Big Brother 2010: Day 38 highlights – Josie wants John James Parton to go away!

On tonight’s Big Brother highlight’s show……


Last night Bob Righter let the housemates know that Davina McCaw will be revealing some of the housemates quotes from throughout their stay in the house. Keeley is in the Living Room when Davina McCaw whistles at her.

Andrew, Ife and Ben are in the Bathroom. Andrew is in the shower. Ben asks him if he “is loving” the hot water and tells him he might join him. Andrew replies that he will be getting out pretty soon.

Some of the housemates are in the Living Room when Davina McCaw says, “A word that comes to mind about her is rough”. Housemates correctly guess that this is something Caoimhe said (about Corin) and she puts her gold coin into Bob Righter. As a prize Caoimhe wins some cigarettes.


Caoimhe and Ife are at the Carousel discussing the comment Caoimhe made about Corin. Caoimhe tells Ife that she made the comment about Corin after the mattress argument. “I feel so bad. I’m so embarrassed”, she says. Ife asks her is she is going to talk to Corin about it. Caoimhe says she will later and she thinks rough has a different meaning in Ireland, and she meant common. Ife tells her it would have really kicked off is she had used the word common. Caoimhe tells her she feels really embarrassed.

Some of the housemates are in the Bathroom. Josie is in the bath and tells Ben that sometimes she can’t wait for John James to get away from her. Ben tells her he hates the way he always hovers around. Josie tells Ben she sometimes likes John James and sometimes she can’t stand him. Ben tells her John James always needs to be with someone where as Josie is more confident in being by herself. Josie tells Ben that Caoimhe and John James get on because they are bother moaners. Josie tells Ben that she doesn’t like some of the stuff that Caoimhe says. Ben moans that Caoimhe finds if funny when he can’t sleep.


Some of the housemates are in the Bathroom. Caoimhe tells Andrew and John James she feels horrible for calling Corin rough. Andrew tells her that is what the parrot is designed to do wind them up. “Do you think my role in here is to be the bitch?” Caoimhe asks Andrew. Andrew tells her he thinks it is more about pairings and thinks her honesty is an admirable trait because she is true to herself.


Josie is in the Diary Room. “Are you gonna embarrass me because if you are I need to know?” she asks. She tells Big Brother that if Davina McCaw mentions that she fancies John James she will want the ground to swallow her up.

Some of the housemates are in the Living Room. “I love talking about myself”, says the parrot. Ife thinks this is something she has said and puts her coin in the slot just as Keeley runs into the Living Room to say it was her. For Ife’s mistake Keeley has lost her chance of winning a prize. Rachel tells Keeley if she gets a prize she will share it with Keeley. Ife asks Mario if he will share his prize with her. Mario tells her they will discuss if later.


Mario and Josie are in the Kitchen talking about John James. “In the outside world I’d think you’d make a nice couple”, says Mario.

Steve and Keeley are in the Diary room. Keeley says they are the new Posh and Becks. Steve tells he prefers Baron and Baroness

In the Kitchen Josie tells Mario that he is having a laugh. “I’m about five pounds heavier than him”, she says. She adds that she used to be a size ten but was a miserable cow. She tells him she is a size sixteen and the happiest she has ever been. “Although Dave would have you believe I am an 18”.


Dave, Ben, Rachel and Caoimhe are in the Nest. Dave tells the housemates that he thinks marriage is good and Caoimhe agrees with him. Rachel asks him if he will renew he vows. He tells her that he needs to get his wife an eternity ring. .

Some of the housemates are in the Living Room. “Why on earth would a 24 year old cry in the Diary Room over a girl that he didn’t fancy?” says Davina McCaw. Ife realises it is her comment and asks John James for his coin. Ife wins her favourite song but moans that she wanted a Stevie Wonder song instead.

“Ife, you bagged me, took my coin, stole the prize, and stole Keeley’s prize”, says John James. John James tells Ife he is annoyed off with her. Ife tells him she is leaving and John James replies, “One can only hope”. He tells her it has bugged him that she took the coin.


Josie is in the garden telling Steve that she is nearly having mini heart attack anticipating what the parrot will say about her.

In the Living Room John James tells Ife that he was going to give his coin to Josie and she has now ruined someone else’s chance to get a prize and Keeley should have got it. Ife tells John James that she is not bagging him it and her quote was just her opinion, and that she is going to give her prize back. “If you’re gonna argue can you please take it outside?” Mario tells them.

Mario tells John James to clam down and Keeley tells him he needs to change his attitude.

In the Garden Ife tells John James that she wasn’t bitching. Josie gets up and walks into the house. “You say one word bitch, I’ll knock you right off your perch, cow bag”, she says to Davina McCaw.


Dave and Ben are in the Nest talking about John James. “He’s becoming duller by the day”, says Ben. He adds that he is not having fun in the house anymore.

In the Living Room, Davina McCaw says, “I fancy John James in a football kit. Josie knows this her quote and puts her coin in Bob Righter. Josie gets her favourite chocolate bars and screams with delight.


Josie, Andrew and Mario are in the Bathroom. Josie tells Andrew that she loves ginger hair. Andrew tells her he hates his hair. “I’m doing it for bigger women and you’re doing it for the gingers”, Josie tells him. John James comes into the bathroom and Josie tells him to “bugger off” as it is her and Andrews time. Josie tells Andrew that he is beef and John James is just the “petit pois”.


Big Brother has gathered all the housemates in the Living Room for tonight’s eviction. Davina announces that Ife is the fifth housemate to be evicted from the house.


The housemates are gathered in the Living Room when Bob Righter delivers a message. “Bob has a treat to life the gloom, Ben must go straight to the Diary Room”.

In the Diary Room Ben is greeted with some of his favourite food, a glass of wine and his favourite Barbara Streisand song.

In the Living Room the rest of the housemates are summoned to the Bathroom by the Tree of Temptation. They are directed to dress and act like Ben for the next 24 hours in order for Ben to get his suitcase back.

The housemates are all at the sofa’s with Ben like wigs on and jumpers around their shoulders. Ben comes in from the Diary Room. “I think you all look very nice”, he tells them.


Some of the Ben’s are in the Nest. Ben tells John James he looks good dressed as Ben and that he no longer looks unemployed.

Ben-Corin has come to the Diary Room talking about what it feels like to have survived the eviction. Big Brother asks Corin to describe how she is feeling with posh words. Corin says she is “flabbergasted, buzzing… and warm”

Ben is in the Bedroom complaining that John James is going to be mean to him after his comment about him being unemployed because he is the only one person that stands up to him. John James tells Ben that his insults are much worse than his are. Ben tells him that is because he is more imaginative. “You continue to tell me that I have no brain cells”, says John James. Ben tells him he will never understand and that he is aggressive towards him. John James tells Ben his insults are personal. Ben says he will let the public decide. “I don’t give a f*** about the public”, says John James.


Mario is in the Kitchen with Josie and Andrew. He tells Andrew that he is the kind of person that he would take under his wing. Mario kisses Josie on the lips. Josie tells Mario that she wishes he was straight and tells him he is so handsome.

Ben is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about his argument with John James. “I can’t cope with someone going on at me for being the way I am”, he says. He adds that it was a horrible end to a nice evening and that he wants to feel happy and positive and doesn’t relish his time with John James in the house.


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