Big Brother 2010: Day 21 highlights – Shabby wants to leave!

Day 21 – On tonight’s show….


All the housemates are in the bedroom. This year, unbeknownst to the housemates, Big Brother has installed some tipping beds. The lights in the room turn on and Ben’s bed slowly tips up.

John James tells Ben that he is the only person who wouldn’t laugh as something like that happening to them. The pair of them have an argument about John James insisting on repeating jokes and insults over again. “You’re a lovely person but you’re so stupid”, Ben tells him. He continues that John James always talks rubbish and has a small mind. John James gets angry and tells Ben not to make things personal.


Ben and John James are in the bedroom. They are still arguing. “I think you’re life is a joke, but I wouldn’t say that”, John James tells Ben. “I’m so happy because I was born me and not you”, Ben tells him. Caoimhe tells them to kiss and make up but John James refuses.


Ife is in the Diary Room. “You can take away anything you like and treat us like children but you can’t take away our tobacco”, she says, adding that she has lost her dignity because she is smoking dog ends. Big Brother tells her that in return for two pouches of tobacco the smokers have to give one item that is significant to them to Big Brother. The non smokers have to also give in something but they can choose what it is.


Ife goes to the Living Room to tell the house mates what Big Brother wants. “Why should we give up our things?” asks Steve. Ife says she will give Steve a massage once a day if he gives in a vest. Ife tells Shabby Big Brother wants her hat. Shabby says she is not giving in her lucky hat and facing the wrath of her mother. She walks off.


John James and Shabby are in the garden. Shabby tells him that some people are selfish, spiteful and cruel. John James agrees, “You think you can trust certain people but you can’t”.

Josie is in the Diary Room. “John James is doing my nut in”. She adds that she’s never known someone who she likes so much but can hate so much at the same time. “I’m normally so laid back I’m horizontal. ”


Shabby gives Josie her belt and some personal photo’s in the hope that Big Brother will accept these instead of her hat. The other house mates give in their items. Josie and Mario go to the Diary Room with the house mates items. Big Brother says they have the wrong items and asks for Shabby’s hat.

Shabby and Caoimhe are in the Nest. Josie comes over and tells them what Big Brother said. “You’re mum won’t kill you if you give in”, Caoimhe tells Shabby. “Are you joking?” Shabby says before throwing the hat out of the Nest door. “Take it, just take it”, she shouts. “Are you sure Shabs, because I don’t to be the one who upsets the apple cart?” asks Josie.


Steve, John James and Josie are by the pool talking about Shabby. “Her problems are a bit deeper than the hat”, says Josie, adding, “Imagine if you fell in love with someone here and you had to spend everyday with them knowing they didn’t feel the same”. John James tells her he’s never been in love so wouldn’t know.

Shabby and Caoimhe are in the Diary Room. “If it was my hat, I would have just said, have it”, says Caoimhe. “It’s my lucky hat. Don’t make out this is beneficial to me”, replies Shabby. “You said you understood Caoimhe”, she tells her. Shabby screws up her photos and throws them on the floor. “I bet you need a cigarette to calm down”, says Caoimhe. Shabby throws her hat down and storms out of the room.

Shabby goes to the bathroom crying, “I would have done anything for you”.


Shabby and John James are in the Bathroom talking about Caoimhe. “I feel like such a fool. I liked her so much”, says Shabby. “I believe she’s been using me the whole time”.

Ife collects the tobacco from the Diary Room. She goes to the garden cheering. The smokers cheer back. Josie says Shabby should have the first one and she takes the tobacco to roll a cigarette. “That roll up tastes beautiful”, says Josie.


All the housemates are in the garden for the weeks save and replace task. The housemates have just found out that Dave, Shabby and Sunshine are up for eviction. This week’s task is Puzzle for Survival where the three of them must complete the picture of their face on a giant sliding puzzle. The first housemate to complete their puzzle will be exempt from eviction and must choose a fellow housemate to replace them.

Dave completes the puzzle first. He apologises for doing so, Shabby says “Oh you love it Dave.” As he goes to pick the house mate he puts his hand on John James’s face but moves on and chooses Caoimhe. Caoimhe says, “its funny how you told me you loved me the other day”. Shabby tells Caoimhe that the two of them should have a blast this week and should, “break the rules”.


Some of the housemates are in the garden. Josie tells John-James that she likes him but wants to strangle him some times. “Stop trying to show me up on TV”, John James says to Josie.

Sunshine, Caoimhe and Dave are in the kitchen. Dave says he feels bad for putting her up. Caoimhe says, “One minute you tell me you love me and the next you put me up.” She then adds “Don’t feel bad because the lord saved you.”


Some of the house mates are in the Bedroom discussing the possibility of new housemates entering the house. John James believes it will be in week four.

Shabby is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother she wants to leave. “I’ve had a wicked time but it’s been really difficult”. Adding “I’m starting to doubt some of my friendships in the house”. She says that she thinks she’s made a new friend in John James.


John James and Shabby are at the Carousel. Shabby tells John James she wants to leave as she is sick of all this drama. John James says he thinks she’s strong enough get through it, and he would rather see her in the house than someone fake. He then says all you need is one good friend in here. Shabby says that she was going to walk out with Caoimhe if she was evicted, but doesn’t reckon she would come with her if she was evicted.


Caoimhe and Shabby are in the Nest. Shabby tells Caoimhe that she doesn’t want to be there. Caoimhe says she doesn’t either, Shabby says I think you do. Shabby tells her, “You’ve been the most significant housemate to me.”

Josie, Mario and John James are in the bedroom. Josie tells John James that if he picked up on the positives and not worried so much about who is being real and who is playing the game he would be happier. John James is talking and Josie shouts, “NO ONE CARES!” Josie then goes on to say, “You’re like a bit of pastry John, you keep on rolling and rolling it out until it’s too thin to put on you pie.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!