Big Brother 2010: Day 35 highlights – John James keeps away from Josie!

Highlights of tonight’s show 10.00pm on Channel 4

Day 35


All of the housemates are in the bedroom. Dave throws socks and rolled up towels around the bedroom. Ben stirs as Dave shouts: “Oi quiff head, are you up?” Ben replies angrily, “Course I’m fucking up!” Rachel tries to pull the bed cover off Ben. Dave lifts Caoimhe up and chucks her on top of Ben. Ben tells housemates that he will have to go home if he cannot sleep. Josie sings to him: “Please don’t go.”


Most of the housemates are asleep; John James and Rachel are talking. “Shut up some people are trying to sleep,” shouts Mario.

Ben confides in Keeley, Corin and Ife and tells them he can no longer stay in the house if he is going to be kept awake. “If we don’t sleep we’re going to look crap and feel crap.” He adds: “John James has no personality and Steve is in his forties and should know better!”


In the bathroom Mario tells Andrew that he is going to set him a series of challenges to build up his confidence. “Go and punch Ife in the stomach,” he orders.

Some of the housemates are in the garden. Steve and Josie are talking about Keeley. Josie says that she is going to clean everywhere because Keeley is showing up the girls, “I’m going to scrub that kitchen until it looks like it’s just been fitted!” Steve tells them that Keeley is “poison,” adding: “I don’t want anything to do with her.”

Ife, John James and Keeley are in the kitchen. Later today Big Brother will reveal this week’s nominations.

Ife says she nominates “by process of elimination” and if she was up for eviction, she wouldn’t want to win the Save and Replace task. John James says he would only want to win the save and replace task if two of his friends were up, “The person I’m up against might hate my two best friends.”


Dave and Ben are in the nest. Ben explains that he needs his sleep: “Now that the new housemates are here the levels of excitement have tripled.” Dave apologises adding: “last night was especially hyper.”

Steve, Andrew, Mario and Keeley are in the living room. Keeley asks Steve about his leg but he doesn’t reply. She asks: “Why are you being nasty.””

In the nest Ben tells Dave that Steve is being “pompous,” and says that he is also “pretty bigoted.” Ben mentions Steve’s “odd views” and said that he found it strange when Steve mentioned that he wouldn’t visit his kids if they were in prison. Adding: “Steve’s sacred cow status has to go.”

In the living room Steve stares at Keeley and tells her that he is in a “cold mood” adding: “You’re so transparent.” Keeley replies “You’re a d**k!” “If I was a d**k you’d would be the first person I’d p**s on,” Steve says. He then sings McFly’s: “It’s all about you” followed by the chorus of Poison Ivy. Keeley reacts: “You need to change your attitude, you’re being evil.”


Big Brother has gathered all the housemates in the living room for the results of this week’s nomination. Ife, Caoimhe and Corin are up. “I don’t feel like anyone in here hates me; thank God we’ve got tobacco!” says Corin running into the garden.

At the carousel Corin tells Josie and Ife that she had a feeling she would be up. Ife says that she thought someone else would be up adding: “The people I voted for aren’t here.”


All of the housemates are in the garden for this weeks Save and Replace task, Dead or Alive. Big Brother has supplied the three housemates with cow girl outfits. Corin says that she would love to wear her costume for eviction. Ife & Caoimhe duel; neither of them hit the target. Corin and Ife duel; neither of them hit the target. Caoimhe and Corin duel and Caoimhe hits the target and therefore, wins the task. She replaces her picture with Mario’s “because I don’t think you’ll go.” Caoimhe tells Mario she is sorry. “Shabby did it and now you’ve done it” says Mario before telling her that he is okay.


Corin hugs Mario and tells him: “You won’t go, you don’t have a bad bone in your body.” Mario replies, “Neither did Nathan.” Corin goes silent.

In the garden, Ife tells John James that it has, “turned into a game,” and people are “voting tactically.” She continues by saying that if Caoimhe wanted to put the favourite up (for eviction) it should have been Steve, “because I don’t think Mario is the favourite.” Ife tells John James that she is not worried about facing eviction “unless I hear boos.” John James tells her: “It’s alright to be worried.”

Caoimhe explains to Mario why she picked him and says it was the worst thing she has done. “I knew you would put me up” he says. Caoimhe tells him that she didn’t know who she was going to choose. Mario says he has already been put on the wall, “why would you put me through this again?”


In the living room, Ben tells John James: “You follow Josie around all the time.” John James retorts: “And you stick to Dave like s**t to a blanket!” Dave tells John James he is like “Mary’s little lamb” and begins to recite the nursery rhyme. John James is visibly annoyed.

In the diary room Ife tells Big Brother that it is “weird being up against your two favourite people in the house. I share a bed with Mario and I’d find it hard if Corin left”

At the dining table Andrew tells Caoimhe he likes her, “I hope you don’t go.” Caoimhe replies: “I really really really like you.” Andrew flirts and tells her that she is sexy “but not the only sexy lady here.” The female housemates give a resounding “Whoo!” Josie tells Andrew that although he is shy, “You’re a smooth operator.” Andrew smiles and says that he has never had this much female attention. Caoimhe says “I never wanted to give someone attention” more than she does now. Andrew tells her that the “feeling is mutual.”


In the dairy room Mario tells Big Brother that he is going to give Andrew a task to combat his shyness. “You must engage each female housemate in conversation then hug and kiss her on both cheeks.” Mario tells him that this will turn Andrew into a “sex machine.”


Andrew is sat at the kitchen table: “I’m surrounded by lovely girls,” he says. Mario asks Ife how she would kiss someone when meeting them: “Why don’t you try it out on Andrew.” Ife jumps up to role-play with Andrew, kissing him on both cheeks. Mario then asks Keeley how she would do it. She shows him, using Andrew. Finally, Mario asks Corin who questions if this is “a secret task or summit?” She kisses Andrew on the cheeks and repeats her question, laughing.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Caoimhe says “Do you dare me to kiss Josie.” Ben replies, “Course not, you’d do it properly.” Josie gets up to leave the bedroom, and John James says to Ben “I’m going to go and follow Josie round for a bit.” As they walk through the living room, John James relays his earlier conversation with Ben to Josie adding: “Ben thinks I’m your lap dog.”

Josie is in the garden and is agitated by Ben’s comments about John James. “He made me feel like a right tosser,” says John James. Josie is angry and calls Ben into the garden. She tells Ben that John James feels awkward “because of what you said.” Ben tries to justify his claims and says that his views were correct. John James tells Josie “Ben thinks our friendship is one-sided.” She continues at Ben: “You said the feeling weren’t mutual!” Ben retreats into the house and Josie tells John James not to listen to him anymore and reassures him, “John James, you don’t love me more than I love you.”


Some of the housemates are in the living room. Josie and Caoimhe are jokingly flashing their bras at Andrew. They tell him to feel their boobs. Andrew looks embarrassed and Josie and Caoihme apologise before flashing him again. They all laugh.

Some of the housemates are in the garden. Steve is lying on the pebbles by the swimming pool. He lifts Corin up then Keeley like a bench press, and then lifts Ben. Josie walks by and Steve asks, “How heavy are you Jose (sic).” “Too heavy,” she replies before walking off.


Most of the housemates are in the living room. Steve and Keeley are playing about and she reminds him that he is “a married man.” “I’m just a flirt,” replies Steve. Rachel tells them that it’s always the girls who come across as flirts “not the men.” Keeley tells Steve, “You’re going to get me in trouble.”

Ben is in the dairy room and tells Big Brother that the house had and atmosphere you could “cut with a knife.” He says that John James is now into “conspiracy theories” and that housemates should remember that “this is a TV show.”

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Josie says that some of the things they find funny in the house may look “desperate” on the outside. She refers to Steve lifting up his fellow housemates. Steve says he was just “having a laff” and wouldn’t want to jeopardise what he has “to be with a jumped up . . .” Mario tells him that its all harmless banter. Ife says that Keeley loves it but Steve says he isn’t going to bother anymore if that is how things may be perceived.


Steve is in the kitchen talking to Dave about the situation with Keeley. Dave tells him: “as long as they’re coming on to you, it’s fine.”

Mario and Ben are in the nest. Mario asks Ben why Caoimhe had put his name up for eviction. “The other day she was lying on my lap and asking for a massage,” he says.

Steve calls Keeley into the living room for a chat. He says he is worried about Rachel’s earlier comments: “All I’ve tried to do is make you feel welcome, have a laff, banter, I don’t want it to be perceived in another way.” Keeley assures him that she is fine and didn’t think anything off it. Steve apologises and Keeley asks him why. “Coz I feel like a twat now, I thought you were thinking something different,” he replies.

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