Big Brother 2010: Day 29 Highlights – John James gets sexy with a robot!

Highlights of tonight’s show 8pm on Channel 4


All if the housemates are asleep in the Bedroom. Big Brother plays the theme tune to The Terminator into the house. “It’s robot time. It’s gonna get nasty”, says Nathan.

All the housemate are forced to wake up by the tilting beds. “Galactor has moved”, shouts Mario.

Most of the housemates go into the Living Room to look at the stationary robot Big Brother has placed in there. The robot comes alive and the housemates scream and run across the room.

The robot turns to face John James and plays some music to him; I’m too sexy (Right Said Fred). The robot turns to Corin and says, “Why hello”. The robot then starts playing its own version of Wonderwall (Oasis); it dances as the housemates all sing along with it. “Wow. I well love it now”, says Corin.

The robot stops and introduces itself as Titan. Titan tells the housemates that things have changed in the house and that the robots have taken over. It informs them that Big Brother has been taken over by Big BroBot and they need to regain control of the house. They will each individually go head to head against a robot in the “ultimate battle of man versus machine”. If they fail they will then be turned into a robot. After Titan finishes speaking Mario asks “Titan, are you single?”

Titan then sings We’ll Meet Again (Vera Lynn) and sprays the housemates with tears. Whilst this is occurring Ben is in the bathroom moaning about Mario saying that “he’s obsessed with it”.


Mario and Caoimhe are in the kitchen talking about Ben. “He’s definitely not a tryer”, says Mario adding that he wouldn’t want to be in a task team with him. Ben enters the room and claims that he doesn’t mind what Mario is saying. “If I fail my task, I will be so angry as I want to take on Big Brobot”, says Mario.

Josie is in the Diary Room talking to Big BroBot about the tension in the house. “Certain people are starting to not get on with each other”. She adds how “Nathan don’t like Caoimhe or John James” and how they don’t like him or Corin. Big Bro Bot asks her how she would feel if John James was evicted. “Devastated. He’s the most sensitive and loyal person I’ve ever met.”

Caoimhe is talking to Mario about his beliefs on life beyond our planet, aliens and UFO’s. Mario tells her that “I think I was visited by aliens”, saying that there were once bright lights and he couldn’t move when he was in bed. She tells him that she gets that but it’s called “sleep paralysis”.

Ben is in the Bathroom. He puts on a robot Mario voice and jokes that he loves robots, is “excited for robots” and that “robots turn me on”. He goes on to say it’s because they can be programmed to do what he wants and you can control penile functions and they wouldn’t mind listening to him talk about his penis 24 hours a day.


Most of the housemates are in the Bedroom talking about religion. Caoimhe and Josie question Dave about religion and his beliefs on homosexuality, same sex marriages and abortion. “Why condemn homosexuals if God loves everyone?” asks Josie. Dave replies that he won’t answer that as he is not in the house to give his views or opinions on things.

Caoimhe then asks him about “same sex marriage and abortion” and how the Pope said they were the two most important issues in the world that need addressing. “Why answer that? The Pope is not my leader”, Dave tells her adding that the Pope is Catholic and he is a born again Christian. “It’s a bigger issue for you”, Dave says to Caoimhe that she has a stereo typical mindset and is angry towards him for what she thinks he believes.

Josie says it doesn’t look good in his favour as he can’t answer the question directly. “I didn’t come in here to give my opinion”, says Dave. He goes on to answer their question directly by saying that he is a “born again Christian” and that he “would believe that homosexuality is wrong”. He tells them that although he thinks its wrong it doesn’t mean he can’t associate himself with these types of people, giving a biblical parallel saying that “Jesus hung out with prostitutes and sinners”.

Dave finishes his discussion by telling them that he has “love and compassion for everyone… God is love” and that it “shouldn’t matter if homosexual, murder or a thief”. He believes that many “people think a religious person is X, Y, or Z” like Caoimhe and to him that isn’t the case.

Mario enters the Bathroom and tells Nathan that the housemates are arguing about religion and Dave’s views on homosexuality in the Bedroom. Nathan doesn’t understand why it keeps getting brought up and that Dave has nothing against homosexuals. “He doesn’t mind them but he wouldn’t marry them” Nathan says. “At the end of the day I don’t really care if my choice is sinful or not, I’m still going to do it”, says Mario.


For today’s task, housemates will take part in a series of man versus machine challenges. Each challenge will pit one housemate against the mighty robot Titan.

Housemates have chosen Josie to take part in the first challenge – a brutal battle of… carpet cleaning. If she loses, she will become a robot and will not be able to take part in the final battle between housemates and Big Brobot.

Josie is in the Task Room with a dust pan and brush against Titan and his vacuum cleaner.

Titan plays I want to break free (Queen) as they go head to head. Housemates all laugh and clap as they watch Josie take on Titan from the Living Room.

Titan beats Josie. Josie slams her dustpan and brush down in frustration and swears. Big Bro Bot announces that the machines are victorious and that Josie is now a robot so she must put her robot outfit on and return to the house.


Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen. Josie talks about the robot being scary to Caoimhe. Josie tells her that she has a wedgie and if she can pull it out for her. Caoimhe reaches behind Josie’s outfit and pulls the wedgie out.

Most of the housemates are in the Living Room. Ben offers Dave a bit of apple but not Mario. “At the very core of your being is a selfish person”, says Mario. “You’re being a bitch today, I haven’t done anything wrong”, says Ben.


Mario is in the Diary Room talking to Big Bro Bot. “I think it’s one of my personal highlights having Titan in the house”, he says. He adds that he’s like to keep him as a permanent housemate in exchange for Ben.

Dave and Ben are in the Nest talking about Mario. “He’s gone a bit weird”, says Dave. Ben agrees adding that Mario has turned quite boring.


As part of today’s task, Big Brobot will be sending a Chaserbot-3000 into the Garden. The Chaserbot will hunt down housemates and any housemate touched by the Chaserbot will become a robot.

Some of the housemates go out into the Garden. The Chaserbot-3000 comes out and tries to catch one of them. They all jump around for a while, dodging and giggling about it. Nathan says “ankle biter ain’t he?”. The Chaserbot carries on trying to catch one of them, in the end Corin is touched by it. “Nooooo”, she screams.


All of the housemates are in the Living Room. As the Chaserbot-3000 caught up with Corin in the Garden, she is now a robot. The next Man V Machine is a smoothie making challenge. Caoimhe volunteers to do the task.

The housemates joke that Ben doesn’t care about the team or task so he should do one of these small tasks rather than take a place in the final battle tomorrow. Ben says he’ll do a task but it depends what it is. “Make him a robot now”, says John James adding that Ben can’t be bothered with any tasks. Nathan tells him he’ll do whatever they tell him to do because he’s “cannon fodder”. “Don’t let him speak to you like that”, Caoimhe tells Ben who says he doesn’t care.

Ben and Caoimhe are in the Bedroom talking about the other housemates. Caoimhe tells him that they intimidate her and she feels “out of place”. Ben says that he can see that Corin annoys her.


Caoimhe goes against Titan the robot in the smoothie making task. She has a masher and Titan has a blender. The task begins and Caoimhe begins mashing the fruit as Titan places the fruit in the blender.

“You’re going down”, Caoimhe tells Titan. Titan sprays her with water from her eyes.

Titan begins to blend the fruit as Caoimhe carries on mashing. However, the robot knocks over the blender trying to pick it up which means “man is victorious”.


Some of the housemates are in the Nest. Caoimhe asks if its obvious Corin “gets on her tits”. Dave says it’s the first he’s heard of it. They talk about Corin’s voice and her singing.

Robot Corin is in the Diary Room. “I love this outfit”, she says. “I’ve got quite a square forehead and I thought it might emphasise it but I love it”. She adds that she hopes Nathan doesn’t leave on Friday.


Big Brobot has gathered housemates for the third Man versus Machine challenge. Housemates are informed the next task will be hairdressing. The majority of the housemates believe Ben should do it. Ben says “hairdressing? What would I do”? Steve replies “styling some hair”, John James as “you’re good at that”. Ben tells John James “don’t patronise me”.


Dave has volunteered to be Ben’s hairdresser’s model. Ben stands behind Dave at a chair in the task room with scissors in hand. Titan has electric clippers. Titan turns to the two of them and replays Dave’s voice “intoxicated on the love of God”.

The task begins. Dave tells Ben to “watch his head” as Ben cuts into his hair. Titan says “negative”, Dave replies with “that’s your problem, you’re negative”. It then says to Ben in the tree of temptations voice “don’t mess with the tree”, Ben tells Titan to “p*** off”.

Ben continues to hack at Dave’s hair.

The housemates are watching in the Living Room on the plasma. Josie says, “Dave looks better now”. “He looks younger”, says Steve.

Dave asks Ben how his hair is looking. Ben claims it looks alright. The task ends. It is announced that man is victorious.


Ben, Dave and Caoimhe are in the Bedroom discussing religion. Caoimhe tells Dave she believes the French education system is correct as no child is allowed to wear an item that depicts religion. Dave tells her that he believes that “if someone wants to wear the cross” they should be allowed to as it’s their right. Caoimhe argues against this.

Steve and Mario are on the sofas. Mario asks Steve what it means to be a father. Steve tells him that it is “amazing” and that when his children were born he “pulled them out and cut the cord”. Steve continues to get more in depth saying that he relies on them more than he realised and that he keeps having visions of his little girl. He wonders if it means she wants him to come home or stick at it. Mario thinks that they would probably want him to stick at it.


Caoimhe and Ben are in the Nest talking about Dave and his religious beliefs. Ben tells her that he believes Dave will get criticism from religious factions for what he says in the house and that he could be “considered an antichrist”.

Ife, John James and Mario are in the toilet. They discuss how Ben is really lazy and never washes up. “Dave is always picking up the pieces for him”, says Ife.

Caoimhe tells Ben that Dave told her that he has to avoids certain situations as I have the tendency to go down the wrong path. Ben says that it referred to her and Shabby’s relationship. “Steve is worse than Dave because he is really quite narrow-minded but people won’t nominate him because he is a war hero”, says Ben. Ben then rule breaks by stating that he “did think of doing Steve because of the snoring”. Caoimhe tells him he can’t say that, he then realises and puts his hand over his mouth.

Nathan is in the Diary Room talking to Big BroBot about Dave and Ben. “In the first couple of weeks I was nominating Dave and Ben”, he says. “Now they are my absolute heroes.” He says that his biggest regret is not getting to know them sooner.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Ben tells Caoimhe, whilst Dave is sat in bed with him, that Dave isn’t being portrayed right by her and “thinks certain things are wrong”. Dave says that she knows what he believes and that’s what is in the scripture. Dave and Caoimhe resolve the issue and cuddle.

“What’s happened now”, Nathan asks Dave. He tells him that she apologised but still wants to question him. Nathan thinks that the next time that it occurs he should just walk away. Dave moves over to Nathan’s bed and moans at Ben saying he needs to be careful of her or he will have a “negative experience” and that he “thought it was Shabby” but she is carrying the same negativity. Ben agrees.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!