Big Brother 2010: Day 37 highlights – Josie Gibson moves on from John James Parton!

On tonight’s Channel 4 highlights show…..


Yesterday the Big Brother house was taken over by femme fatale villain Uber Cougar. The girls have been transformed into superheroes and they must use their powers to re-capture the boys from the Uber Cougars Lair, for each boy they release they will also get £100 from the shopping budget. So far they have rescued Ben, John James and Mario.

Mario, Corin and Ife are in the Kitchen talking about how unfair it is that they have all been nominated. Corin says, “I feel a bit s*** today”. Ife says, “I just wanna know”. Mario says that he told Caoimhe that he knew that he was going to get picked in the save and replace task. They all say that they need to stay positive and make the most of the experience.


The Uber Cougar has granted her boys some exercise time and so Dave and Andrew are exercising in the garden. “One thing I don’t feel is sexy”, says Andrew.

Mario is in the Diary Room talking about his geek wig to Big Brother. He asks Big Brother if he has to wear his wig as it looks like his hair. Big Brother tells him to put the wig on, “Now it looks like I’ve smeared my hair down”.

Caoimhe and John James are talking about what’s wrong with Josie. John James says “I think she kinda feels like a d***. Caoimhe says that the other girls encouraged her. John James responds, “as long as she doesn’t think it, what’s the big deal?” He also asks Caoimhe how Keeley and Rachel got involved in the conversation.


Keeley and John James are in the Bedroom talking about Steve. Keeley says that she thinks Steve is going to kill her because she didn’t pick him in the shopping task.

John James tells Keeley that ever since she came into the house Steve has seemed a lot happier and smiles more. Keeley asks John James whether he has talked to Steve about “his story”.

Ben and Rachel are in the Bedroom discussing Ben’s friendships. “I’ve always had loads of friends but I’ve always seen myself as a bit of a loner”, says Ben.

Keeley and John James are talking about the difference between Australian girls and British girls. “The girls over in Australia are a lot more stuck up”, says John James. He says that British girls are easy going and easier to talk to. He tells Keeley that she doesn’t seem stuck up even though she is attractive. Keeley says that when she was younger she used to be a bit like that. John James says to Keeley, “I can’t believe how young you look that’s amazing that is”.


As part of the Attack of the Uber Cougar shopping task Condiment Killer, aka Josie, must use her squirting skills and Bap pack to make 10 hot dogs. If she is successful she will win £100 towards the shopping budget and will free one of the boys from the Uber Cougar’s lair.

Josie does her task, where she has to run on a treadmill and prepare hot dogs at the same time. She makes 10 hot dogs and wins the task. She chooses Steve to be released fro the boy’s Lair.


Dave and Andrew are talking about God in the Lair. Dave says he struggled for a long time about how God got here and then he realised that God is eternal. Andrew asks Dave why the universe can’t be eternal. “You got to think beyond the realm of time”, says Dave. Andrew replies, “I think we have to agree to disagree”.

Josie and Corin are talking about John James in the Bathroom. “I’ve made a right fool of myself on TV”, says Josie. She adds that she doesn’t fancy John James as he is too young and that it is not real. She then says that she doesn’t normally fancy anyone and that she has “BB eyes”. She tells Corin that when John James was in the task room she couldn’t wait too get John James out of the boys Lair and that she was starting to get jealous even of Caoimhe. “That’s not me. I’m not the jealous type”, she says. Josie tells Corin that she is trying to keep her distance and that if he ran off with someone else it would be so much easier as then she can enjoy the rest of her experience. She says that he said that he did fancy her at the beginning but now he just sees her as a sister.


Rachel is doing her flying task to music – Bette Midler’s ‘Wind Beneath my Wings’.

John James, Josie and Mario are in the Bedroom. Josie apologises to John James for ignoring him. “It’s doesn’t bother me that much as long as you’re not mad”, says John James. She admits that she thought that she did fancy him because of what the other girls were saying to her and that they said she was in denial by not admitting that she did fancy John James. Josie tells John James that Keeley and Rachel were worried about coming into the house because of their relationship.


Ife Incredible has been set a magnificent mission to save one more of the boys from the Lair. Her task is to hold a car above her head for a full five minutes.

Before the task begins Ife says that she will try not to give up. Mario tells her that pain is temporary. “Visualise the cigarettes”, he tells her.

Two minutes later, the car begins to tip and Ife wobbles. John James tells Ife to adjust the position of her arms. Housemates cheer Ife on. Ife loses balance and the car falls.


The Superheroes and Comic book Geeks have been gathered on the sofas for the results of the Superhero task.

Uber Cougar talks to the housemates via the plasma screen. Uber Cougar calls the boys ugly and boring and tells the housemates that she is off to find some real men on Hollyoaks and that the girls will have to go and get the remaining boys from the Lair themselves.

Big Brother announces that Housemates have passed this weeks shopping task and will receive a luxury shopping budget. They are then told they can go and free the remaining boys from the Lair.


Housemates are in the kitchen compiling the shopping list. Caoimhe walks in and asks if they are using their 10% for alcohol as opposed to spending money on carrots and potatoes, as this is a once a lifetime opportunity. Keeley tells Caoimhe that it is too late.

Dave and Caoimhe go into the garden to exercise. “We could do with a week’s diet”, says Caoimhe. Dave tells her that he has lost weight and calls her a “little Irish fiery bird”.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom talking about the shopping list. John James is impersonating Caoimhe earlier on in the kitchen asking for alcohol to be put on the shopping list. Josie says that she thinks she did “alright”. Caoimhe says that she only eats eggs and cereal and may be soup. Josie walks out saying she is annoyed because she spent ages on the list. John James and Caoimhe laugh.

Josie goes to the Bathroom and John James follows her. He tells her that she did a good job and Josie tells him that they can both “p*** off”. John James tells Josie that he can’t tell when she is being serious and when she is joking. Josie tells John James that she is angrier with Caoimhe and refers to her as a “self centred cow”. Caoimhe comes into the Bathroom singing a tune about carrots and potatoes. Josie tells her to shut up. Caoimhe apologises to Josie and Josie calls her “a bloody selfish cow”.

Andrew and Keeley are in the Nest. “Are you finding it tough because we kind of know who is going on Friday?” asks Andrew. They both agree that they think Mario is safe. They both make fun of Corin saying, “are you buzzing” and “do you love it”.


Corin is crying in the Diary Room at the prospect on leaving on Friday. “I’m gutted, I’ve not had one s*** day”, she says. She says that she has had only one bad day and two arguments – one with her pillow and one with John James. Mario tells Corin not to be sad and to enjoy the experience. He says that he would be devastated if Corin goes on Friday.

Dave and Ben are in the Bedroom talking about who the girls chose to rescue from the task. “Her and John virtually despised each other last week”, says Ben about Caoimhe saving John James.

Some of the Housemates are in the Garden. Josie takes Andrew by the hand and suggests that they are now a couple. “Don’t worry about that Australian f****r”, she tells him. She then suggests Andrew tells John James about their new relationship.

Andrew goes into the Bedroom to talk to John James. “She’s mine now. Back the f*** off”, he whispers in John James ear. John James laughs as Andrew walks off.

“Andrew I f****** love you, ever been out with a Bristolian before?” Josie tells him.

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