like “controversial” and is pleased that the house is expanding her vocabulary. “New words just roll of my tongue now and I just love it!”

11.10 pm

Josie, Govan and Nathan are talking in the kitchen. Josie comments while checking out her reflection, “I’m doing it for the big girls” and laughs. She jokes that she’s not attractive but Govan and Nathan tell her not to be “stupid” and tell her that she is. “You’re a very pretty girl, go on sexy lady!” encourages Nathan.

In the living room housemates talk to Sunshine about her name. John James winds her up saying “It’s just a nickname, not her proper name.” John James tells his fellow housemates to choose “silly fake names” for themselves “it’s ludicrous!” Sunshine says that she’s had the name for three years so it’s not just “a silly whim.” John James tells her to change her name to Sunshine by deed poll. Sunshine replies, “He’s just trying to wind me up about anything!” Steve says it’s just “sexual tension.”


Ben is in the diary room and admits to being worried about the forthcoming eviction. He says that he is “sad” at not having formed “closer bonds with more people” in the house. Ben admits that he “likes to be liked by people” and thinks he’s done badly in tasks because they haven’t played to his strengths. “They’ve been focused on physical sporting activities whereas I’m better at quizzes or creative tasks like having to compose something.” Ben asks Big Brother if in the morning because it might be his last day they could play ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ “Shirley Bassey, original track from the 1971 United Artist Film, you decide.”

Most of the housemates are in the bedroom, talking about the coming eviction. John James speculates it will be a double eviction. Sunshine shouts “He’s never right; it won’t be a double eviction!” Corin tells them to stop talking about who might go while they’re all in the room together “It’ makes people feel like s**t if they’re up” for the eviction. Sunshine says she thinks John James is going and if he isn’t then “he should be.” Caoimhe asks Sunshine if she fancies John James. Sunshine admits “I did about a week ago, but now I’ve got to know him better, I don’t. Sunshine adds that she would prefer to kiss Ben. Mario shouts in response, “If anyone’s going to kiss Ben it’s going to be me!”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!