Big Brother 2010: Day 2 highlights

Day 2 in the Big Brother house:

Last night the mole received the 1st part of his impossible mission (from the tree of temptation). Mario wrote messages on a beach ball and left it in the garden. .

If Mario fails his impossible mission he will be evicted from the big brother house.


While all the other housemates are sleeping . . . Mario has come to the Diary room.

Mario refers to his experience as the mole as “ok”, and tells Big Brother that “if the task did not have dire consequences it would be fun”. He says about his impossible task that “failure is not an option”. And “patience is the key”.

When asked about Ben he says that he “likes Ben” and that “I like his accent, it’s quite interesting to listen to”. He talks about how he had been able to get to know Ben quicker than anyone else.


Some of the Housemates are in the bedroom.

Govan and Josie are talking about being in bed together. Josie asks Govan how he felt waking up next to her Govan says “I don’t know if it’s a nightmare or if I’m being punished”. Josie says “I feel like a munter on national TV already”.

Ife, Mario, Dave, Corin, Steve and John James are in the living room.

They discuss Mario’s mole costume, finding the ball in the garden and the statements written on the ball. Ife talks about the mixture of statements and they all speculate about how the ball got into the garden.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom.

Govan and Josie discuss Mario liking Ben and Ben’s sexuality. Govan says “The Mole was lusting after Ben but Ben likes boobies”.

Ben is in the Dairy Room

Ben talks to Big Brother about living in the house, his “dramatic entrance”, and his relationship with Mario. He states that he is “finding communal living tricky” and that the house is smaller than he thought and that there are “less places to escape”.

He continues to talk about what he thinks he will bring to the house. He states that he doesn’t feel he “will fit the mould completely” but that he wants to “come across as loyal and as someone who provides entertainment and fun”


Ben and Mario are discussing the forthcoming task. Mario states that “I hope it’s something like worship the mole”. Ben replies “I could do that”

Corin is in the bedroom. Ife and John James are in the bathroom

Ife and John James discuss showering naked. Ife admits she did not shower naked John James says “I can feel them staring at me”.

The rest of the housemates are in the kitchen.

Shutters to the garden go up revealing the task involving all the housemates being elevated 40 metres into the air. Shabby thinks the platform is “a rollercoaster of some description” and Sunshine reveals that she is scared of heights.


Big Brother reveals the task, which involves the housemates having a 3 course meal 40 metres up in the air, 1 housemate must remain on the ground. Sunshine opts to stay on the ground.


This week’s shopping task involves the housemates being suspended 40 metres in the air. Sunshine will remain on the ground; before the task begins housemates are treated to dinner in the sky.

Housemates are elevated into the air. Govan compares the task to “something out of Mary Poppins” when they are drinking tea on the ceiling. Sunshine watches from the garden.

John James and Shabby speculate as to how the beach ball got into the garden and what was written on it. Shabby says that she knows who the “bookies favourite” is.

They talk about any negative statements written on the ball which Shabby also states she has seen. She confirms that neither herself nor John James are disliked by the public but wishes “that people didn’t have to be so mean”. They discuss if it could have been the mole and ponder if the real mole is a housemate.

3.32pm Shopping task

To pass this week’s shopping task, Hung Drawn and Quoted, Housemates must play a traditional picture guessing game (using a giant pad in the garden).

Sunshine has been given a phrase used to describe the housemates in the day’s newspapers.

Housemates must correctly guess the phrase from Sunshine’s drawings, she is not allowed to gesture or write numbers or words.

For each drawing the housemates get right they will receive “100 on to their weekly shopping budget.

But if the housemates fail to guess any of the quotes the house will receive an economy shopping delivery and have no hot water or access to electrical appliances.

The housemates have four phrases to guess. They guess “squatter” and “wannabes” correctly; however they fail to guess “Big Boobed babe” and “Hunky Trio”.

Big Brother reveals that they guessed two phrases correctly and that they have received £200 for their shopping budget. David says “I could spend that on myself”.

Sunshine, Ife, Ben and Shabby are in the living room.

Housemates are in the living room working out the shopping list. Rachel says that “she “can’t cook”.

Some housemates are in the kitchen. They discuss having a roast dinner, however Rachel tells them not to say that to Sunshine as she is Vegan and that she is “annoyed” that she wants a “separate budget” and adds “that’s like me getting a separate budget for my beautician stuff”.


Sunshine is in the diary room.

Sunshine is in the diary room with the shopping list. She returns to the house and talks to the other housemates stating that not everyone may be happy with the shopping list.


Some of the housemates are in the living room trying on Ife’s wigs. Rachel and Govan are at the carousel.

Govan and Rachel talk about Sunshine and Dave. Rachel refers to them as “not my kind of person”. Govan says that he thinks Ben is attracted to Rachel. She admits she heard “he wanted to share a bed with me”.

Talking about Shabby, they talk about liking her but not liking the way she looks. They also discuss arguments that may “kick off”.


Sunshine, Nathan and Josie are in the bedroom.

They discuss potential couples and Mario’s and Govan’s sexuality. Rachel enters the room and starts to talk about not being bale to straighten her hair as no tokens were ordered with the shopping list.


Some of the female housemates are in the bathroom discussing pretending to have a secret task. Ife talks about the tree of temptation.

Mario joins the girls. Big Brother reveals that the storeroom is open for housemates to collect the shopping list. Mario tells them “I am just a bit worried about the mole situation. I’m not sitting in the mole hole crying about it. I am not crying moley tears. I don’t feel like a proper housemate”.

Mario is left alone in the bathroom. The tree of temptation sets Mario a second impossible mission, which involves Mario throwing all the bread and potatoes (out of their packets) into the pool and then framing one of the other housemates for it.


Caoimhe breaks the rules by going into the mole hole to see Mario.


Most of the housemates are sleeping in the bedroom. Mario (in his underwear) collects the bread and potatoes from the store room in black bags and throws them in the pool. Mario places the empty potato bags in someone’s make-up bag in the bathroom.


Lisa McGarry

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