Big Brother 2010: Day 19 highlights – Sunshine seeks refuge in a wardrobe!

9.20 am

The Big Brother housemates wake up to the song ‘Puppet on a String’ which is being played into the house. They discover hand puppets of each housemate on the living room sofas and rush in and claim their respective doll. Housemates are excited by their puppets and Nathan jokes to Shabby, “Yours looks like Keith Richards.” Comedy ‘puppet’ duo and BBLB stars Zig ‘n’ Zag appear on the plasma and explain a task; Housemates must speak through their puppets all day in order to receive a birthday present for Steve later on in the day.

10.19 am

John James and Josie are in bed. Nathan has come to the diary room. Nathan tells Big Brother that the house is “buzzing” and hopes that England will beat Germany today in the World Cup. He mentions Steve’s birthday and adds affectionately, “I’ve not seen the big fella smile so much, let’s get plenty of buzz in the old dog, it’s all about big Steve.”

11.59 am

Some of the housemates are in the bathroom. Dave and John James say that they are still not convinced that Mario is a genuine housemate. Puppet Steve’ flirts with puppet Corin’s and touches ‘puppet Corin’s’ breasts with his “fluffy hands.”
Puppet Corin sings a breathy Marilyn Monroe style version of Happy Birthday to Steve.

12.16 pm

Sunshine has come to the diary room. Some of the housemates are in the garden.

In the diary room puppet Sunshine sings ‘Pokerface’. Mario and John James are in the living room talking about sex. Mario says that he would have sex in the Big Brother house, “but I wouldn’t masturbate” as that would look sad. John James says it wouldn’t be worth having sex in the house unless you can really “bang ’em.”
In the diary room Sunshine tells Big Brother that John James is “nice, sweet and kind” but only “some of the time.”

1.40 pm

Corin, Ben and Josie are in the garden. Sunshine, John James and Dave are in the bedroom.

John James and Dave tell Sunshine that she never washes up in the house and Sunshine disagrees. Sunshine tells John James that she was just being nice about him in the diary room. Nathan says to John James that John James fancies Sunshine.

1.52 pm

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom and some of the housemates are in the garden.

In the garden Ben and Josie discuss John James and agree that he is a “good person.” Ben adds, “Fundamentally he’s a decent guy,” and tells Josie that he thinks John James “looks up to you.” Ben adds that John James is “quite a lonely person so he gravitates to people he thinks are the popular ones.”

2.03 pm

Some of the housemates are in the garden. Steve, Nathan and Sunshine are in the bedroom.

In the garden, John James tells some of the housemates that Sunshine is upset because of them teasing her about the size of puppet Sunshine’s nose. Mario goes in to the bedroom to speak to Sunshine who is in bed, under her duvet. After some coaxing, Sunshine agrees to speak with Mario but only inside the wardrobe. She explains that she is fine about the nose jibes but upset that Dave referred to her getting special treatment because of her dietary requirements. Sunshine says that she doesn’t want to be seen as “the whinging, moaning person” in the house.

In the bedroom, Ife hears voices and opens the wardrobe. She is surprised adding, “I thought there were other housemates!”

2.49 pm

Some of the housemates are in the kitchen. Corin is in the diary room. John James and Josie are in the pool.

John James and Josie are talking while in the pool. John James tells her that he thinks Nathan likes her and has been “s**tty with me,” because of his friendship with her.” Josie says that she thinks John James is wrong and will feel “uncomfortable” around Nathan. Josie laughs it off and John James asks her if she doesn’t think she’s “attractive at all? “I’m just average” she tells him.

2.57 pm

Yesterday, housemates won their penalty shoot out task against Big Brother Germany. As a reward, Big Brother allows them to watch the England V Germany World Cup match.

Housemates are gathered on the sofa to watch the football on the plasma screen. Ben says that he doesn’t watch football but he likes to watch “show jumping and one on one things.” Shabby says she prefers to watch Motor Cross “It gives me the horn.”

Instead of watching the match Shabby, Ife, Caoimhe and Ben go to wash up in the kitchen. Ben comments “This is the problem with Democracy; because 80 percent of the house wants to watch the football, then they all have to watch it or else wash up.” Ife joins the Housemates and starts to get involved with the tidying. Shabby tells Ife to “bugger off” and Ife tells her that she only came into the kitchen to make coffee. As she leaves Ife says that she hopes she hasn’t missed any goals. Caoimhe retorts that if she has “it’s your own fault.”

4.26 pm

England have lost the match and Steve sits in the living room, he looks fed up and says, “This is disgusting!”


It’s been 21 minutes since Germany knocked England out of the World Cup. Josie and Ife are at the pool. Dave and Ben are in the garden.

Josie and Ife laugh about Josie fancying John James. Josie says “I can’t stop staring at him.” Ife tells her “I think he (John James) feels safe with you,” and tells Josie, “You’re really really really attractive.” They giggle and Josie confides, “every time I see John James in his football kit, I feel a bit giddy!”

5.51 pm

Most of the housemates are in the garden. John James, Ben and Josie lie on the grass and talk about kissing. John James says that he is a good kisser. Josie replies, “Not with those dry lips!” but John James tells her that he would wet them before kissing someone.

6.30 pm

Mario and Ben are in bed talking about aliens. Mario believes in the existence of aliens but Ben doesn’t. Mario says he is surprised adding “do you think my interest in extra terrestrials is weird?” and says he thought Ben was more open-minded.

In the diary room, Josie smiles and confesses to Big Brother, “I think I like blokes in football kits.” She says “Nathan looked like John Terry and John James looked like David Beckham,” when they were in their football kits. Josie then lists other men in uniform “soldiers, policemen, overalls, I’m a right proper randy mare!”

8.59 pm

Housemates celebrate Steve’s birthday and in turn, ask him questions about his life. When asked when he lost his virginity Steve replies, “Too early.” John James asks about his tattoos and Steve says that apart from the ones of his children, the one of a bomb means the most to him because it is “laughing in the face of adversity.”

9.39 pm

As a reward for winning the puppet task, housemates have been provided with a party for Steve’s birthday including karaoke.

In the nest, Ben tells Dave that despite being his best friend in the house, “Mario is not particularly witty or funny.” He says that John James “always needs someone to bounce off.” and that in this house: “All people want to talk about is tits, bums and vaginas.”

Ben and Dave leave the nest and join the other housemates in the living room who are in the middle of singing ‘No Woman No Cry.’


Sunshine is wearing a short blonde wig. Shabby says the wig is minging and makes Sunshine look old.

In the diary room, Caoimhe, Josie and Nathan ask Big Brother for alcohol and tobacco. Josie says that she would like some “Rosé,” and Nathan says “I can make you rosey!” They all laugh.

The housemates all try to sing Eminem’s ‘Without Me’ from the karaoke machine. There are lots of words on the screen and they struggle to keep up with it.

12.41 am

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Steve, Sunshine, Dave and Mario are in the living room.

Josie and John James are in bed together. They giggle and play fight in the dark. “Do you ever shut your mouth” Josie giggles as she playfully places her hand over John Jame’s mouth.

In the living room Mario heads to bed and Steve says to Sunshine he has had a great birthday. He adds:” Sometimes, I can’t believe I’m in here”. Dave heads off to bed, leaving Steve sat on the sofa with the remainder of his birthday cake on the table in front of him.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!