Big Brother 2010: Day 40 highlights – Josie tells John James her true feelings

Highlights of tonight’s show 9.30pm on Channel 4


Mario and Josie are in the garden. Josie tells Mario that she has an issue with Caoimhe. She says she’s got to tell Caoimhe “why I’m a bit off with her.”
Caoimhe asks Josie if she wants any poached eggs for breakfast and Josie bluntly tell her no.

“Whats wrong with Josie?” asks Caoimhe to John James.

In the bathroom Ben asks Josie how the John James and Caoimhe romance is going, “have you stopped it in it’s tracks yet?!”

Andrew is in the Diary Room telling BB that he feels he has grow into a different person since being in the house and the house has made a man of him.

Josie and Caoimhe are at the Carousel. Caoimhe asks what’s wrong and says “you’re walking round with a face like a smacked arse”. Josie tells Caoimhe that she thinks she was out of order flirting with John James the night she was drunk and winding her up about being close to him yesterday, “I thought you were my mate.”

Caoimhe tells her she didn’t realise how strong Josie feelings were for John James and says “I am absolutely mortified. I can’t be here anymore it’s f***ing wrecking my head.” To which Josie apologises “Caoimhe so sorry.”


In the bedroom Josie tells Steve she has just upset Caoimhe. “I hate making people feel really upset” she says. “Well she should have thought of that before she was messing around with Shabby too” says Steve who tells her it is better to get things aired. Josie says she shouldn’t have said anything because she has got a boyfriend “I know she’s a nervous wreck in here and I’ve just wrecked her head even more.”

Caoimhe is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that she wants to leave. “I feel crazy. I need to go, I’m Billy no mates in here and I’m spending more and more time on my own. I need to leave and see my family, I’m too embarrassed to be here any longer.”

John James asks Josie in the bedroom if Caoimhe is alright. Josie tells him that she doesn’t know and tells him she is so sorry. John James tells Josie that he doesn’t know what is going on. Josie just repeats that she is so sorry to him.

Big Brother tells Caoimhe that they are worried she is making a hasty decision and gives her time to think about leaving. Caoimhe walks out to the garden while Josie is in the kitchen.

Caoimhe asks Rachel and Keeley if she can talk to them and tells them that she feels really embarrassed. She tells them Josie really fancies John James and thinks that she has been flirting with him. Rachel says “you were a bit flirty with him but that’s just you’re nature. It’s all a big misunderstanding.”


Josie is in the Diary Room. She too tell Big Brother she would like to leave. “I know this is going to sound ungrateful but I wanna go now, I’m so sorry.” She tells Big Brother that she told Caoimhe that she felt that she made a beeline for John James jumping all over him. “I thought she knew what she was doing but she say’s she didn’t. Poor John James is walking around like a headless chicken not knowing what is going on.”

Josie adds: “Sometimes I feel like an ostrich, do you know what I mean?” Josie says she wished she left it and she wants to be Caoimhe’s mate again. She tells Big Brother that the situation doesn’t seem that bad now she has got it off her chest and thanks Big Brother.

Josie walks out of the Diary Room and is greeted by John James who tells her “I was looking for you”, and asks Josie what is going on. Josie tells John James that she was going to leave. John James sarcastically tells her “don’t worry about me” Josie tells John James she wanted to go because she has made someone feel bad.

Caoimhe is in the bathroom with Corin. Caoimhe tells Corin that Josie likes John James. Corin tells her she knows. Caoimhe tells Corin that she is mortified Josie thought she was flirting.

Josie at the carousel with John James and ask him if he has spoken to Caoimhe. John James tells Josie he hasn’t and he doesn’t know what is going on. He tells her he is not going to keep asking her if she doesn’t want to talk about it. Josie tells him to switch off his microphone. She tells John James how she feels about him with their microphones off. She then walks off. John James tells her he is leaving him looking like Billy no mates. Josie “I can’t believe that I just said that.”


Caoimhe is getting dressed in the closet. Josie walks in and tells Caoimhe that she has just told John James how he feels about her. “I’ve just come clean with everything. I’ve made a show of myself” Caoimhe tells her that she thinks that it is for the best.

John James asks Caoimhe if Josie has spoken to him. John James says she and tells her that it is a bit awkward for him. Caoimhe tells John James that Josie really likes him and the worst thing he could do is let things change. John James says that Josie told him she had strong feelings for him then walked away. “If what she’s saying is true it changes everything.”

Caoimhe asks John James “could you possibly like her?” John James tells Caoimhe he could never start anything in the house.

He adds: “I wouldn’t act on anything in here. I just wouldn’t… nothing in here is real. It’s not the appropriate place…fake grass, fakes horses, fake friendships…”


Rachel is in the bathroom with John James telling him she would like to see a romance between him and Josie. John James questions Rachel about her fancying Ben and she tells him it is because she likes the idea of romance. John James asks Rachel if Ben is the type of person she would be attracted to on the outside. She tells him that she normally gores for “knob heads.” Rachel says to John James “I don’t get the vibe that he likes girls to be honest.” She says she likes someone if they have a talent and her imagination ran away with her watching Ben play the keyboard last night. She says she really likes him in the house even though he is not her type.


Caoimhe tells Ben that when she drinks she goes a bit mad but she never meant to come across a flirt. Ben tells her that he thinks that she got too friendly with the duo too quickly and that everyone makes mistakes and tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong. Caoimhe says “worse case scenario is when I get out of here I have no boyfriend anymore.”

Josie is washing her clothes in the kitchen. John James tells her she should have told him she was doing washing. Ben tells Josie that he has loads of washing to do as well and they should do it together. John James goes to get his washing; Ben hugs Josie and tells her she has got her man back. Josie tells Ben that it is not like that and is so glad that it is not awkward.

Josie hugs Caoimhe in the garden and tells her she is sorry and hopes that they can go back to normal. Caoimhe tells her she understands. Josie: “the fire exits are looking more appealing every day!” and if Caoimhe decided to make a break for it she would be right behind her even though it sounds ungrateful.


Ben and Andrew are winding Keeley up about Steve, telling Keeley that the Baron has a thing for her in big way and tells her he had to wipe her bed because Steve has been salivating on it.

Josie is in the bedroom with Mario. He tells Josie that he has told Andrew that she likes him. Josie tells him that she will look like a right tart with that and telling John James that she fancies him. “I will look like the biggest tart in here”, and when Mario asks what John James response to her confession was Josie says: “He doesn’t need to show me up by telling me he doesn’t like me back. Let’s take a reality check, there’s no way John James is gonna like me.”


John James and Caoimhe are in bed. John James tells her that he thinks he is in for a battle and he keeps thinking to himself only five more days. Caoimhe tells him that she feels the exact same and asks if that is wrong. John James says he is enjoying his time but still keeps thinking only 5 more days. Caoimhe tells John James that she is going to avoid people and be bitchy so she will definitely get nominated.

Steve tells the housemates that he looks at himself all the time in the mirrors but he never does it at home. Corin says she does it all the time and she was terrible for doing it at work. Josie tells Corin that she bets people loved working for her.

Keeley has just come out of the diary room and tells Ben and Andrew that she doesn’t like the constant innuendo with Steve. Ben tells Keeley if finds it weird that Steve has never laid on anyone else’s bed but his own before Keeley’s. Andrew tells Keeley that he finds it weirder that Steve was sniffing her pillow and continues winding her up saying that Steve got naked. Keeley tells them to shut up and tells them she better go and play catch with Steve before he gets paranoid and think she is avoiding him.


Mario is in the diary room and tells Big Brother that he is seeing flashes of romance between John James and Josie but John James is a very guarded person and doesn’t really believe in love and relationships.

John James is in bed with Josie and asks what she meant when she said she had feelings for him. Josie doesn’t answer and John James tells her he is not going to push it. John James tells Josie that Caoimhe told him that she didn’t know that Josie liked him until this morning. Josie tells John James that Caoimhe is a liar and she did know. Josie “When she’s being a bitch she thinks it’s funny, I don’t.”


Josie is in bed with John James thanking him for not being so good and telling him she thought he might not want to hang around with her anymore. John James tells her not to be so stupid.

Dave asks Keeley which footballer she has been out with. Keeley tells him that it wasn’t just one there have been three she has dated. Corin asks her how she meets them because she has never met any out. Keeley tells them she never planned it just happened. Keeley tells them about the wannabe wag headlines about her in the paper before she got in the house which she found embarrassing and it upset her because it is not who she is.


The housemates are having a birthday party in honour of Big Brothers 10th birthday.

Steve tells John James tomorrow is a funny day because of nominations. John James asks if he has two people in mind yet and Steve replies “oh yes”. John James tells Steve that he has noticed how upset he has been before after having to nominate and that he struggles with it. Steve tells him it is going to get harder when they have to nominate their mates. Steve and John James talk about how easy it looked to nominate when they watched previous series at home and how they thought they would have no problem with it.

Corin is in the kitchen singing “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”. Housemates have a food fight with all the crisps from the party.


Dave, Ben, Rachel and Andrew are in the nest. Dave tells Andrew him hat they have just been discussing the bed situation. Andrew tells them he can swap with Mario and he will share with Josie.

Rachel and Ben hug in the nest and then snuggle up to each other. Rachel asks him if he is glad that he stayed up and didn’t go to bed early. Ben tells her of course


Housemates are in the living room sucking on the helium from the balloons and saying their catch phrases. Corin says she is buzzing. Dave says “all in the glory”; Caoimhe says “this party is s**t”; and John James says “face like thunder”

Ben asks Josie if she is alright, Josie tells her that Caoimhe is rude. Ben agrees and tells her that she is also cruel. Josie tells Ben that she has seen a different side to her and when has he ever seen Josie not like someone in the house. John James gets into the Josie’s bed and she tells him she is lucky because she has a loyal friend.


Caoimhe is in bed telling the other housemates that she wants to be put up for eviction. Dave asks if anyone else does to save him time in the Diary Room. John James tells Caoimhe not to be like that and she tells him that she is “sick of this s**t”

Caoimhe leaves the bedroom and goes to sit by the diary room door. John James goes to see if she is alright. She tells John James that Josie is not being very nice to her and that she has done nothing wrong. She tells John James that she has told Josie that she doesn’t fancy him.

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