Big Brother 2010: Day 18 highlights – Cracks appear in Shabby and Caoimhe’s friendship


Josie and Corin are in the garden talking about Govan.

They both agree that they feel silly for crying so much when Govan left. Josie says she knows if she were watching the eviction at home she wonder what they were making such a “big deal” for? They both think that Govan was “misunderstood” and Josie likens the feeling when Govan left to “feeding your little brother to the lions.”

In the bedroom Ben and Dave hug and congratulate each other for successfully surviving eviction.

In the garden Josie and Corin continue talking, the subject moves on to Sunshine’s behaviour the previous evening. Josie says that before yesterday she had always given Sunshine the “benefit of the doubt” adding: “Look how tight she was” referring to Sunshine refusing to share the crisps Big Brother gave her. Nathan joins them in the garden and agrees with Josie. He calls Sunshine “a tight bastard.”


Some of the housemates are in the bathroom. Dave, Ben, Mario and John James are chatting in the bathroom about the previous night’s eviction. Dave thanks the Lord for keeping him in and says that they’ve stayed in because of God’s glory. Shabby comes out of the toilet. She has heard their conversation and storms out. John James comments, “I don’t think she was feeling the glory.”

Shabby walks out to the garden and tells Caoimhe, Ife and Nathan, “I f**king hate Dave!’ She then recounts the conversation she just overheard and they all call Dave an idiot. Shabby exclaims “If the Lord was real, then why the f**k, would he get involved in reality shows.” They all agree that if Dave had gone he would have then changed his story and said God had decided it was his time to come out.

In the bathroom Dave tells Ben and John James that he knows he’s “hated by the Adams family” but he doesn’t know why. John James suggests that everyone is upset because Govan left. Dave disagrees because he feels people have been against him for days.


All of the housemates are in the living room. Big Brother has provided Steve with instructions for today’s task

Steve explains that English and German Big Brother houses are going to compete in a penalty shoot out to mark the world cup game taking place on the following day. If they win then they get to watch the game. All housemate cheer apart from Shabby who doesn’t look impressed. Nathan shouts, “Come on, we can smash ’em!” Steve chooses Nathan, Corin, Mario, John James and Dave. Steve tells housemates that he’s very excited because if they win, they will get to watch the game on his birthday.


Some of the housemates are in the living room. Caoimhe, Shabby and Ife are talking in the kitchen. They agree that they’re “starving” and want to ask Sunshine to share her crisps. Caoimhe says she’ll go and ask her but Shabby suggests that Ife should ask because she’ll be able to ask nicely.

Ife goes out to the garden to Sunshine and asks if they can have some crisps. Sunshine says she’ll get them once she’s finished painting her nails. Ife asks if they can have them now. Sunshine repeats, “When I’ve finished my nails.” Josie says “well done Sunshine. It’s about sharing and caring.”

Ife walks inside and complains about Sunshine’s response adding, “I’m not going to look like a beggar on TV.” Caoimhe agrees and says “I felt sorry for you, what a bitch, I could always see right through her!” They continue to bitch about Sunshine. Shabby adds, “Is there anything Sunshine does like?” Ife and Caoimhe answer in unison, “Bread and crisps!”

Yesterday, following his eviction, Govan decided Josie should have a good day. Big Brother has called her to the diary room.

Josie is given a memory task. Items are passed in front of her by gloved hands and she has to remember as many as she can. Big Brother plays ‘Favourite Things’ from The Sound of Music into the diary room and Josie screams, “Oh I’m no good at remembering things!”

In the living room Sunshine talks to Ben and Dave. She says that all of the housemates “hate me,” because she didn’t share her crisps. Dave tells her not to worry because he is still the most hated. Sunshine responds, “I doubt it.” Dave complains that people don’t like him because he refuses to be “miserable” when the public have voted to keep him in. Ben tells both of them not to worry and to just carry on enjoying themselves. Sunshine thinks she’ll be put up for nomination now because people think she’s a “stingy cow.” Dave tells her that in his opinion you have to be “mean and horrible” to be popular in the house. Sunshine says she especially doesn’t like Caoimhe being horrible to her because they don’t know each other, so it feels like bullying.

In the diary room Josie lists how many items she remembers. Big Brother tells her she has remembered 14 items and will therefore win 14 items. Josie shouts “Woo yes!”


Some of the housemates are in the garden. Sunshine walks out to the garden and asks Shabby, Josie, Nathan and Corin if they want some crisps. They all say no. Sunshine says that she doesn’t understand why everyone was getting at her if they don’t even want crisps. Shabby tells her it was “the principle of the thing.” Sunshine retorts, “They’re my crisps, they have my name on them and I’ll share them with who I want and when I want!” Nathan gets angry, “That’s f**king rank!” and claims that Sunshine is “spoilt”. He walks off by himself and says “what a stupid thing to say, f**king spoilt bitch.” Nathan goes into the house and Caoimhe agrees with him adding “Such a little bitch,” referring to Sunshine.

Nathan sits in the living room with Ben, Steve and Mario and explains why he’s angry with Sunshine. Nathan mentions that housemates are supposed to be a “team” adding “We’ve got to encourage each other to work together, as equals, ” no one is better than anyone else and no one should lord it over anyone else.”

In the garden Sunshine tells Josie that she wishes she had never been given the crisps now. Sunshine walks into the house and empties her crisps onto to a plate and says she doesn’t want any.


Sunshine and Josie are in the bedroom. They both lie in bed and Sunshine explains that she was always intended to share her crisps.

Big Brother has provided housemates with a packed lunch of sandwiches and crisps.
Most of the housemates sit at the table eating their lunch. Shabby picks up Josie and Sunshine’s crisps and tells housemates she will give them to them in bedroom. She apologises to Sunshine adding “I don’t think it should have kicked off.” Shabby tells her not to think she’s now hated in the house because she isn’t. She explains that everyone was just “hungry and tense.”


Big Brother has provided housemates with football kits for today’s England versus Germany penalty shootout.

Ife says she feels “star struck” because John James looks like David Beckham in his kit. Josie lies in bed with Ben and John James. She giggles “I can’t believe she’s sitting in bed with David Beckham. “I feel quite giddy actually, I feel a bit star struck!”

Nathan talks with Big Brother in the diary room. He says he’s really excited about the coming task, “It’s brilliant, I’ve made myself honorary captain for the day.” He says that John James will be the best footballer; Mario will have some “Italian flare” and Corin will have lots of energy, “She’s like a little Jack Russell.” He adds that Dave will be their secret “welsh weapon.”


All of the housemates are in the garden for today’s task. Steve is the UK’s team manager. All housemates sing along to the national anthem. On the small screen, housemates can see the Germany housemates singing their national anthem. All cheer and hug and get ready for the penalty shoot out task. One of the German team mates tell Corin “You look like Katie Price baby.” Corin woops.

After 33 penalties the score is still 1-1. Ife is the next housemate to take a penalty.
Ife scores a goal and everyone jumps up cheering and hug her. Housemates are told that they have won and will now have a screening of the England game and a traditional English dinner to accompany it. Housemates are ecstatic.


Caoimhe and Shabby lie in bed. Caoimhe tells Shabby that she was really “pissed off” with her earlier and claims that Shabby made a “horrid face” when Caoihme missed the penalty. Shabby gets out of bed and walks off calling Caoimhe a “viper.” Steve says “You need to get rid of the sexual tension.” Caoimhe asks him if he really thinks that. He says yes.

Caoimhe comes to the diary room and tells Big Brother that she’s worried about Steve’s comment and sees Shabby as a friend. She says “I love that girl to bits but I just don’t fancy her. I don’t really like girls, I thought I did but I don’t”

Caoimhe comes out of diary room and goes to brush her teeth. Shabby is also brushing her teeth. They don’t say a word to each other and Shabby finishes, and leaves the room. Mario walks into the bathroom just beforehand. Caoimhe asks if she can talk to Mario and explains that she’s really worried and thinks people might think she’s leading Shabby on. Mario tells her not to worry because no one thinks that but admits that he wouldn’t notice anyway because he’s too busy “chasing after Ben.”


Each week one housemate must go head to head against a member of the public in You Vs the Housemates. This week Dave has been chosen to take part in the Pies in Flies challenge.

To complete the challenge Dave must is fill his trousers with small pies. The member of the public takes his turn and throws numerous pies down his trousers. Dave takes his turn and manages to stuff 38 pies down. All housemates cheer when he wins.


All of the housemates are in the living room. It’s been Steve’s birthday for one minute. Housemates stand around Steve and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow’. Corin looks forward to the coming day when they’ll be able to watch the football together. Most of the housemates go out into the garden.

Josie goes to bed and Nathan bids her “good night” and gives her a goodnight kiss.

Steve and Dave sit in the living room chatting. Steve talks about how it feels to 41. He says “I feel very lucky; I could have been wiped out at 19.” Adding that he is “very proud” to have eight children and two grandchildren, “I’ll never forget having one (a birthday) in the Big Brother house.”


Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. Josie and John James whisper to each other in bed. Josie says “Imagine if they dropped another girl” in the house. Josie says that she might feel jealous. John James laughs adding, “I wouldn’t leave you Josie.”

Shabby and Caoimhe are smoking in the garden. Dave appears suddenly from the nest and the girls jump as they had not realised he was in there. Shabby tells Dave that she wants to “apologise” to him for being in a bad mood with him last night when Govan left. She admits that she was “pissed off” with Dave this morning having overheard the conversation in the bathroom. Dave tells her that he didn’t mean to cause offensive, “It’s just the way I talk.” Shabby explains that she didn’t confront him because she felt very angry and she wanted to wait and see if the anger would pass. She’s says “I’m glad I waited because I don’t feel at all angry now.” “If a situation arise again with you I hope I’d deal with it differently now,” Shabby adds.

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