Big Brother 2010: Day 17 highlights – Ben Duncan feels like Margaret Thatcher!

On tonight’s Big Brother show…..

Spirits are low in the Big Brother house today as living on basic rations and thoughts of the looming eviction pervade everyone’s mood. The general consensus is that Mario will stay but Ben will be on dangerous ground.

Shabby volunteers herself and Caoimhe to take part in a “Human Sponges” task. Dressed in wet suits with sponges attached, they must jump into the pool and absorb as much water as possible in order to empty the pool completely. If they manage to complete the task they will win “iced treats” for the house. However, both soon realise it’s not very easy to accomplish and they find the rest of the Housemates’ apathy frustrating so they give up. Later in the diary room they complain about their housemates’ behaviour and general lack of support.

Shortly before the eviction, housemates are given pizza. Sunshine gets two vegan pizzas and a bag of crisps. The Housemates’ joy soon turns to shock and disbelief as Govan gets booted out to loud boos. Josie , Corin and JJ cry and although Mario is pleased that Ben has stayed, Ben notices and comments on the fact that they are “bad losers with no grace”. Housemates are annoyed with Sunshine for not sharing her bag of crisps.


Ben, Dave, Govan and Mario face eviction. Ben says that he has a weird feeling about the coming eviction and that he’s very apprehensive. Ben and Dave are sure that one of them will go.
In the kitchen Mario predicts that Dave will go because “of the curse of the reverse nominator” as he put Rachael up for eviction the previous week. Govan is sure Mario isn’t going and says ‘you’re even below me.’ Josie thinks it might be Ben who goes because he’s been very sneaky in the past week. Ife remarks that Dave has been equally sneaky. Josie says that at least Ben’s funny.


Most of the housemates are in the garden. Two days ago Big Brother put housemates on basic rations of lentils, chickpeas and rice, as punishment for discussing nominations. Steve thinks that the lack of food ‘has killed the house.’ Dave agrees and says that the house atmosphere has changed. Ben moans about how disgusting chic peas are and how he wishes they had oil and lemon so that they could at least make hummus.


Ben, JJ and Steve are in the garden talking about politics. Ben talks about why he’s interested in politics. He explains that politics isn’t just about general elections and politicians but in the interactions between people. He says what’s going on in the house is always politics. Even the solo career of Diana Ross once she’d left ‘The Supremes’ is politics.

John James says he doesn’t care about politics: “It’s illegal not to vote in Australia. But I just made up my own box and wrote something like ‘Yoda’. I haven’t watched the news for three years, I don’t give a shit what’s going on.


Govan is in the Diary Room talking about being up for eviction and his chances of survival and says he would be sad to leave but his “behaviour has been beyond reproach” and he doesn’t think “he’s been a bad boy”. Govan says he only doesn’t like about 2% of people in the house: “David I never really clicked with. And Ben, God you can’t trust this person, he’s extremely sly.”


Josie is in the kitchen washing clothes in the sink. JJ comes in to talk to her. They keep making eye contact and then giggling and Josie asks JJ why he’s getting all bashful and giggly. Josie says she’ll teach JJ how to wash his clothes as his mum does everything for him at home. JJ giggles and says ‘well what do I have to do?’ Josie replies ‘well what do you want to do JJ?’ They both giggle. Govan comes in and asks them why they’re laughing? Josie explains that JJ is getting ‘all bashful’.


Most of the housemates are in the garden. Shabby and Caoimhe are at the pool ready to take part in today’s ‘spongers’ task to win housemates a cool box full of iced treats.

Shabby and Caoimhe jump in and out of the pool and squeeze the water from the sponges to try and empty it. The other Housemates lie around the pool and watch them quietly.

After an hour the girls are getting tired. They have hardly managed to get any water out of the pool and a lot of the sponges have fallen off. Shabby gets frustrated and screams ‘is this some kind of joke?’


Its’ been one hour and forty two minutes since Caoimhe and Shabby started the “Spongers” task. They stop trying to empty the pool. Both look angry and tired.

Shabby and Caoimhe come to the Diary Room and complain hat the task wasn’t fair. They say they’re gutted. They say they don’t give up easily but the task was impossible. Big Brother asks them if they’re feeling sponged off? Caoimhe says that she actually feely quite emotional and a bit teary. Shabby agrees.


Sunshine and John James are in the garden, talking about the lack of food in the house. Sunshine says: “If they provided the rations they had in the war, that would be better than this.”


Big Brother tells the Housemates that they’ve learned their lesson so the rations will stop and they will receive pizzas as a treat. All cheer and rush in to get them. Sunshine has her own box of vegan pizza and a bag of crisps because her pizzas are small.

All eat the pizza. At the end of the table Housemates talk about Sunshine having crisps and how unfair it is that she’s not sharing them around with everyone. Caoimhe whispers ‘I want fucking crisps!’


Housemates are all very surprised that Govan has been evicted. Corin cries.

In the bathroom Josie lies by the bath crying. She says she hopes Govan’s alright. She says ‘Govan’s got the whole world on his shoulders. No one knows what or who he is.” They all agree that they were getting ready for Ben to go.

In the living room Bob Righter comes to life and gives the Housemates a card saying that Josie will have a special treat tomorrow. Shabby gives the card to Josie. Josie sobs and cries. She then thanks Govan.


Ben and Dave are in the bedroom talking about Govan’s eviction. Ben reiterates how surprised he is to still be there. Ben says: “I’ve never been in a situation like this before, being so reviled by the people inside. They couldn’t even hug me. They’re pissed off that I’m still in the house.”

Meanwhile, Caoimhe and Shabby are in the nest. They don’t understand why Govan would go as in their eyes he hasn’t done anything wrong. Caoimhe says “Monk weirdo stayed” and Shabby says “he’s not even a real person. I’m flabbergasted. And really, really furious. Govan doesn’t have a nasty bone in his body. He couldn’t have hidden a nasty streak from us for two weeks.” They say they’re now very worried for themselves because they don’t have a strong enough base of supporters and now they’ll be picked off now by the other group.

Mario, Dave and Ben are talking about the power balance in the house and Mario says to Ben: “They’re not as powerful as they think they are. They’ll be very wary of you now. Don’t be surprised if they all of a sudden want to be your friend.”


Conversation returns to Sunshine being given a bag of crisps but not sharing it with the other Housemates. Josie asks Sunshine “Why don’t you share your crisps with everyone? You’re being tight.” Sunshine responds “but I really want a crisp sandwich.” She then says that if they want her crisps so much then they can just have them all.

Josie goes out to the garden and tells Housemates that Sunshine is willing to share her crisps. Shabby says that she doesn’t want them if she’s only giving them out because she’s been told to.

In the house, Sunshine complains to Mario, Ben and Dave that everyone is picking on her for her crisps and that she just wants to save them for a crisp sandwich. She exclaims ‘people are being mean, you can have all my crisps and I’ll just go to bed.’


Ben is in the Diary Room after he survived eviction saying he’s really surprised he’s still in the house. He tells Big Brother: “I’m not deluded. It doesn’t mean the public loves me, but it means they’re giving me another chance. I find that very humbling. I feel rather like Margaret Thatcher felt at the time of the poll tax – there are people who like me on the outside, but I’m loathed in here.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!