Big Brother 2010: Day 32 highlights – Josie Gibson is jealous of John James Parton and Keeley Johnson!

Highlights of tonight’s show 9.30pm on Channel 4


John James is in the Bathroom brushing his teeth. “Psst, oi, Skippy”, says The Tree of Temptation. The Tree gives John James a task in which he has to tell eleven lies to his fellow housemates. The Tree suggests he could tell the housemates he was in Neighbours as a kid.

9.29 am John James and Keeley chat

In the Kitchen Keeley and John James are talking about Australia and about Keeley’s life. John James asks Keeley about the people she has dated in the past as he had been told she had dated some footballers. Keeley says that she has dated footballers but that has only represented a small percentage of the men she has dated. So you date a lot of blokes?” says John James. Keeley responds by saying she’s quite bossy and assertive.

In the kitchen, John James asks Keeley how old she is. She responds and asks him how old does he think she is. He replies 29. ” I’m 30, I don’t look my age do I?”, says Keeley. John James responds by saying he thought she was younger


Some of the housmates are in the Bedroom. Keeley comments on the noises in the Bedroom at night, saying, “It’s like a wildlife programme”.

In the bedroom, Josie does some impressions of John James for Keeley. When Keeley leaves, Josie says to John James. “If you run off with Keeley, I won’t be hurt”. John James tells her that Keeley scares him and she dates footballers. John James then reveals that earlier he asked Keeley her age and guessed 29 to be polite, knowing she was older.


John James is in the Bedroom. “F***, 11 lies about Australia, f***”.

Josie and Caoimhe are at the Carousel talking about Ife not being happy about Keeley doing all the cleaning. Josie says that Keeley is perfect like Barbie. Caoimhe says, “She’s got a big arse”.

The conversation turns to Andrew, and how he keeps looking at the girls’ ‘boobs’ in the house. “He’s definitely a boobie man”, says Josie.


In the Bathroom, the Tree is talking to John James. John James is told that if he wins the task he will the opportunity to speak to his friend in Australia via video call.

The Tree tells John James that he didn’t realise he was so thick, and therefore decided to give him one extra hour to complete the task.

John James proceeds to tell lies to the housemates, including saying that his neighbours have pet kangaroos, his mum owns a house on Ramsey Street and that he has kissed Danni Minogue.


John James is in the bathroom talking to the Tree. The Tree tells John James that although he didn’t quite do what he asked, he has taken into account how dumb he is, and has decided to pass him on the task.

In the Garden, Dave, Ben and Josie are talking about Keeley and John James. Dave tells Josie that she needs to up her game. Josie says, “I aint never seen him do his hair like that for me”. Ben then suggests that Josie should propose to John James.


Keeley is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about how she is getting along in the house. Keeley says she really likes everyone in the house and how the other housemates have cottoned onto how bossy she is.

Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen. Josie and Caoimhe are telling Andrew they have noticed him checking out the girls in the house. Josie asks Andrew if he is a tiger in the bedroom. He responds by saying he is more like a sloth.


John James is in the task room talking to his friends and mother on a live video link up. His mum tells him she is really proud of him.

Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Josie asks Andrew if he would like to go to Ibiza with her. He says no. However, he would like to go to Las Vegas. Josie suggests that she and Andrew could get married in Vegas.


The housemates have been gathered at the sofas for this week’s You Vs the Housemates challenge – Spooning.

Housemates have chosen Andrew to be their representative

The housemates watch the television screen to see the challenger balancing spoons on their face


Andrew takes part in the task and managed to balance four spoons on his face. Big Brother reveals that the viewer managed five and because of this Andrew has failed the task.


Some of the housemates are in the Nest. “What goes on in here, stays in here”, Ben tells Andrew.

Rachel is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about her time in the house. “I’m settling in quite nicely”. She adds that she thinks it’s great that Dave has found unconditional love as that is what everyone wants. She also says that Ife might annoy her even though she is a nice girl.


Mario, Andrew, Keeley and Steve are in the Kitchen. Mario is massaging Keeley’s head. “That’s the closest you’ll get to sex in the house”, he says.

Dave, Ben and Caoimhe are in the Nest talking about the new housemates. Ben thinks that Andrew and Keeley have been patronising him. He says that they said he was actually funny.

Josie and John James are at the Carousel. “You’re cruising for an argument, go have one with your new Sheila”, says Josie. John James says that Josie said he had ‘crab eyes’ in front of the new housemates. She insists it was not her but Steve. The argument continues in the Nest, after which Josie says she cannot be in the same room as John James.

9.44 pm

Steve and Ben are in the Nest talking about Keeley. “She’s come in here to take control”, says Steve. “What she’s done is unite us all”, says Ben.
John James goes to speak to Josie who is alone in the Bedroom. She tells him to leave her alone and in reference to her calling him ‘crab eyes’ shouts, “I didn’t say it”.. They continue to argue until Josie gets up and leaves.

In the Diary Room, Josie talks to Big Brother about her argument with John James. “I am so angry. Why is someone who is supposed to be my friend making me so angry?”.

In the bedroom, John James and Caoimhe talk about the argument. Caoimhe asks whether it is due to them being more than friends and Josie is upset as Keeley has entered the house.


Corin, Ife, Caoimhe and Josie are at the Carousel talking about John James and Josie’s argument. Ife asks whether the argument was caused by sexual tension. Josie says it was caused by John James being a “rude little p***k”.

John James is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about his argument with Josie. “I feel like I’m nothing without her. If I don’t have her friendship then I don’t want to be here”.


Steve and Corin are in the Kitchen saying how nice the new housemates are. “They’re not bitchy, they just want to have a laugh”, says Corin.

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