Big Brother 2010: Day 30 highlights – Mario Mugan kisses John JamesParton!

Highlights of tonight’s show 8pm on Channel 4


Most of the housemates are asleep in the Bedroom. The curtain to the Living Room open’s and the housemate’s gather to watch Titan through the glass. Titan sings a song about cleaning windows and mimes washing the glass separating them.

In the Living Room Titan delivers the news that hot water has been restored to the house. “For goodness sake, stop discussing nominations”, says Titan.

Titan turns to Dave and gives him a wedding anniversary message from his wife. “I miss you, I can’t wait to see you”, says Titan in Dave’s wife’s voice. It is explained that because they usually have a curry together on their anniversary night Dave will have a hot date with a steamy Vindaloo and Big Brobot tonight.


Mario and Caoimhe are in the Kitchen. Mario is telling her about a NASA space report he once read. Caoimhe nods along with what he is saying but looks very non-plussed by the information.

Josie is in the Diary Room talking to Big Bro Bot. “I’ve had it up to the ceiling with being a robot”, she says. “I’m a country girl, I like going out feeding my chickens and horses”, she adds. “I watched a lot of Terminator as a child and there are bad things out there that can kill you. ”


Ife and Steve are in the Bedroom. Ife tells Steve her feet feel sore. Steve tells her that she is lucky to have feet.

Caoimhe and Mario are in the shower. Since Big Bro Bot has taken charge of the house, the human housemates are in constant peril. Caoimhe starts to scream as she notices the water is coming out a funny colour. Mario thinks it might be oil.

Most of the housemates are in the Garden. “You doing that washing up, Ben?” says Nathan. Ben insists that it is his washing up day tomorrow. Dave tells him off for not helping more last night. Don’t stress me out today. You’re being a bitch”, Ben says to Dave.


It’s game four of Man versus Machine. Housemates have chosen Nathan to take on Titan in the monumental battle of ‘air bed inflating’.

Nathan and Titan stand facing their deflated air beds. Nathan begins pumping his foot on the air pump peddle. Titan berates Nathan putting on a gangster Soprano style voice, “You talking to me?”.

Titan wins as his bed fills with air first. Nathan is told he is now a robot.


As part of the robot invasion, housemates have been told that the garden is a danger zone. At Big BroBot’s discretion, he will randomly send chaserbot-3000’s to attack any housemates in the garden and turn them in to robots.

Dave is in the Kitchen with Steve and Ben. Dave tells Ben that he must do the next task as he is “cannon fodder”. Ben disagrees.

Ife is in the Garden. The chaserbot-3000’s are released and Ife runs around trying to escape their touch. She jumps and dodges them for a while, as other housemates look on from the safety of the Kitchen. Finally, Ife is hit which means she must now become a robot.


Most of the housemates are in the Living Room. Ben is telling the other housemates that he thinks the war in the late 30’s was a mistake. “Forget politics, Hitler was full of demons”, Dave tells him. Caoihme tells Dave to stop bringing religion into it.
In the Bedroom Dave and Caoimhe continue to argue. Caoimhe is getting annoyed with his religious points of view. Dave tells her that she is very opinionated and to stop trying to change his opinions.

In the Living Room, Nathan tells Ben that his views are “wack” but they’re his opinions. They continue to debate his political points of view. Nathan thinks Ben is stuck in the old days.

Steve is also involved in the conversation, arguing against Ben’s political opinions. Ben says that what he is saying is correct and he has studied it. He tells Steve he can go to libraries and see for himself. Steve says he doesn’t “give a f*** about libraries”. “You’re insulting my fathers, my grandfathers because you’re talking out of your a***”, says Steve.

Ben goes into the bedroom. “Some people are unbelievable thick”, he says.


Caoimhe is in the Diary Room talking to Big BroBot about having had another argument with Dave. She says that she is a fun positive person, yet when Big BroBot asks her what her positive characteristics are she looks shifty and replies “next question.”

Mario and Ben are in the Nest. Ben asks him what to do about his other housemates constantly telling him what to do. “First thing we are going to stop is the pity party”, says Mario adding that, “no one is asking you to change your personality. Just give it a little more thought”. Ben tells him Mario’s never had a group continuously having a go at him so wouldn’t know.


It’s the final task of Man versus Machine. Housemates have chosen Steve to take on Titan in a speed battle of…egg white whisking.

Steve and Titan begin to whisk their egg whites. Titan is laughing evilly as he does so. Steve retaliates, shouting and whooping at Titan. At the end of the task Steve is deemed the winner as Titan has spilt all his eggs onto the table.


Ben and Steve are in the Bathroom. “You have laid your life down in a way that I couldn’t imagine”, says Ben, apologising for his flippant remarks previously. Steve says it’s cool and they shake hands. Ben thanks Steve for his generosity.


For the final part of this week’s task, the remaining human housemates will take part in the ultimate battle of Man versus Machine. They are not only fighting for survival…they’re fighting for food.

Each human housemate has customised mega death robots and they must endure 3 minutes battling against the mighty force of robot warrior, Bigger Brother.
Corin, Ife, Josie and Nathan are now robots so are exempt.

If any of the human housemate’s mega death robots are operable after 3 minutes in the arena of destruction, they will pass this weeks shopping task.

The housemates begin to fight Bigger Brother. One of the robots is flicked by Bigger Brother into the air and out of the death ring.

Bigger Brother has managed to get all of the housemate’s mega death robots out of the ring and so housemates have failed this week’s shopping task.


Dave, Ben, Caoimhe and Mario are in the Nest. Ben tells the others it is liberating to be universally disliked in the house. Caoimhe agrees with him.

John James is in the Bedroom doing an impression of Corin. He talks in a high-pitched voice saying Corinisms and shrieking “Oh My God!” after every sentence.
“You’re such a bitch”, says Josie.

Dave is summoned to the Diary Room for his hot date with Big Bro Bot for his wedding anniversary. Dave opens the Diary Room door and looks in showing it to Corin. It is a romantically laid table with a curry and a beer. Corin shrieks “Oh My God!” and wishes him a nice time.


Some of the housemates are in the Bathroom. Nathan is shaving Ife’s head.
Mario looks on and tells her she looks like Nefertiti the Egyptian Queen.

Corin and Dave are in the Garden. “I hope Nathan don’t go. He’s keeping it real”, says Corin. Dave says he loves them both.

Mario and John James have come to the Diary Room talking about who will leave on Friday. “I’ll be gutted either way”, says Mario. “If John and I kiss will you give us some alchol?2 asks Mario. Big Brother tells him that he doesn’t need to ask Big Brother’s permission to kiss him. Mario gives John James a big kiss on the cheek. Mario wants more than that. They peck each other on the lips. John James giggles and says he felt like he was in second grade again kissing behind the bike sheds.

Lisa McGarry

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