Big Brother 2010: Day 26 highlights – housemates fight over den bedroom!


For today’s task Housemates took part in a wheelchair basketball match. Big Brother has allocated Steve the role of coach and provided Housemates with basketball kit.

One of Steve’s artificial legs is a prototype on loan as part of a clinical trial and is due to be returned to the manufacturer.

In the living room the housemates talk about Steve’s artificial leg. Josie suggests that the housemates take thirty thousand pounds out of their prize money for Steve’s leg. Dave says that they have to make sure Steve would spend the money on legs.

Shabby enters the bedroom to speak to Steve. She tells him the housemates would like to take thirty thousand pounds out of the prize money for his legs. He says “you couldn’t do that.” Dave enters bedroom and asks Steve if he would spend money on legs and Steve says yes. Shabby says everyone has agreed and Shabby and Dave say “Buy the man a leg.”


In the garden the housemates get trained for their basketball match by Steve. He tells them if they shout “outlet” it means they want the ball. Housemates start to throw the ball around and Steve says “lets move, you can’t sit there like you’re watching Coronation Street. Move your wheelchairs!” John James falls out of his wheelchair trying when trying to catch the ball. Ben and Josie observe, Ben says that John James is “very competitive.”


In the kitchen Dave tells Nathan and Corin stories of his life as a paraplegic. He tells them that he once fell out of his chair and no one helped him. Also he fell over on his legs but had jeans on so people assumed he was a drunk and again didn’t help. Corin says “why? At least bloody help” and Steve says “that happens all the time.”


In the bedroom Ben tells Dave that if he won anything he would love to give Steve his legs but he has his family to think about. Dave tells Ben he wants to set up an orphanage if wins. Ben says “everyone has some sort of course.”

In the garden Corin says to Mario, “Can you believe the size of dinosaurs?…Do you reckon they’re out there?” Mario says its possible that dinosaurs are out there somewhere and that maybe the Loch Ness monster is a dinosaur. Corin says “its mad” and asks how big the Loch Ness monster is. Mario says he’s not sure if its real but about twenty or thirty metres.


In the kitchen cheerleader Josie shows fellow cheerleader Ben a routine for him to copy. Josie says to Ben “Do the shuffle” and shimmies around the kitchen. Josie carries on dancing and Ben asks her if she wants to go in the living room, she says she wants to practice. Ben bribes Josie to stop practising with Jaffa cakes.

Ben is sat in the living room eating a carrot. He is wearing a black wig and costume for the wheel chair basketball match.

In the garden housemates ask where Ben is. Dave see’s that Ben is in the living room, he says “he puts in no effort whatsoever.” As Ben walks into the garden Corin shouts “its Elvis.” Dave says “Shakin Stevens.”

John James notices that Ben is wearing his t shirt under his costume. He asks Ben to take it off as he doesn’t want him to sweat in it. Ben assures John James that he doesn’t sweat and that he doesn’t want to get changed. Josie says that John James surprises her sometimes and John James says that the t-shirt cost a lot of money. Josie says “but its tye dye.”


For today’s wheelchair basketball task Steve, the coach, has chosen two teams of three. The blue team consists of Nathan, Corin and John James. The yellow team is made up of Shabby, Dave, Mario.

Josie, Ben, Ife, Caoimhe are the cheerleaders.

After the horn has blown Big Brother tells the housemates that the wheelchair warriors have won the match and the score was 11-9. Big Brother tells the wheelchair warriors that they have won a games and fast food party and they have to choose one cheerleader to go to the party with them, he chooses Ife.


The winning team for today’s wheelchair basketball task have been provided with a party consisting of burgers, pizza and booze.

John James and Josie are in the bedroom speculating when they will get new housemates. John James says that he thinks they will get some in a week or so. Josie says they need hot girls for John James and Nathan. Josie says “if you go off with some other Sheila I won’t have a snuggler will I?”

The winning housemates go into the living room to their party. The losing hosuemates are locked in the bedroom with the curtains open in the bedroom so the losing housemates can see the party.

Josie suggests that the girls flash their breasts to the housemates in the living room through the glass. Josie, Caoimhe and Shabby show their breasts, John James mouth is wide open.


In the party Ife dances in the living room as Tina Turner is played. In the bedroom Shabby says “its like watching a GCSE drama play.” Ife continues to dance and Shabby and Caoimhe says she’s “cringe cringe cringe .”

Ife walks into the garden saying that she loved the song and wanted to dance and that Shabby and Caoimhe said she was “cringe.” Ife says Shabby and Caoimhe are “little bitches.” “they’re up their own arses,” says Ife as she gets upset by their behaviour to her. “The last three weeks I’ve been so blind,” she adds.

Ife starts to cry. Ife says she has experienced this before where “people take the piss” (out of her) Corin tells Ife not to let it upset her and says she wished she had the balls to dance around like Ife did.


As the task winners enjoy swingball in the garden, the losers in the bedroom the housemates start to pile up duvet covers and jump on them to make a “pile on.”

John James is in the diary room. He asks Big Brother if the other housemates could join the party. John James is told the housemates will be reunited in due course.

Housemates in the bedroom start to move mattresses to make a “den.”John James walks into the garden and tells housemates that they are moving mattresses in the bedroom.

In the bedroom Shabby says “we need to build a proper den so they don’t know where we are.”

In the garden Ife says that they had better clean up the garden and Steve says “its moronic behaviour, stupidity.” Ife says “just when you thought everything was peachy, reality kicks in.”

All the losing housemates are in a den made of mattresses in the middle of the bedroom. Ben says that he’s happier there than in the actual house.

In the living room Corin says that shes “not happy and its not funny” in reference to the housemates moving mattresses in the bedroom. Corin says “in the words of John James I’m getting angry.”

Corin walks towards the bedroom and tells housemates “don’t mess with my things” through the glass. Shabby says that they haven’t touched her stuff.


Through the glass Shabby asks Ife why she is pissed off. Ife tells her its because they said she was ‘cringe’. Shabby said they were joking and Ife says she doesn’t want to be made to feel awkward just for ‘letting go and letting her hair down’. Caoimhe says they were “messing.” Ife says “is that how you treat your friends?” Shabby says “I’m sorry Ife…”


All the housemates are reunited. In the garden Josie says she is sorry to the housemates who had the party for messing up the bedroom, saying if she knew they would have been that upset they wouldn’t have done it. Corin says “it did piss us off.”

Ife goes to the diary room and tells Big Brother that she has had a “wake up call.” She says that everyone makes mistakes but they should have said they were being idiots. “It’s become apparent that Caoimhe and Ife are the mean girls at school.”

In the bathroom Josie and Mario talk to John James about making a den in the bedroom. Josie says she’s sorry but she was having a good time. John James says there was “no need for it” and that he heard them say “get Jonny’s.”


Ife, Caoimhe and Shabby are in the garden. Caoimhe asks Ife what is going on. Ife says that she has a lot of anger in her and doesn’t want to talk about it right now. Shabby says that she did apologise and Ife repeats that she doesn’t want to talk about it right now. After much repetition Ife says loudly once more that she wants them to leave her alone “I don’t want to talk to you. I’m too angry” Caoimhe shouts back “don’t you dare raise your voice to me!”

Caoimhe walks away and Shabby continues to try and make peace with Ife.


In the diary room Shabby says that se wants to leave the house as she “needs to be away from this place.” “I live with a bunch of people who twist everything” adding “I’m not that bad person.” Caoimhe says she doesn’t want to have any more panic and that there are more in important things in life and she can’t believe she sacrificed it.

Caoimhe says she has only just got the courage to ask to leave and she is not going to be shouted at like that (by Ife) “I can’t see myself getting on with people here any more.”

Big Brother suggests that Caoimhe and Shabby sleep on their decision to leave the house and they can sleep anywhere in house if they don’t want to sleep in the bedroom.


Lisa McGarry

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