Big Brother 2010: Day 24 highlights – Mario and Ben fall out!

On tonight’s Channel 4 highlights show:


Shabby, Dave and Ben are in the Bathroom. Shabby and Ben are talking about the fact they are quite outspoken. Ben says that they all have good and bad qualities but he doesn’t know how Steve and Corin keep themselves under control. Shabby says that some people take longer to crack and says that she’s starting to see cracks in Corin. “I don’t understand how anyone can be so bright and bubbly all the time”, Shabby says to Corin. “I am”, says Corin.


John James and Ben are in the Bedroom discussing their friendship. Ben tells John James that he hasn’t understood him and that he does have a good sense of humour. Ben asks John James if he feels relaxed in the house. John James says he goes through stages. “Me being here will never make me ultra relaxed”, says Ben.

Corin is in the Diary Room. She talks about how amazing it would be to win the luxury shopping budget so that she could buy some sweets. Corin says she didn’t realise how obsessed she was with sweets until the lady at the shop asked her why she was always buying them. Corin says, “I was like mind your own business.”


Big Brother has gathered all the housemates on the sofa to reveal the results of this weeks shopping task. So far, housemates have passed two of the four challenges they have completed. Ben is the only housemate yet to complete a task which means he needs to pass in order for housemates to receive a luxury shopping budget.

Ben is called to the Diary Room. “You will write and perform an original stand up routine”, Big Brother tells him adding that he will have to perform the routine in front of the eviction crowd that evening. “Right. Ok”, says Ben. “How will that work because of the boo’s?” he asks.


Ben is in the Living Room telling his housemates about his task. “The boo’s are going to be at such a level how will we know if I’m funny or not?” he asks them. Shabby reacts badly to the news and says that Ben will see the banners and the crowd’s reaction. Josie says she feels sorry for Ben and John James says, “They will boo or cheer the f*** out of you.” Shabby says that she thinks it’s all weird and goes into the Bedroom.

In the Bedroom, Shabby says that Ben will, “Know which way the wind is blowing.”


Dave, Nathan and Steve are in the Living Room. Steve asks what’s wrong with Shabby and Nathan says, “She’s a turbulent, mardy arse b****.” Steve replies, “Can’t argue with that.”

In the Bedroom, Shabby is discussing Ben’s task with Ben, Mario and John James. “There’ll be a reason they’re sending you out there”, she says. She adds that she thinks it’s a punishment from the Tree of Temptation. Mario says he’s jealous as he’d love to do the task.


Josie and John James are in the Bedroom lying in bed. Josie says, “Oh my god”, and John James says “What? Do I have a boogie?” John James proceeds to pick his nose and flick it.

In the Nest Ben and Dave talk about Ben’s task, Dave says 90 seconds is nothing. Ben tells Dave about his conversation with Shabby in the Bedroom, “That’s why she gets on my tits…she thinks everything is a sinister plot… like I’m going to be in a bag and off to Munich.”


Ben, Mario, Steve and John James are in the Nest. Mario asks Ben to bring a good looking guy into the house after his stand up. “I’m not going to do that. That would be the end of my career in America”, says Ben. Mario replies, “You haven’t had much of a career here so why would you have one in America?” Ben tells Mario that was a bitchy thing to say. “You’re exactly the sort of person I said I didn’t want to be in the house with”, says Mario. Ben replies, “That’s not nice to say.”


Ben and Mario are in the closet. Ben tells Mario that he was, “Savage” to him in the Nest. “You basically revealed your inner character”, says Mario. Ben replies that the program is a game and not to be cross.

Ben follows Mario into the bathroom. Mario says that Ben is hounding him and Ben says, “I’m hardly hounding you. I want to know why you’re cross. Sorry”


Josie and John James are in the Garden. Josie gives a strand of her hair to John James and tells him to put it on his necklace. She says, “..and when you’re evicted say you kept this cos of me”

Ben and Caoimhe are in the Kitchen talking about Mario. “He’s obsessed with you”, says Caoimhe adding that he needs to stop thinking through his willy. Ben replies that it’s kind of like Shabby. Caoimhe says it’s different with them as their friendship is “deeper.” Ben admits that he and Mario would probably not be friends if they met in the outside world but Shabby and Caoimhe would be.


Ben, Dave and Mario are in the Bedroom. Ben tells Dave that the shirt Big Brother has given him for his task is polyester and he doesn’t want to wear it. Mario tells Ben, “a fake shirt for a fake person.”

Shabby and Caoimhe are in the Bathroom. Shabby says she is irritated with the people that are not up for eviction and Caoimhe says that she will panic as soon as she sits on the sofa.


All of the housemates have been gathered at the sofas for this week’s eviction. For the final part of this weeks task Ben must perform a ninety second stand up routine in front of the live eviction audience.

Ben walks up the stairs and leaves the house to perform his routine. The housemates watch him on the plasma screen. Ben tells jokes about mobile homes, looking like Margret Thatcher and Sunshine’s veganism, he gets laughs.

As Ben re enters the housemates hug him and say it was brilliant. Ben says he felt more comfortable up there than in the house.

All the housemates are in the Living Room. Davina tells the housemates that Sunshine is the third person to be evicted. Ben says, “Well done, love you”, to Sunshine and John James hugs Caoimhe and Shabby. As the doors close on Sunshine Ben says “She had applause too, it wasn’t as bad as the other two.”


All of the housemates are in the Living Room talking about Sunshine’s departure. Shabby says that she’s not worried about Sunshine.

Housemates are told they have passed their shopping task and have won a luxury shopping budget. They scream and jump around Living Room.

Bob Righter has a message for Ben that is read out by Mario. “It’s such a shame he revealed Bob Righter’s friend. Tomorrow will be a revelation where Ben will face the wrath of the Tree of Temptation.”


Some of the housemates are on the sofas talking about Sunshine. John James tells Nathan that he sometimes forgot Sunshine was a doctor. Nathan says that he thought she would be a, “dog groomer or something wacky”

Ife and Mario are in the Bathroom talking about Ben. Mario says that he’s upset with Ben because he doesn’t want to say he’s gay because of his TV career and that makes him angry. Ife says that Ben is very camp, “More camp than you”.

In the Kitchen Josie and Caoimhe gossip about Nathan. Caoimhe says she’s confused by him, “I hate the darling, darling.” Josie says that she’s feeling uncomfortable with Nathan and John James, Caoimhe says she has noticed Nathan had his hand on her back. Josie says “I’m not used to this; I don’t even get a drink from blokes normally.”

1.38 am

Most of the housemates are in the Bedroom. John James hides Josie’s duvet. She enters the bedroom, notices it’s gone and tries to steal John James’. He insists he hasn’t taken it and Josie finds it in the closet shortly after. Josie tries to punch John James.

Mario is in the Diary Room. He tells Big Brother that he’s feeling crappy and it hasn’t been a good day. He says he’s argued with Ben and Sunshine being evicted was, “the cherry on the cake”, and he didn’t want her to go. Mario says that Sunshine was genuine and although she was fussy and spoilt he loved her all the same.

In the Bedroom, John James says “I love you Jose.” She says “what” and he repeats it. Josie mimes I love you to John James.


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