Big Brother 2010: Day 22 highlights – Shabby and Caoimhe make an eviction pact

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4

Day 22

10.05 am

Shabby is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that she has decided to stay in the House. “Ultimately, it should be the people watching who decide who leaves, not me”.

10.34 am

Shabby and Caoimhe are at the Carousel discussing a pact they made that if one of them is evicted on Friday, then the other one will also walk. “If you’re genuine, you do the same thing that I agreed to”, Shabby tells her. Caoimhe agrees and they shake hands on it.


Ben, Dave and Mario are in the Living Room talking about an African Dictator who allegedly fed human flesh to foreign dignitaries. Mario says he hopes the Dictator, “Burns in Hell”. Ben disagrees with him, “I believe in rehabilitation”. “I really doubt your intelligent sometimes”, says Mario. “You’re very into your corporal punishment aren’t you”, Ben tells him. Mario walks off.

In the Bedroom, Mario chats to Caoimhe and says that he likes Ben but gets frustrated with himself because he ends up snapping when Ben says something irritating. Caoimhe tells Mario not to worry and that Mario didn’t come in the House to fall in love. Mario says “No, I came to find myself”

1.14 pm

Some of the housemates are in the garden. Shabby says to Caoimhe that she is very good at oral sex. Josie says that she doesn’t know what the word cunnilingus means. Caoimhe says she doesn’t like oral sex. “You’d like mine”, Shabby tells her.

Ben is in the Bathroom when the Tree of Temptation starts talking to him. The Tree sets Ben a task to instigate an arm wrestling match amongst the Housemates and to beat at least one of the other Housemates in order to win all the Housemates’ suitcases back.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Ben tries to set up the idea of a wrestling match to the other Housemates but no one really responds to it. Ben then tries to talk to Mario. “I know I’ve p***** you off today”, he says. Mario tells him that he’s done nothing wrong. They talk about this year’s Big Brother. Ben says, “Do you think we’re disappointing. Normally there’s walk outs by now”, he adds that this year no one has been infatuated with anyone.


Some of the Housemates are in the Garden. Sunshine throws water over John James and John James throws water over her too. John James then throws Sunshine into Pool and she laughs.

Ife and Mario are in the kitchen talking about Ben. “I keep flirting with him when I know I shouldn’t”, Mario says. “I don’t even fancy Ben, it’s more of the chase I like”, Mario tells her.


Some of the Housemates are in the Garden. Shabby tells Caoimhe that she’s too hard on her to which Caoimhe apologises and kisses Shabby on the neck.

John James and Josie are in the Nest arguing over whether it is ok for Housemates to leave Big Brother by their own will. Josie feels it is a waste if this happens whereas John James feels it is up to individual Housemates if they want to leave or not.


Some of the Housemates are in the garden. “John James has f***** me right off. He thinks he can go round and mess with people’s head”, says Josie. John James denies doing this. “I’m warning you, lay off my button”, Josie tells him. She adds that he tries to twist conversations to make others look bad. John James says that, “There is no need to over analyse everything”. Josie laughs and points out that that is what John James does.


Most of the Housemates are in the Garden. John James says he has problems with knowing who to trust in the House. He says it is not doing him any favours. John James tells Corin that she seems to get on well with everyone. “I don’t worry about who I can trust”, Corin tells him.

Josie is sat with the other Housemates and hears John James and says to him “I understand you John James. I realise how much you’re suffering”. Josie says to the others that John James, “is an absolute paranoid mess”.


Some of the Housemates are in the Living Room. Josie says to John James, “I am a crap mate aren’t I?” John James says it doesn’t matter and, “No harm done”.

In the Garden, Corin and Nathan are chatting about John James saying she can’t tell if it is a genuine temper or, “If he doesn’t want to get close to people”. Nathan says that John James is, “At the centre of a lot of s***” and adds, “I can’t get my head round him”.


Big Brother has provided the Housemates with some alcohol. Shabby and Caoimhe are laughing in the Living Room when Caoimhe leans across Shabby. “Oh my God, you’re a lesbian”, Shabby tells her. The pair of them go into the Diary Room.

In the Diary Room, Shabby is telling Big Brother how Caoimhe caressed her. Caoimhe then leaves the Diary Room and Shabby announces, “I’m a love struck fool”. She adds: “I have genuinely a little bit fallen in love with this girl”. She adds that Caoimhe is, “beautiful and usually cool” and that, “she kind of makes me want to be a better person than I usually am”. Shabby says she thinks the feeling might be mutual saying: “I think there is a little something there”.


Ife and Caoimhe are in the Garden. Ife tells Caoimhe that she needs to be careful when it comes to Shabby. “You don’t want to come across as someone who is leading someone on”.

In the Bathroom, the Tree of Temptation is talking to Ben. “What you playing at quiff head?” he tells him adding that Ben is a coward. Ben says he is not being a coward and adds, “I am the last person in here to have an arm wrestling competition”. The Tree tells him. “You’re a joke Ben” telling him that he must come back in the morning first thing to find out what his fate will be. Ben tells the Tree that he is not going to be bullied by it.

12.27 am

Corin is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that she keeps dreaming of Nathan but in her last dream Nathan looked like Dave.

John James, Mario and Sunshine are in the Garden play fighting. Sunshine is told by John James that if she throws water at him he will throw her in the pool. Sunshine throws water at John James. John James pulls Sunshine towards the pool trying to get her in it. Sunshine laughs yelling, “Let go”. Ife tells John James, “You wouldn’t want her underwear to be shown”.

After John James has let go Sunshine tells Ife and Mario that John James hurt her and that she wants to leave.

In the Living Room Sunshine tells John James she is leaving as Corin comes out of the Diary Room. Sunshine says, “I’m not upset” and apologises for throwing water over John James.


Sunshine is in the Diary Room. She asks Big Brother not to show any footage of her being carried across the floor as it showed her underwear and she’s worried it may affect her career. As she is upset Big Brother suggests Sunshine picks a housemate to come and join her in the Diary Room. She chooses Mario.

Mario enters the Diary Room and tells her it just looked like two people flirting, adding, “You’re a young person, having fun”. He says, “John James would never deliberately hurt you”. Mario tells Sunshine she needs to stop thinking about what people on the outside will think of her and that “Doctors are human beings too”.

1.22 am

John James is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about what happened with Sunshine. John James explains that the two of them were just mucking around. Big Brother tells John James that although they understand that his intentions weren’t to cause pain or distress, his actions have caused distress to Sunshine. John James tells Big Brother that he understands and says he will apologise to Sunshine.

1.44 am

Shabby and Josie are in the bathroom talking about Caoimhe, “I just don’t trust her anymore”, says Shabby, adding, “She f****** kisses my neck, she f****** grabs my boob”. Shabby says either Caoimhe likes her and doesn’t want to admit it or doesn’t and is just messing with her.

2.02 am

Ife, Josie and John James are in the Living Room talking about Sunshine. “I think she seriously feels silly”, says Josie. “She’s a massive attention seeker”, adds Ife.

In the bedroom Corin and Sunshine are talking about John James. Corin tells Sunshine to stop flirting with him adding that they’re both as bad as one another.

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