Big Brother 2010: Day 4 highlights

Highlights of tonight’s Big Brother show 9pm on Channel 4

8.14 am

Most of the Housemates are asleep. Mario is in the bathroom. The Tree speaks up, “It’s time to raise the game”, explaining that later today there is going to be a quiz, and that he will help Mario win by feeding him the answers through an earpiece. The Tree also gives Mario a screwdriver and tells him to keep it on him at all times, even after the quiz is over.

9.11 am

Most of the housemates are still asleep. Sunshine is in the garden. Last night, Shabby, Caoimhe, Ife and Rachael made a word out of vegetables in the garden.

discovers the vegetables in the garden and says to herself, “Twist? Why twist?” She comes into the living room and discusses the vegetables with Mario who thinks it might be part of a task.


, Caoimhe, Ife, and Ben are in the bathroom. Yesterday the Tree tasked Mario with destroying someone’s cigarettes with a pair of scissors. Ife discovers the cigarettes on top of the chest of drawers. Rachael notes that it was deliberately done and wonders why it only happened to her cigarettes.

In the bedroom Mario, Sunshine and Josie are talking before Shabby comes to tell them of their discovery in the bathroom. “I reckon they’re doing it to be spiteful”, says Josie. Mario comments “I didn’t even know we were allowed to have cigarettes in the bathroom”


All the housemates are in the Bedroom. John James and Caoimhe talk about Steve’s snoring. Caoimhe says, “That noise is the loudest f****** noise I’ve ever heard in my life. And he farts.”

John James
asks Ben if he’s ever had a gay experience. Ben admits “I dabbled”. John James pushes to get Ben to define what that means. “Did you get a cheeky dip in?” Ben says it means the world is not in black and white. In baseball terms, Ben made a “slow and steady walk before rapidly changing directions”.

suggests the idea of Ben and Mario getting together. Ben says he can’t see it happening but Sunshine says she can. Dave agrees and says he would marry the two of them in the house. “It would be a holy thing – it would be a moly thing.” Ben says he would rather marry Rachael, but he doesn’t think she likes him.


Housemates are taking part in a ‘Getting to know you’ Task. Mario has been told he must win the quiz to continue his secret mission. The Tree of Temptation is feeding him the answers via an earpiece.

with the earpiece in, is participating in the quiz. The Tree tells Mario the answer to the first question: “It’s the religious one, Dave.” Mario votes Dave and is the only one to get it right. He tells the other housemates, “You basically have a 1 in 14 chance of getting it right.”

The next question is who drank rum out of a gold stiletto shoe they found on the side of the road. Mario says aloud it must be Josie, but the Tree tells him it was “that Oasis reject Nathan”. When Mario gets it right the Housemates start chanting “The mole, the mole, the mole is on Fire.” Dave notices he’s got them all right so far, and the other housemates start teasing him that he’s cheating. Sunshine says she thinks he’s got an earpiece on under there. Mario says the teasing is starting to get him down. Caoimhe tells him not to worry.

The answer to the next question is John James “so dumb they named him twice”, says the Tree. Mario intentionally chooses the wrong answer. The Tree chastises him that he’s got to win the quiz. Mario sings back in response, “I know, I know, I know….”

The Tree warns Mario that he’d better get the next answer right. Mario does, and says to the other housemates, “I’m trying to get these wrong!” Mario starts to cry. He and Caoimhe go into the kitchen and Mario says that he doesn’t want to win because everyone’s going to think he’s cheating. “Have a good cry and get it out of your system”, Caoimhe tells his. Back in the living room, Steve comments that the only reason Mario’s getting them all right is because he talks to everyone.

2.58 pm.

The winner of the quiz is Mario. All the housemates cheer and start chanting “Moley!”. Big Brother announces there will be a party in his honour and Mario must choose the theme of the party. Mario says aloud he wants VIP, but the Tree tells him to choose Hawaiian. Mario manages to back track by saying, “We did VIP the other day in smart dresses. I want a Hawaiian party.” All the housemates cheer. Big Brother announces that Mario must choose someone to not participate. Mario wants to choose himself but the Tree tells him he must pick someone to set up. John James volunteers himself, so Mario picks him. John James will not go to the party but instead provide catering for the rest of his housemates.


Most of the housemates are in the living room. Earlier today Mario won housemates a Hawaiian themed party and all housemates apart from John James have been provided with Hawaiian costumes.

The housemates leave for the party and John James is left on his own. Big Brother announces that the Storeroom is now open for John James to begin cooking their meal. John James starts laughing. “You’ve got to be shitting me. I don’t know how to boil an egg”.

While John James is struggling with the cooking the rest of the housemates are in the task room enjoying their party. Housemates are taking it in turns to dance in the middle of a circle they have formed.

In the kitchen, John James is preparing the cheese. “I gotta grate the shit as well? You can buy that!”


John James
is in the diary room complaining to Big Brother about his cooking task. “I don’t understand why you’d give me a task to cook 48,000 pizzas”, he says adding that the oven can only cook two at a time. “How am I supposed to do that?”

Earlier in the day the Tree of Temptation gave Mario the Mole an earpiece and a screwdriver. The Tree tells Mario to go to the bathroom. Once there, he tells him to unscrew the vent and crawl through it.

In the Bathroom, Mario climbs through the vent and comes out through the wardrobe. Mario runs into the kitchen. The Tree directs him to trash the food, throwing booze on the floor, smearing pizzas on the wall and creating an “utter mess”.

Back at the party, the housemates are wondering who’s in the toilet. In the kitchen, Mario pushes the whole countertop of food on to the floor. The Tree tells him to abort the mission and get back.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother asks John James what he considers to be his piece de resistance. “My pizza resistance?”

reappears at the party and tells everyone he had a massive poo and not to go in there for a minute. John James exits the Diary Room and goes into the kitchen and notices the trashed food. He stares motionless and then falls to the ground laughing. “Far out”. He shouts to the other housemates that the food has been trashed. They come out of the Task Room and see the food.


It’s been 8 minutes since housemates discovered their party food has been ruined. Nathan picks up a pizza off the floor and begins eating it. Steve says to Mario, “I’m not picking on you Mario but you were in the bathroom a long time”. Mario swears on Steve’s life that he had nothing to do with it. Ife whispers that if Mario is the mole and he gets away with it maybe it will help them win a task. Sunshine discovers the vent, and tells the other housemates. She also notes the bathroom “doesn’t smell of poo”. Mario tries to pass blame, saying that Sunshine could have also done it and that none of the vegan food was ruined.


Big Brother has gathered all of the Housemates in the Garden. Big Brother announces that there is a mole in the house and that the housemates must identify who it is. The mole will be evicted if eight or more housemates correctly guess who it is. Ben, Caoimhe, Dave, Govan, Nathan, Shabby, Steve, and Mario all vote for Sunshine. Sunshine protests throughout.

Big Brother asks the real mole to step forward and Mario does. The housemates applaud him and give him a hug. Sunshine shouts “I hate all of you!”


It’s been one hour and 38 minutes since Mario successfully completed his impossible mission. Mario says that everyone can still call him Moley. He says he felt so guilty and that’s why he was so upset. Ife and Caoimhe say they both really believed he was not the mole.

and Sunshine are in the bedroom. Sunshine is upset that most housemates voted her as the mole. She says that she voted for who she knew wasn’t the mole, and is upset because if so many people genuinely thought she was the mole and still voted for her. Sunshine begins to cry. Govan says that nobody really believed that the mole would actually be evicted. Govan says he is “genuinely sorry” for voting for her.


, Govan and Dave are at the Carousel. Sunshine and Govan have been talking for the last 13 minutes. “All I want is for us to get to know each other”, Sunshine tells Govan. She explains that she wants them to continue to have fun and if there was something getting in the way of that it needs to be resolved. Govan nods silently.

and John James are in the diary room. Mario is glad that he can now be himself and “enjoy friendships. Maybe with Ben.” John James jokes that he didn’t need to know that. Mario is surprised that he didn’t already. Mario notes that now he and Ben will be sleeping next to each other. Mario says now he has time to really give himself and not have to worry about being evicted at any time. He says his friendships can be “full and meaningful” before adding, “What a load of shite.”

3.53 am

, Govan, Ife and John James are in the Living Room. Shabby says she does not want to be the first to go but doesn’t wish it on anyone either. Govan says he thinks it will be unlikely that she does go, as she has her “terrible trio” with Ife and Caoimhe. Shabby agrees that those are two nominations she won’t get. Govan adds, “Three, because I’m…you know”. Shabby thinks she gets on with everyone. Govan did too, until today. Govan and Shabby both like the same group of people.

“I think Dave is cool but I don’t particularly trust him”, Govan tells Shabby. He says that when Mario was revealed as the mole, most people were congratulating Mario and ignoring Sunshine. Govan says he felt sorry for Sunshine once she started crying but she was playing the victim. Shabby says that there were other things that led to her being upset as well. Govan notices that all the drama in the house so far has come from Sunshine.


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