Big Brother 2010: Day 39 highlights – Josie is jealous of John James and Caoimhe!


Most of the housemates are asleep in the Bedroom. To continue with Ben Day from yesterday Big Brother wakes the housemates up with the song Ben (Michael Jackson). “Told you they would do this” says Keeley. “I put this down as my most hated song”, says John James.


Ben is in the Garden telling Corin how happy he is that she is still here. He apologises for what happened last night with John James, but she didn’t even realise. Ben tells her about his and John James argument.

Josie, Rachel and John James are in the Bedroom talking about Caoimhe. “Caoimhe has a position available for you”, says Josie. “It would appear so”, says John James.

In the Garden Ben and Dave are talking about John James. Dave tells him that he has tried to “bring them together” but if he can’t accept Ben for who is and not who he’s not then he can’t win.

John James asks Caoimhe if she is hung-over in the bathroom. “Not really”, she tells him. He reminds her of her chasing him around with a bowl of water with “your boobs out”.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden. John James apologises to Ben about his behaviour the previous night. Ben tells him he is entitled to his opinions, adding that he is not the only non team player in the house referring to Steve and Mario.


Big Brother has called Ben to the Diary Room where he is told that he must choose five Ben commandments that the house has to abide by. “That’s a fantastic idea”, he says. Some of his commandments include housemates to wash their own dishes and for Big Brother to play some of his favourite music at regular intervals during the day. Big Brother informs Ben that they will also be having a ‘Soiree with Benjamin Duncan’ that evening.


Some of the housemates are in the Bathroom. Rachel says that she thinks “at least one or two” of the new housemates will be up this week. Dave says he thinks that most people will vote for one person, aimed at Caoimhe.

Dave moves the conversation on to Caoimhe being a negative and destructive person. “She feeds on the negatives”, he says. He asks Keeley and Rachel to keep what he’s said to themselves.


John James and Caoimhe are in the Bedroom talking about their time in the house. “Do you still have fun in here?” asks John James. She tells him that she is and she really had fun last night.

Dave, Ben, Corin and Josie are in the Nest. “Caoimhe f***** me right off”, says Josie. “If you tell one of your muckers you like a bloke then you don’t go and do that”, she adds. She asks if she’s just being a “jealous cow”. Ben tells her Caoimhe is just “being a bitch”.


Big Brother has gathered all the Ben’s in the Living Room. Ben reads his five commandments out to the housemates at the sofas. He tells them that everyone must do their own washing up but Dave has to decide who washes up the pots and pans. The second commandment is for housemates to discuss divas over lunch and the third is for cocktails to replace alcohol that evening. Ben goes on to say that they will have foot spas for the forth commandment and have music played into the house at regular intervals for their fifth.

Ben is talking to Dave by the kitchen door. He tells him that they will have an audience with himself that night and that he will teach jazz chords, but if he does it on his own the housemates may get “resentful” so he has nominated Dave as his master of ceremonies.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden looking at the foot spas Big Brother has provided as part of one of Ben’s Commandments.


In the Garden Steve is getting an arm massage from Keeley. Keeley tells him he has pushed his luck.

John James is annoyed that Josie’s hair dye has spilt onto his hat. She tells him she will buy him a new one. “It’s not like someone killed your dog”, says Josie.


Josie, John James and Caoimhe are in the Bathroom discussing Andrew getting involved in hatgate.

At the Carousel Josie tells Corin that she’s not happy with Caoimhe and John James always bitching and being moody. She feels jealous of their relationship. “You don’t want to be with people that drag you down”, says Corin.

In the Bathroom John James and Caoimhe are talking about how they don’t fit in the house as they are the only real people. “I think if you and me weren’t in here then there’d be no arguments” says John James.


John James and Josie are in the Garden. “I feel like she’s stolen my man”, says Josie. He tells her that he doesn’t like that she has swapped beds and likes it when she is there.

In the Bathroom Steve is crying as Corin and Caoimhe try and console him. He says that he misses his family and having a big roast dinner reminds him of home. “I must be going soft in my old age”, he says.


All the Bens are gathered in the Kitchen for another of the Ben Commandment – housemates must discuss their favourite Diva.

Housemates all discuss their favourite divas. Ben tells the group that his is Joan Crawford and tells a story about how she decided to have a child as that is something in her life that she didn’t have.


All of the Ben’s have been gathered for this weeks ‘You Vs the Housemates’ challenge. Housemates have chosen Caoimhe to take part in the challenge. She must peel an orange, wearing a pair of gloves, in the quickest possible time.

After the task Big Brother tells them that Caoimhe did it in “59 seconds” and the Viewer did it in “20 seconds”. This means housemates have failed the task. “He must have been a professional fruit picker”, says Mario.


Ben, Corin and Dave are in the Nest. Ben has asked Corin to be the musical entertainment at tonight’s ‘Soiree with Ben Duncan’. They go through the routine she must perform.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Josie tells John James she has “been sulking all day” and that she feels she has “been pushed out”. She tells him Caoimhe has been winding her up all day. “When I’m not your friend I start getting a bit panicky”, she tells him.


The housemates have been seated at the sofas for a Soiree with Benjamin Duncan.

Dave introduces Ben and Corin into the Living Room. Ben starts his chat about himself. “What I haven’t told you is that Dame Shirley Bassey is in the audience today”, he says introducing Corin to the floor. Ben plays ‘Goldfinger’ on the key board as Corin sings along. The housemates all laugh at them.


Big Brother announces to house for Ben to go to the store room. Ben goes and receives his suitcase back and says “thank you Big Brother”.

Dave tells Ben that all the housemates did this for him as were talked to by the Tree of Temptation.

Keeley in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that Shirley was amazing, although she could have done with knowing more of the words. She goes on to say “Ben played keyboard like Ross from Friends”.

Mario, Josie and Rachel in the Nest. Josie says “all stress over nothing” and “why get jealous”. Rachel thinks that it’s the situation they are in and she sometimes finds Ben attractive but “no way on earth” she would go there. Josie laughs about what she just said. Josie then says that she thinks it’s the fact she is “attracted to thought of falling in love”.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!