Big Brother 2010: Day 23 highlights – John James Parton won’t make up with Sunshine!

On tonight’s Channel 4 highlights show.


Some of the housemates are in the bathroom. Ben gives Sunshine a hug. “Have I over reacted to the whole situation?” Sunshine asks Mario of her and John James play fight last night. Mario tells her that she has overreacted a little bit but not to worry because John James overreacts all the time.

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom talking about Sunshine. “She needs to apologise to John James”, says Josie. Shabby agrees. Josie laughs and says that John James obviously isn’t very good at flirting.

In the Kitchen Shabby and Ife discuss Sunshine. Shabby questions whether Sunshine is aware of how the game works and whether she’s made such a big deal to try and improve her chances of staying. Ife thinks she definitely has. She says “She’s putting herself into the victim spot”. Ife says that she’ll wet herself and cry at the same time if either Shabby or Caoimhe goes. Shabby comments that she’s not entirely sure that she and Caoimhe should stay in the house together anymore.


Caoimhe and Shabby are in the Bathroom. “I said something this morning that I really regret”, says Shabby. “I said that I hope either Caoimhe or I go tonight when actually someone else deserves to go much more”. Caoimhe says, “You mean Sunshine? You think so?” Shabby says that after Sunshine’s behaviour toward John James the previous evening she definitely deserves to go.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Ben is talking to Sunshine about the situation with John James. He says that some people just can’t take being teased and John James is one of those people. Sunshine asks if he thinks she’s done something wrong? Ben says that he doesn’t and that all this has happened because they flirt with each other very openly. Sunshine says she doesn’t flirt. Ben says she’s an attractive girl and she walks around in a bikini and flirts. “Mario and I flirt with each other but in a light hearted way but you flirt with him in a sexual way”, he tells her. “That’s what you think”, says Mario. “I don’t fancy him”, Sunshine insists.


Yesterday, Ben failed to complete his secret mission set by the Tree of Temptation and was told to come back this morning to face the Tree’s wrath. Ben and Corin are in the Bathroom. “They’re trying to get me to do things that I don’t want to do”, he tells her. Corin asks him if he means secret tasks and if so, he should just go for it.

Corin leaves the Bathroom and the Tree starts talking to him, “Oi, brideshead” adding that he’s failed his task and that he’s useless. The Tree then says that to rectify the situation Ben must choose the role of the stand-up in the up coming task. He also tells Ben that he must not tell his fellow housemates that he’s been talking with the Tree. Ben agrees.

In the Living Room Steve and Nathan notice Ben talking to someone. Nathan goes into the bathroom, “Who you talking to?” Ben tells him he’s just practising something and Nathan walks out laughing before Steve comes in and says, “You don’t stand there talking to a f****** piece of furniture.”


Most of the housemates are in the Kitchen discussing Ben’s secret task. “Sussed. The Tree”, shouts Shabby. “Am I going to get chucked out of the programme?” Ben asks. He admits to talking to the Tree and the housemates tell him he’s failed the task more or less now because he’s admitted he’s been given a task so he may as well tell them what it is. Ben refuses to tell them. Caoimhe tells him that if he doesn’t do the task then he’ll be really badly punished.


All the housemates are gathered at the Sofa’s deciding who will be who in this weeks shopping task – a celebration of International Joke Day.

Housemates will each become a classic joke stereotype and they must successfully pass three or more of the five challenges they will receive.

Ben volunteers to take on the role of stand-up.

Dave and John James are to become chickens.

Sunshine is the Englishman, Caoimhe the Irishman and Shabby the Scotsman.

Corin, Nathan, Steve, Ife and Mario make up the nun, Scouser, doctor waiter and mother in law.

Josie is the dumb blonde.

Dave jokes again about how all the housemates saw Ben talking with the Tree in the Bathroom. “They wanted me to do some unpleasant things”, says Ben, adding that they wanted him to steal all of Shabby’s hats.


For the first part of this week’s international joke day shopping task, Dave and John James must take part in an endurance joke telling challenge. Each time one of the live chickens crosses the road they must read out a question and punch line from the chicken joke books provided.

For the second part of the task a nun, a Liverpudlian, a doctor, a waiter and a mother in law will attempt to break the unrecognised world record for continuous laughter of three hours and six minutes.

Ife says that she thinks they can do this part of the task. Nathan says that he thinks it would be hard to talk for that long let alone laugh. They start the task and all start laughing.

In the garden the chickens listen to them laugh. Shabby comments that Corin’s a good laugher. She then says she doesn’t know why she’s bothering to try with this task because they won’t get the shopping budget until after the eviction and by that time she’ll be gone. Josie tells her not to be so sure. Shabby says she’s definitely sure she’s going.


Ben and Caoimhe are in the Bathroom, talking about Shabby. “I wish she didn’t like me like that”, she tells him. Ben agrees and says that he’s in a similar situation with Mario. “I flirt with him so far but then I draw the line”, he says adding that it’s less intense and that they can have a laugh about it and they draw the line at a certain point whereas it’s harder for girls who sleep in the same bed.

In the Living Room the laughing housemates are starting to flag at the laughing task. Nathan and Ife stop and say they’re quitting. Corin and Steve continue laughing, then Corin stops and says there’s no point carrying on because they all have to do it together. Steve carries on laughing alone. In the garden Nathan tells the other housemates that he couldn’t do it and had to quit because his throat was hurting.


Sunshine is in the garden talking to John James. John James says that he’ll talk with Sunshine because Josie has said they need to talk. He asks Sunshine why she exaggerated the situation on the previous night and asks her why she did what she did? “I was scared and upset”, says Sunshine explaining that she was bleeding and she thought she’d exposed herself. “I was willing to listen to your explanation but I don’t agree with it”, he tells her, adding that he doesn’t think they should be friends anymore. “I thought we were good enough friends to be able to resolve this”, she says to him.

Most of the housemates are in the Kitchen watching John James and Sunshine’s conversation. Mario says he’s not going to get involved because they keep going over the same ground.

Josie goes into the garden to talk to the pair of them. “You are starting to do everyone’s head in. Just shut up John”, she tells John James adding that it’s not just the row with Sunshine but about arguing in general because he has managed to argue at some point with every single housemate.


Mario, Ben, Sunshine and Josie are in the Kitchen talking about John James. Josie says that he’s a sweet lad. “He can be so nice sometimes but really nasty as well”, says Ben. Sunshine says that she just wishes he’d be her friend again because she does like him. She tells them that John James called her an attention seeker. Ben argues that if they’re honest then they’d have to admit that everyone in the house is an attention seeker.

John James and Dave are in the chicken coop taking part in their task. “I love you man, I’m here for you.” Dave tells John James adding that John James puts up walls and people can’t get to him because of the walls. “I think there’s some stuff that needs to be sorted”, he adds. He thinks there is some truth to what Josie has said about him starting arguments with everyone and that he has to change.

Josie is in the Diary Room taking part in her part of the task. She has taken the roll of the dumb blonde. Big Brother tells her ten dumb blonde jokes and she has to answer with the correct punch line. Josie laughs and says she doesn’t know the answer to any of them. The only one she gets right is, “You give a dumb blonde penny for her thoughts. What do you get?” Josie correctly answers, “change”.


In order for them to complete their part in today’s shopping task Caoimhe, Shabby and Sunshine must find the punch lines to three different jokes.

With each joke a different pile of items is dropped through a trap door and Sunshine, Caoimhe and Shabby have to open all the items and find the correct punch line to a given joke. The first items that are dropped through are ice lollies. The second are wrapped chocolate biscuits and the third is Christmas crackers. They complete each section and cheer. They wonder whether they’ve been given a nice task because one of them is being evicted. Once they complete the task they all hug and congratulate themselves.

Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Steve is discussing whether Shabby will walk if Caoimhe is evicted. John James thinks she will but Steve thinks she’s talking rubbish and neither would really walk out.

John James goes to the bathroom and talks with Josie. She tells him he needs to stop being such an angry guy. John James says he’s feeling tired. Josie tells him she’s not surprised he’s tired because he argues with everyone everyday. She says “You’re so angry. No wonder you’re tired.”

12:18 AM

Ife is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. She says that Shabby and Caoimhe have been really good friends and supported her but she’s come to realise that she doesn’t mind if one of them goes tomorrow because she’s not a person who stays in little groups. On the outside she thinks and acts independently and this is how she wishes to be in the house.

In the Bedroom Shabby and Caoimhe whisper in bed. Shabby tells Caoimhe that she’s thinking too much. Caoimhe explains that she’s scared but she thinks she’s “Done everything right”. Shabby says it’s too late to worry now. Shabby says, “if you want to go then why do you care? Maybe you don’t want to go?”. Caoimhe answers that it’s just been a really hard few days,

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