Big Brother 2010: Day 36 highlights – tensions arise between John James and Josie

On tonight’s Channel 4 highlight’s show…..


Most of the housemates are asleep in the Bedroom. The housemates are awoken by the song ‘Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler. Keeley, Corin and Rachel get up and dance. John James dances in his bed.

In the Garden, Corin discovers the ‘Uber Cougar’s Lair’. “What is it? A Panda?” she asks.


Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen. Dave and Josie are talking about losing weight. Josie says that when she gets out of the house she is going to go the gym. “What are you? An 18?” asks Dave.

At the Carousel Josie is telling Caoimhe what Dave just said about her weight. “He thinks he’s an athlete because he’s lost a couple of pounds”, she says, “He’s a sandwich short of a picnic.”


Caoimhe is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about her guilt for putting Mario up for eviction. “I shouldn’t have put him up”.

In the Nest, Josie approaches Dave about his earlier comments by telling him that he really upset her and knocked her confidence. Dave apologises and Josie concedes that she may be overreacting due to it being her time of the month. When Josie leaves, Ben assures Dave that he didn’t say anything too bad.

Big Brother has gathered all the housemates at the sofas for this weeks’ shopping task

Big Brother tells all the boys to go to the Lair. Once in there, a VT is played into the house informing the girls that Uber Cougar has stolen all the boys and that the girls must perform tasks dressed at superheroes to win back the boys and the shopping budget. They see the boys on the screen in the Lair, “John James look’s well fit”, says Corin.


Big Brother has called the superheroes to the sofas for a message from the Uber Cougar. She informs Corin that she will be doing the first task, removing a pair of pants from a block of ice. “I always manage to get boxer shorts off any man”, Corin says.

In the Diary Room, Corin told she is the boys’ only hope by Big Brother before entering the small task room to discover an ice sculpture with a pair of pants frozen in the middle. Corin then proceeds to smash the ice with her show, apply lipstick, and use a hair dryer on the ice. Corin succeeds in removing the pants from the ice and proceeds to kiss the ice man.


In the Garden, all of the girls are discussing John James. “Why would a 24 year old cry in the Diary Room about a girl he doesn’t fancy?” asks Ife. Rachel suggests that John James fancies Josie. Josie then insists that the girls move the conversation to the Nest in case John James can hear them in the lair. After being questioned by the girls, Josie concedes that she fancies him when he is wearing a football kit and that she would be ‘put out’ if any of the new housemates fancied him.


In the Diary Room, Big Brother asks Corin which boy she would like to save from the lair. She chooses Ben. When asked if she has a message for the Cougar, Corin says that she enjoys the smell of victory.


All of the superheroes and Ben have been gathered at the sofas for another message from the Uber Cougar.

The Uber Cougar explains the rules of the next task via VT to the boys and the superheroes. Caoimhe must climb a wall in the garden and retrieve clues to the whereabouts of keys in the house and garden. Keeley must then drive to the locations [in a small electric car] and retrieve the keys so that Caoimhe can open the next box with the next clue.

In the Living Room, Ben and Rachel are talking about how attractive Keeley is in front of Josie. Josie says, “I know, I wish she’d bugger off”.

In the Garden, Keeley and Caoimhe begin the task. Keeley must retrieve the first key from an ashtray in the Carousel. When she crashes the car, John James can be seen in the lair saying ‘women drivers’. Once all of the keys have been found, and the two thongs have been released, Big Brother reveals that the girls have passed the task. Big Brother congratulates the housemates and asks them which boys they would like to release. Caoimhe chooses John James and Keeley chooses Mario.


Caoimhe and Condiment Killer Josie are in the Bathroom talking about John James. “Now that you’ve said I fancy him, I’m starting to think, do I actually fancy him?” says Josie before adding, “I know he don’t look at me like that”. Rachel then starts talking about needing to ascertain evidence about whether John James fancies Josie. Josie says, “A bloke like that won’t be interested in a girl like me”.


Josie is waiting to enter the Diary Room. Whilst waiting, John James questions her about her behaviour towards him. He says, “You seem a bit embarrassed today? Are you? You haven’t looked at me.” Josie responds by telling John James to go away.

In the Diary Room, Josie discusses with Big Brother how she feels about John James. “I’m so embarrassed, I can’t even be in the same room as him”, she says, adding, “I’m a sad randy mare”.


John James and Caoimhe discuss Josie in the Bathroom. Caoimhe says that earlier they were discussing the issue of their relationship and asks John James whether he has feeling for Josie. “I never looked at her like that. Maybe at the beginning but not now”, he says.


Some of the housemates are in the Bathroom. Caoimhe tells Josie that John James is very ‘fancyable’ and then says when John James enters ‘so did you hear you and this one fancy each other’ before exiting to make tea and leave them to talk. John James and Josie then discuss their relationship and Josie says that she doesn’t fancy him and that she is feeling embarrassed. John James tells her she doesn’t need to like that and Josie reveals that she just weird like that sometimes.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!