Big Brother 2010: Day 27 highlights – Caoimhe Guilfoyle wants to leave!

On tonight’s Channel 4 show:


Ife is in the diary room. Ife talks about the argument she had with Shabby and Caoimhe the night before. She says “I never want to feel that way again in my life” and that when she stuck up for herself she didn’t know she had it in her. Ife says she would like to move on from the argument; she could see Shabby was remorseful straight away but Caoimhe wasn’t. She says “I’m in a different place with Caoimhe. I’ll be honest.. I dislike Caoimhe.”

In the bedroom Caoimhe asks Ben if she can speak to him. They go to the closet and Caoimhe tells him she’s planning on leaving the house today. Ben tells Caoimhe that it has “blown over” now and to wait a few days to make her decision as it’s the wrong time to leave now. Caoimhe seems adamant and says she “can’t do it anymore.” “To be made to feel like a nasty person it’s just not worth it.”


Whilst sat on the beds, Ife tells Shabby that she’s sorry for the way she acted the day before. Shabby says she’s sorry for upsetting Ife and Ife says she wants to “move on.” Shabby tells Ife that she has to apologise to Caoimhe also.

Caoimhe enters the bedroom and Ife tells her that she could have handled the situation better. Caoimhe says that she’s really sorry and Ife says she wants to “put a line underneath it.” Caoimhe tells Ife that she’s going anyway.

In the garden Josie asks Shabby if she’s okay. Shabby say “I guess.” Mario says “you three are good friends. It’ll sort itself out. A lot of things can be resolved on a good nights sleep.” Shabby tells Josie and Mario that housemates were “really cold” to her and Caoimhe last night after the mattress incident and Nathan and Corin spoke to the others involved but not her and Caoimhe.


In the garden Shabby and Ife talk about Shabby wanting to leave. Ife asks if she wants to leave because of her and Shabby says “partly.” Shabby says she doesn’t want to be seen as someone who “bullies.” Ife tells Shabby that she has also sometimes felt that she wanted to leave but she knew in her heart she didn’t want to go. Shabby says that she doesn’t want to go through nominations again and Ife says that there are different reasons that people nominate. Ife says “this is a popularity contest.” Shabby ends the conversation by saying that she doesn’t need to be around people that don’t like her “suck my balls.”


In the garden Josie says to Nathan that she wants to make sure he didn’t think she “smashed up” the bedroom as she’d never do that. Nathan says he didn’t say “smashed up” and Shabby tells him he did. Nathan calls her a “grumpy little f***ing rain cloud of doom.”

Caoimhe is in the diary room. She says: “I can’t do it anymore, I’m not the kind of person who gets involved in all this drama”. She says that she can’t stand Nathan and thinks he’s a “bully.” Caoimhe says she’s ashamed that she upset Ife.

In the garden Nathan tells Josie that to him “smashed it up” doesn’t mean to break things. Josie says that she “wouldn’t do that”. Nathan says Steve was very upset. Josie tells Nathan that they didn’t touch housemates stuff and that they were just building a fort. Nathan tells her that messing up their stuff happened “as a by product of their mischief.”

After listening to Nathan in the garden Shabby walks into the bedroom, lifts the duvet into her face and screams into it. She puts the duvet down and shouts “f***ing w****r. W****r.”


In the diary room Caoimhe tells Big Brother that when she leaves the diary room she won’t talk to anyone and she will sit with her own thoughts.

In the living room Shabby is waiting to go into the diary room and Caoimhe walks out. Shabby tries to tell Caoimhe about her argument with Nathan but Caoimhe asks her to give her two minutes and let her have a cigarette. Shabby is annoyed that Caoimhe didn’t want to listen to her and says “don’t worry about it” so Caoimhe asks what’s happened. Shabby says “Nathan is a prick” and tells Caoimhe Nathan said “f*** off Shabby you rain cloud of doom.”

Caoimhe walks into the garden and tells Nathan that he’s a bully and intimidating. Nathan leaves the garden and Caoimhe sits in the smoking area. Caoimhe gets upset and says that she can’t be around Nathan and “he’s a nasty piece of work.”

Shabby comes to the diary room to tell Big Brother about her argument with Nathan. “I have no interest in knowing him ot being here,” and she would like to confirm that she wants to leave the house. “I don’t have any friends here. Not real ones…. I love the experience but I detest some of the people here.” She says “I don’t want to be around these people… I can’t think straight.” Big Brother tells Shabby to make her own decision on whether to leave or not.


In the kitchen Ben asks Caoimhe if she still wants to leave. Caoimhe says she will stay the rest of the day and Ben says that’s a good thing to do.

Meanwhile Shabby confirms to Big Brother that she would definitely like to leave the Big Brother house.

Nathan and Ife chat in the garden. Nathan says he feels one hundred percent better as he has been “keeping things in” and feels like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Ife says that everyone feels good now.

Caoimhe walks into the bedroom and Josie says that she looks like a diva today. Josie tells Caoimhe to join her and Mario in bed. Mario asks Caoimhe if Shabby is still leaving and Caoimhe says she doesn’t know. Mario says they have all worked too hard to get into the house just to leave by the back door.

In the diary room Shabby says she feels alone, she says “where’s Caoimhe?” and that no one knows how she feels. Big Brother gives Shabby permission to leave the Big Brother house and asks her if she has any last words. Shabby says that she met people she never thought she would meet and its been a wild rollercoaster. She says “thank you for giving me this experience, it’s been wild. I’m sorry I couldn’t take it in the end.” Shabby leaves the house via the diary room.


Ben and Dave are in the garden, Dave tells Ben he loves him and says “you would never nominate me would you?” Ben says “Do you think I would ever vote for you? No.”

Mario, Caoimhe and Josie are sat in the same bed in the bedroom. Mario tells Josie that Dave gave him “food for thought” when he spoke about how long dinosaurs lived for. Josie asks Mario how many times he thinks Dave has read the bible. Mario says about the same amount he’s read Harry Potter.

Big Brother announces to the house that Shabby has left the Big Brother house and for someone to collect her suitcase.

Caoimhe sits up in bed and Josie hugs her. Caoimhe looks like she’s about to cry but has no tears.

In the garden John James and Nathan show shocked expressions to Shabby’s departure news. Nathan says “what the f**k?”

In the bedroom Josie is still hugging Caoimhe, Josie says that she “has Caoimhe’s back and won’t let anyone be mean to her.” John James walks into bedroom and says sorry to Caoimhe for the news but that he had a feeling she had the “balls” to go. Corin enters the bedroom and says that she can’t believe it and that she feels sick.

In the garden Dave and Ife talk about Shabby. Ife says that Shabby had “been through a lot” and Dave says “you gotta think, she’s used to being a free spirit in the back streets of London.”

At the carousel Caoimhe says “Why did she leave without me?” to Josie. Josie says it feels like someone died and Caoimhe calls Nathan a “prick” and says he must be delighted.


Josie and Caoimhe are sat at the carousel. Josie and Caoimhe tell each other what each of them can bring to their new friendship. Josie says she can make cheese on toast and is positive and Caoimhe says she can do “good hair styles.” Josie says “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” and Caoimhe says that she has been a “lesbo side kick” for the last few months. Josie jokingly says “I hope I don’t fall in love with you” and tells Caoimhe that Shabby said she “never loved ’til now” in reference to Caoimhe. Caoimhe is shocked and says she never believed it was love, just a crush. Josie says Shabby and Caoimhe’s relationship had a lot to do with her leaving


Today Housemates nominated for the fourth time.

Ben nominates Ife as she takes herself too seriously.” He nominates John James as he is “volatile” and has an angry side.

Caoimhe nominates Nathan. She says he’s a “complete bully” and acts like a nice guy. Her second nomination is Ife as she blames her for Shabby’s decision to leave.

Corin nominates Caoimhe as she didn’t apologise like the others when they messed up the bedroom. Corin’s second nomination is John James because “he has a bad temper. Constantly everything winds him up.”

Dave nominates Ife as he heard her gossip and make judgements on situations. Dave’s second nomination is Caoimhe as they have conflicting views on “religion and abortion.”

Ife’s nomination is Caoimhe as “Shabby showed remorse but she didn’t”. Ife’s second nomination is Ben as “he’s not a team player.”

John James nominates Caoimhe as “I talk to her least” and she gives “back chat”. John James second nomination is Ben as he made it clear he was willing to fail a task if he didn’t want to do it.

Josie nominates Nathan as she’s hurt he thought she moved belongings. Josie’s second nomination is Corin as she acted like a “mad woman” when they moved the mattresses and it scared her.

Mario nominates Corin as she “doesn’t join in group conversations.” Mario’s second nomination is Steve as he “aggressively” shouted at the housemates when they moved the mattresses in the bedroom.

Nathan nominates Caoimhe as she said he was a bully and she isolated herself. Nathan’s second nomination is John James as he “loves a row” and he’s had enough of rows.

Steve nominates Ben as he has a “lack of enthusiasm for the tasks” and “lets the team down.” Steve’s second nomination is for John James for his “constant arguing”.


In the bedroom Mario and Ben talk about Shabby. Mario says that he will miss Shabby’s rages and Ben says that her “baggy shorts and swaggering” scared him and that she was aggressive. Mario says she acted that way to “hide things.” Ben says that he never understood why some women want to act as men but he can understand why men want to act like women.

In the bathroom Caoimhe, John James and Josie chat. Caoimhe says that there are only a few people she genuinely likes and Josie says that there is only one person that was a “real shocker.” Caoimhe says “Corin? She’s not real.” John James says that he said that to Josie before. As they are talking about this Ife enters the bathroom so they change the subject. They start to talk about having to nominate housemates and Ife says she “looks” for things so she knows who to nominate on Monday, “when people say gay marriage is wrong for example…” Josie giggles and tells Ife to shut her mouth. Caoimhe says she’s found it easy to nominate.


All the housemates are sat eating dinner in the kitchen. Josie says that she bets Shabby is “annihilated” by now. Caoimhe says that Shabby was the “most real” person in the house and that by her leaving “everyone got what they wanted.” Caoimhe leaves the kitchen.

Caoimhe walks into the living room and says to herself “like I give a f**k. W****rs.”

Caoimhe comes to the diary room and tells Big Brother that her sadness has turned to anger as “they don’t care she’s gone.”

In the kitchen Ben jokes that if John James is the last housemate he will be arguing with himself. Ben mimics John James and all the housemates laugh. John James says “you can take over my role when I leave” and Ben replies “all I need is to bulk up my arms and get a bit of sun in and I’m there.”

Caoimhe is still in the diary room. “If I’m up (for eviction) I’ll stay until Friday and I’ll hope I get evicted. I feel lost because my best friend in the house is gone. I’m going to try my hardest to do it for her.”

Lisa McGarry

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