Big Brother 2010: Day 3 highlights!


Last night Mario was told by the Tree of Temptation that he must throw all the vegetables and bread into the pool and try and pin it on one of his fellow housemates.

After throwing food into the pool he placed an empty food wrapper in Ife’s make-up bag hoping to incriminate her.


Ife and Corin are in the bathroom discussing the food that is in the pool. Ife says “maybe someone’s trying to frame us”.

They go outside to the pool where they are joined by Sunshine who says about the food in the pool, “we’re still eating this”. They laugh and speculate that it maybe Mario who threw all the food in the pool.


Steve, Mario, John James, Josie and Govan are in the bedroom. John James tells Mario that he thinks he had something to do with the food being thrown into the pool. Mario denies being the culprit and tells the housemates that whilst he was sleeping he could hear noise outside his mole hole. Caoimhe enters the bedroom and then leaves with Mario. They discuss Mario’s attraction to Ben. Mario says to Caoimhe that he has “a thing for him” (Ben) and asks her “is it that obvious?”

Once Mario leaves Govan, Josie and John James continue to speculate as to whether Mario threw the food in the pool and refer to him as a “Cracking little actor”. They also discuss how it’s a task and that it’s “not his fault”.


Josie and Govan are in the garden talking about friendship. Govan tells Josie that if ever she went before him he would want to go home. They add that they think their friends on the outside will be getting jealous of their friendship.

Some of the housemates are in the bathroom. Sunshine asks Mario if he threw the food in the pool, which Mario denies. Sunshine says Mario, “you’re lying”. Dave, Sunshine and Mario discuss how people’s eyes move when they are lying. Dave and Sunshine both agree that Mario is lying.


Caoimhe and Mario are in the living room talking about Mario’s feelings for Ben. They talk about Ben leading Mario on. Caoimhe refers to Ben as “tactile”, and how “that can perhaps be leading you on”. Mario says that he is going to, “leave it as friendship”, to which Caoimhe replies, “there’ll be another gay in here for you to play with”. Mario describes his “ideal” man. He says that he likes “masculinity”.


For today’s task housemates will take part in Wear it or Lose it. Housemates have four minutes in which to put on as many items of their clothing as they can.

Any clothes housemates fail to put on within the four minutes will be lost.

As punishment for breaking the rules by entering the mole hole yesterday. Caoimhe, will only get two minutes. Earlier housemates decided Dave and Josie were the best dressed and so they will be exempt from the task and will keep their clothes.

Housemates take part in the Wear it or Lose it task. After the task is over all housemates remain in the garden. Ben and Mario discuss the clothes that Ben has put on in the task. As Ben only managed to get one pair of trousers Mario tells him he can borrow some of his clothes.

Mario removes a hair from Ben’s shoulder and exclaims it must be from one of Ben’s, “blonde conquests”.


Mario is in the bathroom where the Tree of Temptation is ready to give him his next task. He’s told he must take a pair of scissors from the chests drawer and “trash” someone’s cigarettes. Again, Mario must try and frame another housemate.

“Can we go on a date after this?” asks Mario. “I’m stumped”, says the Tree.


Most of the housemates are in the garden. John James talks to the other housemates about his previous sexual encounters. He refers to himself as “the 30 second man”.


John James and Ben are talking about Josie in the garden. Ben asks John James whether he is attracted to Josie. John James replies that he “wouldn’t normally be attracted to her on the outside”, but she is someone he could “easily become close to on the inside”. They both refer to Josie as “kind and fun”.


Dave, Mario and Sunshine are in the bedroom. Dave is reading a bible which he is granted access to for 30 minutes everyday.

Sunshine talks to Mario about all the people that have died in her family. Mario asks, “just out of curiosity, does everyone just die around you?”

They talk about the jewellery that Sunshine wears having a “deep meaning”, and Mario tells Sunshine that he has learnt a lot more about her in the 20 minutes that they have been talking.

Dave joins the conversation and tells Sunshine that “goodness” will be restored after all the “bad” things that have happened to her. He says to her, “You’re a very, very, very special person”.

He talks to her about the biblical implications of changing your name according to the Bible.


Corin, Govan, Josie and Sunshine are in the bedroom.

John James enters the bedroom after going to the toilet. Sunshine asks John James if he has washed his hands. They argue about hand wash. Govan joins in the argument as to where to go to wash your hands.

Once Sunshine has left the room housemates begin to talk about her. Rachel says, “I need to get away from Sunshine . . . we rub each other the wrong way sometimes”.
Govan says about Sunshine, “out of everyone, she does have a bit of an attitude”.


Some of the housemates are at the carousel. It has been five hours and 55 minutes since Mario the mole was given the task of cutting up fellow housemates cigarettes.

Mario is adjusting his “mole” hands and quickly steals a packet of cigarettes from the chair. He then goes to his mole hole and takes out the cigarettes and places them under his pillow.

Sunshine is in the Mole’s toilet and asks Mario what he is doing in the mole hole. She says to Mario “I think you’ve got something to hide”. Mario denies he’s is doing anything, telling Sunshine he was coming to check the mole hole as there have been ants crawling around.


Mario is in his mole hole cutting the cigarettes with his scissors. He goes to the bathroom and places the packet of cut up cigarettes on top of the chest of drawers.


Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. They are still speculating as to who threw the food in the pool. Steve says that “it’s closer to home”.

Rachel, Ife and Shabby are in the bathroom and decide to play a trick by using food to write the word “twist” by the pool side.

In the bedroom, Mario and Ben are talking about music. Mario sings to Ben, “what’s love got to do , got to do with it, what’s love got do with a little ol’ mole”.


Shabby, Caoimhe and Ife take the food from the kitchen and use it to write the word “twist” by the pool side. Ife is humming the Mission Impossible theme tune. About the writing the word “twist” using food, Shabby says “It’s fucking beautiful”.


Lisa McGarry

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