Big Brother 2010: Day 33 highlights – Josie and John James are husband and wife once more!

Day 33 – On tonight’s Channel 4 highlights show –

Ben and John James are in the living room talking about Andrew. They say what a nice guy he is and how modest he is with his intelligence. They also like Rachel, Ben thinks she will be a good antidote to Corin and coins Keeley ‘Goldilocks’

Caoimhe and Josie are discussing John James in the bathroom whilst Josie is brushing her teeth. Caoimhe says that John James is really upset, Josie responds by saying she wants to keep her distance and says “I’m that stubborn I could ignore him for the whole programme.”

Andrew is in the diary room talking about how well he gets on with Josie. “She is lovely, she’s taken a real shine to me. It’s quite a nice feeling. It’s good to know some people will like me just for who I am.”

In the kitchen, John James is talking to Caoimhe about Josie and how he wants her back to being his friend. He asks Caoimhe if she will talk to Josie for him and she accepts.

Caoimhe finds Josie in the nest and speaks to her about John James, repeating that he is really sorry about what happened. Josie says “Oh so he realises he’s been out of order now does he? I’m a soft touch and I always give in but he can jog on this time”.

In the closet, Caoimhe tells John James that Josie just needs time and distance.

4.56 pm
Caoimhe asks the new housemates if the others look similar to how they do on television. Andrew responds by saying ‘different, a lot shorter’. He also tells Caoimhe she looks beautiful in her glasses.

In the bedroom Josie tells Mario that the new housemates have just made her realise she’s on television. ‘I’m a bit slow, it’s just sunk in’.

Housemates are getting to know Andrew, Keeley and Rachel in the Dizzy Quizzy Task. Three teams are competing to win a luxury banquet tonight.

Housemates must spin around a pole while Big Brother asks a question. On the klaxon, they must run and hit the correct buzzer.
Housemates begin the task. After each question, they must run to the buzzer. The questions are about the new housemates including; ‘What is the most expensive thing Keeley has ever bought? Her house, her or her breasts?’

At the end of the task, Big Brother reveals the scores: Green 4 points, Blue 2 points, Yelllow 0 Points. The winning team, Green, wins a luxury banquet with the new housemates.

8.11 pm
Andrew and John James are talking about horoscopes. During the conversation, Josie says that her sister’s friend can always tell what star sign someone is just by talking to them. John James asks her what her star sign is to which Josie replies ‘you talking to me?’. John James tries to make up with Josie but she says ‘I’d be happy not talking to you for the rest of the programme.’

She goes on to say “It was an embarrassment John…you should not have took (sic) it out on me again. It’s all about you John. ‘He’s ever so upset’ well what about me then?”

She says, falsely, that Big Brother played her a clip from yesterday that proved it wasn’t her that called John James ‘crab eyes’. John James asks where their friendship stands and says ‘I apologised, I made a mistake and I’m sorry’.

In the kitchen, the winning housemates and new housemates are enjoying their banquet. John James is waiting to see Big Brother in the living room. Rachel tells him to come and enjoy the banquet after seeing Big Brother.

John James goes to the Diary Room. He begins to cry and tells Big Brother he would like to go home. John James says that he has tried to resolve the situation with Josie but she doesn’t want to resolve it. He pulls out his handkerchief and wipes his tears. “Unless I’m with her I don’t have fun.”

In the bedroom, Josie asks where John James is and why isn’t he enjoying the banquet. She tells Ben ‘I was a right bitch to him just now, I told a porkie pie, I wouldn’t let it go’. She then tells Ben about the lie she told John James about Big Brother playing a clip from yesterday for her. Ben tells Josie she is a ‘silly girl’.

In the Diary Room, John James asks Big Brother if it possible to play him the same clip that was played for Josie. Big Brother responds by saying that they would never discuss or replay clips for housemates.

In the bedroom, Josie continues discussing John James with Ben.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother tells John James that if he leaves he won’t be able to resolve the situation. John James agrees.

9.59 pm
In the kitchen, Josie and Steve discuss John James. Steve asks whether John James has left the house.

In the bedroom, Caoimhe and John James discuss Josie. Caoimhe reveals that Josie ‘feels like a bitch’ and that she will have another talk with her.

Josie enters the bedroom and says to John James she should be the one sulking. John James reveals that he knows Josie was lying about Big Brother playing a clip for her and they continue to argue about her lying. Josie leaves the bedroom and John James is alone until Mario tries to comfort him.

John James, heads back towards the Diary Room door, and tells Mario ‘you’re gonna get an announcement’. Mario pleads with him not to leave. He says to Ben “I’ll break that diary room door down, grab him by the scruff of the neck and drag him back in here.”

In the Diary Room, John James is crying telling Big Brother ‘that’s it, I’m out. Let me out or I’m jumping’

10.27 pm
Ben talks about how he loves to tease people and be teased, however, although John James ‘can dish it, can’t take it’.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother asks John James if he would like anyone to join him in the Diary Room. He says Josie.

Big Brother calls Josie to the diary room. She says ‘for f**k’s sake, this is so stupid’.

Josie enters the Diary Room and says to John James “Stop being an idiot!” Josie lays on the diary room floor as John James still looks sad in the chair. Big Brother asks John James to list three things he loves about Josie. She laughs as he say’s “there’s nothing, she’s a pain in the ass!”

Big Brother poses the same question to Josie and she says ‘he’s handsome, playful, funny, sensitive and looks dashing in a football kit, he lets me borrow his hoodies and caps, he’s good at snuggles’. John James says that Josie is funny, doesn’t take things too seriously and she does his washing sometimes and that he really likes her but isn’t used to meeting people like her.

11.20 pm
Mario, Rachel and Steve speculate on how long John James and Josie have been in the Diary Room.

John James and Josie have been in the Diary Room for 52 minutes.

Big Brother asks the housemates to return to the house. Josie leaves and John James stays. Josie enters the kitchen and says how embarrassed she feels because it’s all been over something so stupid.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother tells John James to leave as it is hot in there and so he leaves. When John James leaves, Dave hugs him and says “you missed out on an entire day being in the diary room!”

John James enters the garden to sit with Josie. John James tells Josie that they are both very different people, that she has Caoimhe as a friend and that “I shouldn’t of clinged onto you like I have. Do you think we’re too close?”

Most of the housemates are sleeping in the bedroom. Josie and John James are under a duvet in the nest talking about why John James was so upset.

“You’re the only person who’s opinion that I care about,” he says to Josie. “Do you think I’d be in the diary room over anyone else?” They resolve their argument and Josie asks ‘are you going to be my husband again?’. He agrees.

Lisa McGarry

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