Big Brother 2010: Day 34 highlights – Steve grows suspicious of Keeley!

On tonight’s Big Brother highlights show…..

9.56 am

Ife and Corin are in the garden talking about today’s nominations. Corin tells Ife she finds it hard to talk to people on nomination day and has decided to make “More of talking to other people.” Ife says: “I never speak with anyone on Mondays'” preferring to spend time by herself.

Rachel, Andrew and Keeley have been called to the diary room. Big Brother explains to the new housemates that today they must take part in a task, ‘Don’t Come Dine with Me.’ They must each cook one meal for their fellow housemates. The girls choose quickly; Rachel chooses breakfast, Keeley chooses lunch and Andrew is last adding, “Oh b*****ks, breakfast!”

10.06 am

For today’s task Don’t Come Dine with Me, new housemates Rachel, Andrew and Keeley will prepare all the meals for the house. Each meal will be made of 5 ingredients.

Rachel has selected eggs, tomatoes, baked beans, Roquefort cheese and Bombay mix from a selection of fifteen to make her breakfast.

The remaining housemates will score the meals out of 10. The new housemate that receives the highest score for their meal will receive a special reward.

In the kitchen, Rachel explains to Mario that she intends make a layered omelette.

In the bathroom, Ben comments to ‘The Baron’ (Steve) that he is acting like “You’re on heat!”

In the kitchen, Corin tells Rachel that she thinks the Roquefort looks like feta, and tells her that she “hates” feta. She then continues to tell Rachel about a bad feta experience she had whilst on holiday.

In the bedroom, Dave asks the other housemates if they had smelt the breakfast and the “smelly cheese”. Corin reveals that Rachel had put three whole blocks of cheese into the omelette. Ben says, “I would rather eat bird seeds than baked beans.”

In the kitchen, Ben enquires about the breakfast and discovers the baked beans have been added to the omelette.

11.07 am

Rachel and Andrew are in the kitchen. In the bedroom, Mario is explaining black holes to Ben.

The housemates gather in the kitchen for breakfast. Keeley says that she doesn’t like egg and Corin asks to be given “the smallest piece ever.” In the diary room, in turn, Dave describes the breakfast as the “worst food of my life.” John James says it was like “sucking on a lemon” and Steve describes it as “diabolical.”

After trying it herself, Rachel does not appear to have enjoyed her own cooking and gags. The housemates score her cooking.

11.49 am

Some of the housemates are in the kitchen. Josie praises Rachel saying: “From what you had you did a good job.”

John James, Ben, Mario and Dave are in the bedroom. John James says that because he can’t cook, he does not want to criticise Rachel’s cooking, “I would be a hypocrite” he adds. Dave asks housemates to say whether “You’ve ever had a worse meal!”

In the diary room, Steve tells Big Brother that he didn’t enjoy his breakfast. He then starts talking about Keeley saying: “She’s trying to use her management skills” in the house, “she’s trying to get the other guys to go against me.” He admits that this is a “clever” move that will not work and says that the “Pocket Rocket is using her good looks and charms” to win over the house.

12.41 pm

Some of the housemates are in the nest discussing their forthcoming nominations.

Dave mentions that some housemates keep making him tea and coffee, possibly to “avoid being nominated.” He jokes with Josie, “You should be first on my list, you don’t do anything for me.”

New housemates Keeley, Rachel and Andrew will not be able to nominate this week and therefore housemates can not nominate them this week

Ben is the first housemate to nominate and nominates Ife “because of her slight lack of humour,” and his “shock” second nomination is for Steve “his snoring is out of control.”

Caoimhe nominates Ife because “She drains me, she talks a load of s***te” and Corin because she doesn’t respect people’s moods.

Corin nominates Caoimhe because she chose Nathan after the ‘save and replace’ task and John James because he teased her about her voice and false boobs.

Dave nominates Ife because “She’s the hardest person in the house” and Corin because he is concerned about how “genuine” she really is.

Ife nominates Caoimhe because “I just don’t like her, and she (Caoihme) can’t stand do-gooders.” Her second nomination goes to Ben because of his “inability to empathise” with others.

John James nominates Corin because of her “lack of respect” for other people’s emotions. His second nomination goes to Ife because she gets too angry and had a “cheeky dip” at Andrew during the task.

Josie nominates Ife because she feels conversations with her don’t go anywhere and Dave because he is “high as a kite all the time on God.”

Mario nominates Josie because of the way she has recently been treating John James and Caoimhe because of a comment she made about not wanting to talk to the new housemates, “she’s insensitive.”

Steve nominates Ben because he does everything for himself “and not the team, “he’s quite lazy,” and John James because “he throws his attitude around.”

2.50 pm

Steve, Corin and Keeley are in the garden. Keeley asks Steve if the buzzing noise she can hear is his leg. He tells her that it is adding “but it’s not a vibrator.” He tells her that he finds it hard to be “serious” with her.

Ben, Dave and Caoimhe are in the kitchen. Dave is wearing makeup and Ben tells him that he looks like “an attractive drag queen” adding, “With a wig and a shave you could be a middle-aged housewife, you actually look quite attractive, in a weird way.”

In the garden, Andrew asks Steve whether he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Steve says that he doesn’t but once woke up in the night and didn’t realise where he was. He tells housemates that post his accident, he received his medal in the post in a jiffy bag with no covering letter. Keeley starts to cry adding, “It’s making me upset.” Caoihme tells Steve that he is a “hero,” and he replies, “I’m just me.”

5.11 pm

The housemates are in the kitchen eating a lunch cooked by Keeley. Corin tells her that it looks “amazing.” Steve asks whether the food has fish in it, and winces when he learns that the meal contains anchovies. Intercut with the task, some of the housemates are seen in the diary room talking about the food. John James says that he used to eat “KFC” and doesn’t eat vegetables, “I had to pick the green s**out.” Ben says “She made it work” and Steve describes the meal as “Different, but not too bad.”

The housemates score Keeley’s cooking and Big Brother reveals she has scored 98.

7.31 pm

Some of the housemates are in the bathroom. Ben, Rachel and Keeley are in the bathroom applying facemasks. Ben remarks that any “street cred'” he previously had is now gone.

Mario and Andrew are in the nest. Andrew asks Mario how he manages to be so “open with people?” Mario jokingly tells him, “It’s my lack of intelligence!” Mario asks Andrew if he had a “tough childhood because of your intelligence” and tells him that intelligence is something that should be “celebrated.” Andrew confides that one of his biggest fears is that no-one will ever “intensely” like him adding, “I think if people got to know me, they wouldn’t like me.”

8.26 pm

Andrew is the last of the new housemates to prepare his meal. In the storeroom, Andrew discovers the remaining ingredients he has to cook supper with; custard, squirty cream, pastry case, dragon fruit and liver.

In the bathroom, Mario reveals the ingredients to Keeley. “I can’t eat liver,” she replies and looks worried.

In the kitchen, Ben is assisting Andrew with his cooking and advises him on how to prepare the liver.

10.56 pm

The housemates sit down to eat dinner cooked by Ben. Andrew offers to pour their water and Josie starts singing ‘Smooth Operator’ by Sade. Ife mentions that the custard “smells scrumptious.” In the diary room, intercut with the meal, Dave tells Big Brother that he could walk the earth for “200 years” and never eat another meal like that.

During the meal, Andrew tells his housemates a few jokes including; “I went to a restaurant and the waiter only had a left arm – serves ’em right!” All the housemates laugh. When scoring Andrew’s food, Ben says that he admires the love and attention that went into the cooking. Mario jokes about having a “19-year-old squirting cream all over me.”

Big Brother reveals the final scores. Rachel scored 63, Keeley 98 and Andrew 108; Andrew has won the task.

Andrew retrieves a cloche from the storeroom and reveals he has won 50 pounds.

1.27 am

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Steve wishes Keeley goodnight and gives her a peck on the cheek. He tells her his is “buzzing” and reveals his urge to break something in the house. When Steve goes to the toilet, Ben tells Keeley that he thinks Steve sees her as a “rival” in the house and that perhaps she should try and “ruffle his feathers” adding, “he’s sometimes a bit patronising.”

Caoimhe, John James and Josie are in the bathroom discussing nominations and the Save and Replace task. John James says: “I might be better off failing the task.” Caoimhe asks whether there is any chance she won’t be “up” for eviction. Josie says yes. Caoimhe says “whoever wins will put me up.”

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